NAS Full Form

NAS Full Form: What Does NAS Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of NAS is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of NAS but also get detailed information about NAS. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does NAS stand for?

NAS Full Form

The term NAS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

NAS Full Form is – Network Attached Storage

NAS is an abbreviation of the English name “Network Attached Storage,” which means “network-attached storage.”

In the usual sense, NAS is a “network storage device” or, as according to its primary functional purpose – it is also called known as “data storage server.”

NAS Full Form in Computer

Network Attached Storage

NAS Full Form in Networking

Network Attached Storage

What Does NAS Stand For?

NAS stands for – Network Attached Storage

NAS – Network Attached Storage – NAS can be described as a combination of a big storage capacity and a unique hardware platform which allows to connect this storage medium to a local computer network.

As a rule, modern NAS use hard disks as a storage medium due to their relatively large (relative to other information storage technologies) available capacities at a relatively low storage cost per unit volume. Also, it is hard disks that are currently capable of providing the highest speed of information exchange.

The key difference between NAS and conventional PC-based file servers is the optimization of the hardware platform and embedded OS specifically for network storage and disk array management tasks. Synology NAS has a dedicated management system with an intuitive graphical user interface, which is located in the platform’s internal memory and, in many cases, is independent of the disk drives used, which significantly increases the reliability of the entire system. Most NAS are equipped with an embedded control system (micro OS) based on the Linux kernel and are built based on a special storage processor RISK architecture, which ensures high performance and fault tolerance. As in the case of full-size PC servers, NAS can remotely administer, but this process is organized through a web interface, which allows you to conveniently manage the NAS from any segment of the local network and the global network using ordinary Internet browsers. In terms of manageability and access control, modern NAS is not inferior to traditional file servers. They can work in Windows domains; many support group template Windows Active Directory access and security policies. The security of access to stored information, the ability to encrypt data, and divide the rights of use into separate folders and files make network drives a convenient means of storing data in a corporate or home network with the highest level of secrecy.

The NAS can use one or several hard drives. The number of hard drives used depends on the capacity of the hardware network platform and the capabilities of the firmware. Today, Synology provides the ability to use from 1 to 5 hard drives in its products, depending on the model.

Today, NAS is not only a storage medium but a whole system of additional services and service applications built into the management system, providing many additional functions that can satisfy the many accompanying storage needs of both small office and home consumers. Synology NAS offers the highest quality features such as a print server, video surveillance server, web and FTP server, iTunes server.

A modern NAS is a central device in a home or office network, capable of solving a wide range of tasks, saving time, money, and energy for a workgroup or individual user every day. Working in the field of solutions for end-users, small and medium businesses, Synology provides the broadest range of models, among which each consumer can choose the most optimal for themselves both in price and in functional saturation.

From the history of network drives

The predecessors of NAS were full-size file servers based on a PC platform. As you know, the initial setup, start-up, and subsequent operation of a PC server-based on traditional server operating systems requires significant qualifications and sometimes significant time expenditures. All this inevitably affects the cost of ownership of such systems. Also, the physical dimensions and heat dissipation parameters of a traditional storage server in many cases preclude its use in small rooms with inferior to medium ventilation and also impose restrictions on a hidden installation. All of these prerequisites played a role in starting the process of finding more reliable solutions that are easier to implement and operate.

It was noted that given the basic requirements – to manage a disk array effectively, provide shared access to this array over a network, the power of the PC platform with the increase in processor performance significantly outstripped the actual needs of the storage system itself. This means that the consumer will inevitably overpay for capacity that he will never use.

What Does NAS Stand For in Computer?

In Computer NAS stands for – Network Attached Storage

What Does NAS Stand For in Medical?

In Medical NAS stands for –Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

BDM Full Form

All Full Forms of NAS

Here is the list of Full Form of NAS from various category likes Business, Government, Computing, Education, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science etc.

Sr. No.TermCategoryNAS Full Form
3NASGastroenterologyNAFLD Activity Score
6NASEnvironmental HealthNaphthenic Acids
8NASPharmaceuticalNarcissistic Abuse Syndrome
9NASPharmaceuticalNarcotics Assistance Section
10NASLocal - Airport CodesNassau, Bahamas
11NASPoliticsNational Academies
12NASAcademic & ScienceNational Academies of Sciences
13NASPharmaceuticalNational Acceptor Survey
14NASEnvironmentalNational Accessible Scheme
15NASRubber IndustryNational Aerospace Standard
16NASInternational BusinessNational Air Services
17NASMilitaryNational Air Space
18NASAviationNational Aircraft Standard
19NASAvionicsNational Airspace System
20NASMedicalNational Alcohol Survey
21NASAssociationsNational Association of Scholars
22NASVoluntary OrganizationNational Association of Seadogs
23NASFDA AdministrationNational Asthma Survey
24NASVoluntary OrganizationNational Audubon Society
25NASAutismNational Autistic Society
26NASEducationalNative American Studies
27NASArchaeologyNautical Archaeology Society
28NASArmyNaval Air Squadron
29NASTransportationNaval Air Station
30NASNavigationNavigation Assistance Service
31NASEducationalNebraska Academy of Sciences
34NASMedia CenterNeedle Arts Studio
35NASPharmaceuticalNeonatal abstinence syndrome
36NASEngineeringNet Addition to Stock
37NASEducationalNet Analyte Signal
38NASTechnologyNetwork Access Server
39NASInformation TechnologyNetwork Access Services
40NASOccupation & PositionsNetwork Administrator Specialist
41NASManufacturingNetwork Application Server
42NASComputingNetwork Application Support
43NASTechnologyNetwork Attached Storage
44NASInformation TechnologyNetwork Audio System
45NASCybersecurityNetwork Authentication Service
46NASTechnologyNetwork-Attached Storage
47NASSlangNever Again Sorry
48NASFunnyNever Any Service
49NASFDA AdministrationNew Active Substance
50NASMedicalNew Active Substance
51NASProductsNew American Standard
52NASUnited NationsNewly Associated States
53NASLocal - CountriesNice And Slow
54NASEducationalNigerian Academy of Science
55NASCompanies or OrganizationsNikon Advanced Systems
57NASPharmaceuticalNo Abnormality Seen
58NASUS GovernmentNo Active Support
59NASMedicalNo Added Salt
60NASNourishmentNo Added Sugar
61NASAlcoholNo Age Statement
62NASUS GovernmentNon Action System
63NASAlcoholNon Age Stated
64NASAccessNon-Access Stratum
65NASAccountingNon-Audit Services
66NASEducationalNon-indigenous Aquatic Species
67NASPharmaceuticalNormative Aging Study
68NASEducationalNorth American Series
69NASUS GovernmentNorth American Specification
70NASSchoolsNorthern Associated Schools
71NASEducationalNorwegian Astronomical Society
72NASStock ExchangeNot A Stock
73NASInformation TechnologyNot Absolutely Sure
74NASEducationalNot Another School
75NASMedicalNucleic Acids
76NASMedicalNucleus Accumbens
77NASMedicalNumeric Analog Scale
78NASTechnologyNumerical Aerodynamic Simulation
79NASMedicalNurse Aides
80NASNursingNursing Activities Score
81NASMedicalNursing Aides
82NASMedicalNursing Assistants

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about NAS. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than NAS? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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