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MLC Full Form

MLC Full Form

MLC Full Form: What Does MLC Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of MLC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does MLC stand for? Also all possible Full Form of MLC.

MLC Full Form

The term MLC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

MLC Full Form is – Member of Legislative Council

MLC have their own legislature to govern the states. The elected representatives in this Legislature discuss proposals related to governance in the public interest. In many states, there are two Houses of the Legislature, one is the Legislative Assembly and the other is the Legislative Council. Members of these Houses are called MLA and MLC respectively. Although both of them are members of the Legislature, there is a considerable difference in their election, minimum age, tenure etc.

The MLA is a member of a Legislative Assembly. MLC are representative of the people of a particular region.

Like the MLA, the MLC is also a member of the Legislature but it is not a member of the Legislative Assembly but a member of the Legislative Council. MLC is a full-fledged Member of Legislative Council. The MLC is not elected by direct voting by the public. The term of the MLC is of six years. The minimum age to become an MLC is 30 years. To become an MLC, a candidate must be mentally healthy and must be named in the voter list of that state. Also, he should not go bankrupt. The MLC is elected by legislators, by municipalities, municipalities, boards, members of bodies, by registered graduates. Some MLCs are nominated as Governors who have specialization in the fields of Arts, Education, Science, Sports, and Literature etc.

MLC Full Form in Medical

Medico Legal Cases

MLC Full Form in Politics

Member of Legislative Council

What Does MLC Stand For?

MLC stands for – Member of Legislative Council

What Does MLC Stand For in Politics?

In Politics MLC stands for – Member of Legislative Council

GOAT Full Form

What is Full Forms of MLC

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term MLC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryMLC Full Form
1MLCMilitaryCoastal Minelayer
2MLCEducationalMA in Language and Communication
3MLCCommunityMacarthur Legal Centre
5MLCTechnologyMain Lobe Clutter
6MLCLogisticsMaintenance And Logistics Command
9MLCCricketMajor League Cricket
10MLCAirlineMalila Airlift
11MLCUncategorizedMan Lacking Cojones
12MLCManagementManagement and Leadership Coaching
13MLCManagementManagement and Leadership Conference
14MLCMarathonsMarathon Lightweight Commando
15MLCUncategorizedMarginal Loss Component
16MLCYachtingMarine Labor Convention
17MLCLogisticsMarine Logistics Command
18MLCConferencesMaritime Labor Convention
19MLCConventionMaritime Labour Certificate
20MLCConferencesMaritime Labour Convention
21MLCCommunityMarrickville Legal Centre
22MLCEducationalMartin Luther College
23MLCMaximum Likelihood ClassificationMass Loss Calorimeter
24MLCLaw&LegalMassachusetts Law Component
25MLCUncategorizedMaster Leader Course
26MLCEducationalMath Learning Center
27MLCEducationalMathematics Learning Center
28MLCLaw&LegalMaximum Legal Carry
29MLCTransportationMaximum Legal Carryon
30MLCBagMaximum Legal Carry-On
31MLCAirportMcAlester Regional Airport
34MLCBusinessMeat and Livestock Commission
35MLCUncategorizedMechanical Licensing Collective
36MLCLaw&LegalMedico Legal Case
37MLCEducationalMelbourne Ladies College
38MLCState&LocalMember Legislative Council
39MLCLegislationMember of Legislative Council
40MLCPoliticsMember of the Legislative Council
41MLCChurchesMemorial Lutheran Church
42MLCScienceMemory Load Command
43MLCSportMen's Lightweight Crew
44MLCInformationTechnologyMesh Linux Containers
45MLCElectronicsMetal Loss Corrector
46MLCMedicalMetal-Ligand Complex
47MLCChemistryMetal-Ligand Cooperation
48MLCOncologyMetastatic Liver Cancer
49MLCEducationalMethodist Ladies College
50MLCAcademic&ScienceMethodist Ladies' College
51MLCEducationalMethodists Ladies College
52MLCEducationalMetropolitan Learning Center
53MLCChromatographyMicellar Liquid Chromatography
54MLCUncategorizedMichelle Lehmann Communications
55MLCEducationalMichigan Language Center
56MLCConsortiumsMichigan Lean Consortium
57MLCCommunityMichigan Learning Community
58MLCLegislationMichigan Legislative Consultants
59MLCEducationalMichigan Library Consortium
60MLCProductsMicro Location Counter
61MLCInternet SlangMid Life Crisis
62MLCMedicalMid-Life Crisis
63MLCConferencesMidwest Lacrosse Conference
64MLCClubsMidwest Lancer Club
65MLCConferencesMidwestern Legislative Conference
66MLCMilitaryMilitary Load Class
67MLCMilitaryMilitary Load Classification
68MLCLondonStockExchangeMillennium &Cop
69MLCMinilaparoscopic CholecystectomyMillennium Learning Centre
70MLCEducationalMiller Learning Center
71MLCMicrobiologyMinimal Lethal Concentration
72MLCGeographyMinimal Level Cataloging
73MLCMedicalMinimum Lethal Concentration
74MLCCompanies&OrganizationsMisery Loves Company
75MLCEducationalMississippi Library Commission
76MLCUncategorizedMixed Low Copper
77MLCMedicalMixed Lymphocyte Culture
78MLCMedicalMixed lymphocyte reaction
79MLCUncategorizedMobile Laser Cannon
80MLCNASAMobile Launcher Computer
81MLCMilitaryMobile Liason Cell
82MLCInformationMobile Location Centre
83MLCUncategorizedModels for Life Contingencies
84MLCCultureModern Languages and Cultures
85MLCMilitaryModular Load Carrier
86MLCEducationalMontclair Learning Center
87MLCUncategorizedMonthly License Charge
88MLCUncategorizedMonthly License Charges
89MLCMilitaryMore or Less Crap
91MLCMortgageMortgage Loan Company
92MLCUncategorizedMother Less Cassette
93MLCASXSymbolsMothercare Australia Limited
94MLCLandingMotor Landing Craft
95MLCUncategorizedMountain Lion Connect
96MLCUncategorizedMulti Layer Concept
97MLCInformationTechnologyMulti Leaf Collimator
98MLCInformationTechnologyMulti Level Cell
99MLCUncategorizedMulti Level Control
100MLCUncategorizedMulti Line Cordless
101MLCUncategorizedMulti Lingual Contents
102MLCEducationalMulticultural Learning Center
103MLCCommunityMulticultural Learning Community
104MLCComputingMultilayer Ceramic
105MLCMedicalMulti-Leaf Collimator
106MLCComputingMultilevel Cell
107MLCTechnologyMulti-Level Cell
108MLCTechnologyMulti-Level Coding
109MLCAcademic&ScienceMultimedia Learning Centre
110MLCInformationTechnologyMultiple Level Cell
111MLCUncategorizedMultiple Logical Channel
122MLCInformationTechnologyMultiple Logical Channels
123MLCInformationTechnologyMultiple Login Checking
124MLCSurgeryMultiport Laparoscopic Colectomy
125MLCCivic&MunicipalMunicipal Library Consortium
126MLCCivic&MunicipalMunicipal Lien Certificates
127MLCMusicMusic Leadership and Communication
128MLCMusicMusic Learning Community
129MLCMusicMusic Licensing Collective
130MLCAccountingMutual Life & Citizens
131MLCMedicalMyelomonocytic Leukemia, Chronic
132MLCMedicalMyosin Light Chain
133MLCGastroenterologyMyosin regulatory Light Chain

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about MLC. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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