MITS Full Form

MITS Full Form

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MITS Full Form

The term MITS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant MITS Full Form is –

MITS – Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems

What Does MITS Stands For?

MITS stands for – Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems

What is MITS Meaning

The term MITS has many meanings, but the most relevant meaning of MITS is – Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems

All Full Forms of MITS

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Sr. No.TermCategoryMITS Full Form
1MITSMilitaryMAC Imagery Transmission System
2MITSTechnologyMacintosh ISDN Terminal Simulator
3MITSCollegeMadanapalle Institute of Technology & Science
4MITSCollegeMadanapalle Institute of Technology and Science
5MITSAthleticsMade In The Shade
6MITSSportMade in the Shade
7MITSUncategorizedMade in the Streets
8MITSUncategorizedMade In The Summer
9MITSIndiaMadhav Institute of Technology & Science
10MITSInstitutesMadhav Institute of Technology and Science
11MITSEngineeringMadhav Institute of Technology and Science
12MITSUncategorizedMain Interconnected Transmission System
13MITSEngineeringMajhighariani Institute of Technology & Science
14MITSUncategorizedMajhighariani Institute of Technology and Science
15MITSUncategorizedMajor Investigation Teams
16MITSAthleticsMaking an Impact Through Sport
17MITSUncategorizedMalaysian Information Technology Society
18MITSTaxManaged Investment Trusts
19MITSUncategorizedManagement Information Technology Services
20MITSTechnologyManagement Information Tools Software
21MITSScienceManagement Information Tracking System
22MITSNormal BusinessManagement Initiatives Tracking System
23MITSUncategorizedmanagement initiatives tracking system
24MITSManagementManagement Inititatives Tracking System
25MITSManagementManagement Inititatives Tracking System
26MITSManagementManagement Of Information Technology Security
27MITSSecurityManagement of Information Technology Security
28MITSGovernmentManagement of Information Technology Security Standard
29MITSArmyManagement/Integration/Transition Plans
30MITSMilitaryManagement/Integration/Transition Plans
31MITSMilitaryManual of IT Security
34MITSUncategorizedMarijuana Inventory Tracking Solution
35MITSColoradoMarijuana Inventory Tracking Solution
36MITSUncategorizedMarijuana Inventory Tracking Solutions
37MITSColoradoMarijuana Inventory Tracking System
38MITSMusicMariposa In The Schools
39MITSUS GovernmentMaritime Information Technology Standard
40MITSNetworkingMaritime Information Technology Standard
42MITSUncategorizedMaritime Integrated Training System
43MITSUncategorizedMarshall Information Technology Services
44MITSNASA - SpaceMarshall Integrated Telecommunications System
45MITSTechnologyMarshall Integrated Telecommunications System
46MITSUncategorizedMaster of Information Technology Security
47MITSInformation TechnologyMaster of Information Technology Strategy
48MITSInformationMaster of Information Technology Strategy
49MITSUncategorizedMaterial Information Translation Site
50MITSStock ExchangeMathematical Intraday Trading System
51MITSBiophysicsMatrix Inversion Tomosynthesis
52MITSUS GovernmentMedicaid In The Schools
53MITSUSMedicaid In The Schools
54MITSInformation TechnologyMedicaid Information Technology System
55MITSOhioMedicaid Information Technology System
56MITSUncategorizedMedical Identification and Treatment Systems
57MITSRadiologyMedical Imaging Technologists
58MITSUncategorizedMedical Information Technology Services
59MITSUncategorizedMedical Information Technology System
60MITSTrafficMedical Interpreting Training School
61MITSUncategorizedMeghalaya Information Technology Society
62MITSUncategorizedMelaka International Tourism Show
63MITSEnglishMelbourne Indigenous Transition School
64MITSUncategorizedMelbourne International Tennis School
65MITSInformation TechnologyMemaa Information Technology Services
66MITSInformationMemaa Information Technology Services
67MITSUncategorizedMercer Island Thrift Shop
68MITSInformation TechnologyMesa Internal Threading System
69MITSScienceMetal-Insulator Transitions
70MITSInformation TechnologyMetaphors For Integrated Telecommunications Services
71MITSInternationalMI International Talent Solutions
72MITSUncategorizedMichigan Indoor Track Series
73MITSLocal StatesMichigan Information Transfer Source
74MITSUncategorizedMichigan Integrated Technology Supports
75MITSUncategorizedMichigan Intelligent Transportation Systems
76MITSInternationalMichigan International Talent Solutions
77MITSInformation TechnologyMichigan's Integrated Technology Supports
78MITSMichiganMichigan's Integrated Technology Supports
79MITSTechnologyMicro Instrumentation and Telementry Systems
80MITSNASA - SpaceMicro Instrumentation and Telemetry System
81MITSComputingMicro Instrumentation and Telemetry System
82MITSUncategorizedMicro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems
83MITSTechnologyMicro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems
84MITSComputingMicro Instrumentation Telemetry System
85MITSUncategorizedMicro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems
86MITSComputingMicro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems
87MITSTechnologyMicrocomputer Interactive Test System
88MITSUncategorizedmicrofiche image transmission system
89MITSUncategorizedMigrant Information Tracking System
91MITSUncategorizedMikro Integrasi Total Solusi
92MITSSurgeryMinimal Tensile Strength
93MITSUrologyMinimally Invasive Therapies
94MITSUncategorizedMinimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery
95MITSSurgeryMinimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery
96MITSEnvironmental HealthMinimally Invasive Tissue Sampling
97MITSFunnyMis-managed Information Transfer System
98MITSMilitaryMissile Interface Test Set
99MITSMilitaryMission Integrated Transparency System
100MITSTechnologyMobile Ice Tow System
101MITSMilitaryMobile Independent Target System
102MITSUncategorizedMobile Information Terminals
103MITSUncategorizedMobile Intelligent Terminal by Samsung
104MITSElectronicsMobile Intelligent Terminals
105MITSUncategorizedMobile Interrogation Teams
106MITSCarMobility Impaired Transportation Service
107MITSTransportationMobility Impaired Transportation System
108MITSTransportationMobility Impaired Transportation System
109MITSUncategorizedMobility Independent Transportation Systems
110MITSUncategorizedMobility-Impaired Transportation Services
111MITSInformation TechnologyModern Information Technology Solutions
112MITSNormal BusinessModernization and Information Technology Services
113MITSTaxModernized Integrated Tax System
114MITSUncategorizedModular Integrated Transportable Substation
115MITSInstitutesMody Institute of Technology and Science
116MITSProfessional OrganizationsMonash Information Technology Society
117MITSUncategorizedMonkeys In The Sewer
118MITSProductivityMost Important Things
119MITSLocal - CountriesMoving In Time Space
120MITSUncategorizedMultifamily Information And Transactions Standard
121MITSUncategorizedMultifamily Information and Transactions Standards
122MITSUncategorizedMuncie Indiana Transit System
123MITSMuseumsMuseum Institute for Teaching Science
124MITSInternetMy Internet Traffic System

MITS – Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems

Miniature Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) was an American gadgets organization established in Albuquerque, New Mexico that started producing electronic number crunchers in 1971 and PCs in 1975.

Ed Roberts and Forest Mims established MITS in December 1969 to produce scaled down telemetry modules for model rockets, for example, move rate sensors. In 1971, Roberts diverted the organization to the electronic mini-computer market, and the MITS 816 work area number cruncher unit was highlighted on the November 1971 front of Popular Electronics. The adding machines were extremely effective and in 1973 there were deals of 1,000,000 dollars. A heartless number cruncher Price War left the organization in profound obligation until 1974.

Roberts at that point built up the main economically fruitful microcomputer, the Altair 8800, highlighted on the January 1975 front of Popular Electronics. Specialists overwhelmed MITS with orders for a $ 397 PC unit. Paul Allen and Bill Gates saw the magazine and started composing programming for Altair, later called Altair Basic. He moved to Albuquerque to work for MITS and began Microsoft in July 1975.

MITS yearly deals came to $ 6 million by 1977 when they were procured by Pertec Computer. The tasks were before long converged into the bigger organization and the MITS brand vanished. Roberts resigned to Georgia where he contemplated medication and turned into a humble community doctor.

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