NAC Full Form

NAC Full Form: What Does NAC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of NAC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of NAC but also get detailed information about NAC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does NAC stand for?

NAC Full Form

The term NAC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

NAC Full Form is – Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC) is a set of technical measures and tools that implements policies and rules for network access, which also protects all end devices that have access to it from security threats present inside. To meet the requirements of information security policies at enterprises, responsible employees must control the credentials of users who have connected to the services, information about the device from which the connection was made, and which applications the employee can use within the established session. NAC systems allow you to accomplish this task and provide centralized management and administration of employee access policies to the information environment of the organization.

The NAC system’s actions are to determine if the device attempting to connect to the network is safe and if its configuration meets certain access rules. After the identification procedure, the system decides what level of access to system resources should be provided. In parallel with the increase in the number of external attacks by viruses, worms and spyware, NAC solutions continue to gain in popularity. Antivirus developers pay particular attention to this class of products, since first of all it is worth considering users working remotely as potential, even if unintentionally, violators.

NAC – National Advisory Council

NAC Full Form in Education

National Administrator Credential

NAC Full Form in Indian Railway

National Apprenticeship Certificate

What Does NAC Stand For?

NAC stands for – Network Access Control and National Advisory Council

Network Admission Control (NAC) has been specifically designed to provide sufficient protection for all endpoint devices (PCs, laptops, servers, smartphones and PDAs) accessing network resources from security threats that are present on the network … Leading antivirus, management and security software developers have adopted cutting-edge NAC solutions and are attracting the attention of the press, analysts and companies of all sizes.

What is NAC Meaning

The term NAC can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of NAC is – Network Access Control & National Advisory Council

All Full Forms of NAC

Here is the complete Full-Form of NAC list.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryNAC Full Form
1NACLocalNam Cheong, Hong Kong
2NACMolecular BiologyNAM, ATAF, and CUC
3NACCorrosionNaphthenic Acid Corrosion
4NACAirport CodeNaracoorte Airport
5NACCouncilNASA - Space Advisory Council
6NACNASANASA Advisory Committee
7NACTechnologyNASA Advisory Council
8NACGeographyNasa Advisory Council
9NACMedicalNasal Allergen Challenge
10NACMedicalNascent Polypeptide-associated Complex
11NACClubsNashville Aquatic Club
12NACUncategorizedNational Ability Center
13NACMedicalNational Accelerator Centre
14NACCommissionsNational Accreditation Commission
15NACVoluntary OrganizationNational Accreditation Council
16NACHealthNational Acoustic Laboratories
17NACGovernmentNational Acquisition Center
18NACUncategorizedNational Acrobat Competition
19NACPharmaceuticalNational Addiction Centre
20NACGymnasticsNational Administrative Committee
21NACEducationalNational Administrative Consultants
22NACUncategorizedNational Administrator Credential
23NACMedicalNational Adoption Center
24NACDentistryNational Advice Centre for Postgraduate Dental Education
25NACUncategorizedNational Advisors for Chapters
26NACPoliticsNational Advisory Committee
27NACGovernmentNational Advisory Council
28NACCriminalNational Advocacy Center
29NACAthleticsNational Aerobic Championships
30NACMilitaryNational Agency Check
31NACAgilityNational Agility Champion
32NACMedicalNational Agricultural Centre
33NACForestryNational Agroforestry Center
34NACParasitologyNational Aids Council
35NACAircraftNational Airways Corporation
36NACMedicalNational Alliance for Caregiving
37NACCompanies or OrganizationsNational Analysis Center
38NACRussiaNational Antiterrorist Committee
39NACIndiaNational Apprenticeship Certificate
40NACEducationalNational Archives of Canada
41NACConsortiumsNational Armaments Consortium
42NACArmyNational Armed Comrades
43NACPerforming ArtsNational Arts Centre
44NACTechnologyNational Arts Council
45NACTechnologyNational Asbestos Council
46NACEducationNational Assessment Centre
47NACCommitteesNational Associates Committee
48NACAssociationsNational Association of Concessionaires
49NACCountyNational Association of Counties
50NACPharmaceuticalNational Association of Cytologists
51NACPharmaceuticalNational Asthma Campaign
52NACPharmaceuticalNational Asthma Center
53NACHealthNational Asthma Council
54NACMedicalNational Asthma Council Australia
55NACEducationalNational Astronomy Consortium
56NACCompanies or OrganizationsNational Audio Company
57NACTechnologyNational Audiovisual Center
58NACPharmaceuticalNational Autism Center
59NACUncategorizedNational Auto Care
60NACArmyNational Automotive Center
61NACMedicalNative American Church
62NACArmyNato Advisory Council
63NACAggregateNatural Aggregate Concrete
64NACInformation TechnologyNatural Area Code
65NACInternet SlangNaturist Action Committee
66NACArmyNaval Administrative Command
67NACArmyNaval Avionics Center
68NACAutomationNavy Automation Controller
69NACPharmaceuticalNear Attack Conformation
70NACPharmaceuticalNear Attack Conformer
71NACClubsNebraska Actuaries Club
72NACCouncilNebraska Arts Council
73NACPoliticsNebraska Avenue Complex
74NACAstronomyNederlandse Astronomen Club
75NACPharmaceuticalNeedle Aspiration Cytology
76NACPharmaceuticalNeeds Assessment Checklist
77NACAdvisoryNeighborhood Advisory Committee
78NACSocietyNeighborhood Advisory Council
79NACAssociationsNeighborhood Association Committee
80NACPharmaceuticalNeighborhood Asthma Coalition
81NACOncologyNeoadjuvant Chemotherapy
82NACFunnyNerds of America Association
83NACCompanies or OrganizationsNet Access Corporation
84NACTechnologyNetwork Access Channel
85NACInformation TechnologyNetwork Access Code
86NACTechnologyNetwork Access Control
87NACComputingNetwork Adapter Card
88NACTechnologyNetwork Administration Center
89NACTechnologyNetwork Admissions Control
90NACTechnologyNetwork Applications Consortium
91NACPharmaceuticalNeuro Associative Conditioning
92NACUncategorizedNeuroimage Analysis Center
93NACUncategorizedNeuroimaging Analysis Center
94NACLawNevada Administrative Code
95NACCouncilNevada Arts Council
96NACUncategorizedNeverending Amazing Connections
97NACCompanies or OrganizationsNew Age Consulting
98NACWeaponNew Agenda Coalition
99NACFBI FilesNew Agents Class
100NACUncategorizedNew Alternatives for Children
101NACBibleNew American Commentary
102NACLocalNew Anglian Confederation
103NACLocalNew Apostolic Church
104NACUncategorizedNewport Aquatic Center
105NACClubsNewtown Athletic Club
106NACAdvisoryNextGen Advisory Committee
107NACArtNiagara Artists Centre
108NACMedicalNipple-Areolar Complex
109NACEducationalNitric Acid Concentration
110NACMedicalNitrogen Assimilation Control
111NACFunnyNo Access Couture
112NACAdvisoryNOAA Advisory Committee
113NACUncategorizedNOAD ADVENDO Combination
114NACNeurologyNon-Abeta Component
115NACAllergyNon-Adherent Cells
116NACChemistryNonadiabatic Coupling
117NACMicrobiologyNon-Albicans Candida
118NACPharmaceuticalNon-Alcoholic Cirrhosis
119NACChemistryNon-Amyloid-beta Component
121NACArmyNon-Availability Certificate
122NACSkiingNor-Am Cup
123NACDiabetNorth America and Caribbean
124NACAthleticsNorth America Challenge
125NACTechnologyNorth American Components
126NACAthleticsNorth American Cup
127NACForumNorth Atlantic Conference
128NACNavyNorth Atlantic Council
129NACTechnologyNorth Atlantic Current
130NACUncategorizedNorth Audley Canteen
131NACAirlineNorthern Air Cargo
132NACAthleticsNorthern Athletics Conference
133NACCompanies or OrganizationsNorthrop Aerospace Conglomerate
134NACPharmaceuticalNot A Candidate
135NACPharmaceuticalNot A Chain
136NACUncategorizedNot A Chance
137NACConceptNot A Chance Not A Chain
138NACLocalNot A Cult
139NACNormal BusinessNotice Act And Communicate
140NACInformation TechnologyNotification Applience Circut
141NACCommitteesNotified Area Committee
142NACCouncilNoun A Council
143NACAgilityNovice Agility Certificate
144NACMedicalNucleus Accumbens
145NACOccupation & PositionsNursing Assistant Certified
146NACLocalNurturing Abilities for Christ
147NACLocal StatesNutrition Advisory Council

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