ODC Full Form

ODC Full Form

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ODC Full Form

The term ODC has many full form, but out of which most relevant ODC Full Form is –

ODC – Offshore Development Center

What Does ODC Stands For?

ODC stands for – Offshore Development Center

What is ODC Meaning

The term ODC has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of ODC is – Offshore Development Center

All Full Forms of ODC

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term ODC.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryODC Full Form
1ODCUncategorizedDance Commons
2ODCMedicalO2 dissociation curve
3ODCUncategorizedOahu Dive Center
4ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOak Design Corporation
5ODCAirport CodeOakdale Airport
6ODCUncategorizedObedience Dog Club
7ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOberbroeckling Development Company
8ODCPerforming ArtsOberlin Dance Collective
9ODCBayOberlin Dance Collective
10ODCUncategorizedOberlin Dance Company
11ODCUncategorizedObligation Data Code
12ODCMilitaryObligation Data Codes
13ODCUncategorizedObligatory Dangerousness Criterion
14ODCUncategorizedObscure Dull Cyan
15ODCUncategorizedObservability Don't Care
16ODCUncategorizedObservability Don't Cares
17ODCUncategorizedObservatorio de Drogas de Colombia
18ODCUncategorizedObsessed Distortion Circuit
19ODCUncategorizedObsessed Distortion Compulsion
20ODCSocietyOccupational Development Center
21ODCOrganizationOccupational Development Center
22ODCUncategorizedOccupy the District of Columbia
23ODCOceanOcean Data Centre
24ODCEducationalOcean Discovery Center
25ODCEducationOcean Discovery Center
26ODCUncategorizedOcean Diving Club
27ODCUncategorizedOceanic Digital Communications
28ODCMusicOceano Do Caos
29ODCMedicalOcular Dominance Columns
30ODCCompanies or OrganizationsODCDance Company
31ODCServiceOdd Dimension Cargo
34ODCServiceOdd Dimensional Cargo
35ODCUncategorizedOdd Divisor Correct
36ODCDevelopmentOdessa Development Corporation
37ODCDevelopmentOdin Development Compass
38ODCUncategorizedOffice Data Connection
39ODCMicrosoftOffice Data Connection
40ODCMicrosoftOffice Data Connections
41ODCUncategorizedOffice Database Connection
42ODCUncategorizedOffice Default Carrier
43ODCTechnologyOffice Default Carrier
44ODCArmyOffice of Defense Cooperation
45ODCMilitaryOffice of Defense Cooperation
46ODCPharmaceuticalOffice of Disability Concerns
47ODCUncategorizedOffice of Disciplinary Counsel
48ODCLawOffice of Disciplinary Counsel
49ODCGovernmentOffice of Drug Control
50ODCUncategorizedOfficial Dance Charts
51ODCClubsOfficial Directioners Club
52ODCDevelopmentOfficials Development Committee
53ODCUncategorizedOff-Plot Delivery Contract
54ODCProfessional OrganizationsOffshore Data Centre
55ODCUncategorizedOffshore Dedicated Center
56ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOffshore Development Center
57ODCComputingOffshore Development Center
58ODCBankingOffshore Development Centre
59ODCUncategorizedOff-shore Development Centre
60ODCEducationalOhio Dominican College
61ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOil Dri Corp
62ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOil Dri Corporation
63ODCAmericaOil-Dri Corp
64ODCOrganizationsOil-Dri Corp. of America
65ODCNYSE SymbolsOil-Dri Corporation of America
66ODCOrganizationsOil-Dri Corporation of America
67ODCMiscellaneousOld Donation Center
68ODCUncategorizedOld Dresser Cafe
70ODCUncategorizedOlivier Daric Castor
71ODCPerforming ArtsOmega Dance Company
72ODCUncategorizedOmni Directional Compression
73ODCComputingOn Demand Computing
74ODCPublishingOn-Demand Color
75ODCUncategorizedOn-Demand Connectivity
76ODCManagementOne Day Completed
77ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOneonta Dairy Company
78ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOnline Digital Communications
79ODCLocal StatesOntario Development Corporation
80ODCUncategorizedOpen Data Commons
81ODCLicensingOpen Data Commons
82ODCUncategorizedOpen Data Companion
83ODCUncategorizedOpen Data Connectivity
84ODCGeographyOpen Data Consortium
85ODCInformation TechnologyOpen Data Cube
86ODCTechnologyOpen Database Connectivity
87ODCInformation TechnologyOPeNDAP Data Connector
88ODCAthleticsOpening Day Committee
89ODCForumOperational Development Conference
91ODCUncategorizedOperations Dispatch Center
92ODCDevelopmentOpportunity Development Centers
93ODCInformation TechnologyOptical Disc Cartridge
94ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOptical Disc Corporation
95ODCTechnologyOptical Disc Corporation
96ODCInformation TechnologyOptical Disk Cartridge
97ODCUncategorizedOptimized Double Configuration
98ODCUncategorizedOqibo Data Center
99ODCManagementOracle Data Cloud
100ODCUncategorizedOrange Developer Center
101ODCUncategorizedOrbital Debris Collector
102ODCScienceOrbital Debris Collector
103ODCUncategorizedOregon Department of Corrections
104ODCPharmaceuticalOregon Disabilities Commission
105ODCDevelopmentOrganisation Development Consultants
106ODCDevelopmentOrganization Development and Change
107ODCSocietyOrganizational Design Society
108ODCDevelopmentOrganizational Development and Change
109ODCNormal BusinessOrganizational Development Center
110ODCDevelopmentOrganizational Development Consultants
111ODCCivilizationOrganizational Diversity and Cultural
112ODCInformation TechnologyOrganizational Domain Controller
113ODCAthleticsOriental Dinghy Club
114ODCUncategorizedOriginal Dope Crew
115ODCMedicalOrnithine Decarboxylase
116ODCPharmaceuticalOrnithine Decarboxylase Activity
117ODCMedicalOrnithine Decarboxylase Activity
118ODCMedicalOrnithine Decarboxylase Gene
119ODCPharmaceuticalOrphan Disease Center
120ODCEducationalOrthogonal Defect Classification
121ODCNormal BusinessOther Direct Charges
122ODCUncategorizedOther Direct Cost
123ODCPoliticsOther Direct Cost
124ODCUncategorizedOther Direct Costs
125ODCTechnologyOther Direct Costs
126ODCFunnyOther Dumb Cluck
127ODCNourishmentOutdoor Catering
128ODCScoutingOutdoor Discovery Center
129ODCAthleticsOutdoor Discovery Craft
130ODCUncategorizedOutpatient Diagnostic Center
131ODCUncategorizedOver Density Cultivation
132ODCBusinessOver Dimension Cargo
133ODCLogisticsOver Dimensional Cargo
134ODCLocal - Countriesover dimensional Consignment
135ODCNormal BusinessOver Dimensional Consignments
136ODCUncategorizedOver Drive Circuit
137ODCCompanies or OrganizationsOverhead Door Company
138ODCPharmaceuticalOxygen Deficient Center
139ODCUncategorizedOxygen Depolarized Cathode
140ODCMedicalOxygen Dissociation Curve
141ODCMedicalOxygen dissociation curves
142ODCMedicalOxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve
143ODCEnvironmentalOzone Depleting Chemical
144ODCAir PollutionOzone Depleting Chemical
145ODCUncategorizedOzone Depleting Chemicals
146ODCBusinessOzone Depleting Chemicals
147ODCTechnologyOzone Depleting Compound

ODC – Offshore Improvement Center

Amongst IT firms, there’s ODC (Offshore Improvement Center). ODC is a sort of outsourcing

ODC Which means is an offshore improvement middle and is an improvement firm that gives you with a staff of builders who work to your firm, and they’ll work for any nation.

The ODC is a workplace devoted to assembly the software program necessities of an organization. You possibly can arrange your offshore workplace wherever world wide. Nonetheless, companies choose to decide on a rustic the place the price of dwelling is decrease than their nation of origin.

The idea of offshore improvement is sort of easy. It mainly serves as a world extension of a corporation’s present IT staff, is extra reasonably priced, commercially savvy, and delivers top-notch product/service high quality.

Nonetheless, you’ll be able to add or take away assets relying on your wants. However, usually, this staff consists of a full-time devoted developer, designer, software program tester, high-quality analyst, copywriter, a venture supervisor, and distribution supervisor.

Due to this fact, the shopper group doesn’t have to fret about any facet of the event course of. Your IT outsourcing accomplice will share your duty for the product improvement cycle, supplying you with sufficient time to focus in your core enterprise features.

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