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NCC Full Form

NCC Full Form: What Does NCC Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of NCC is? Then, here you will come to know what Does NCC stand for? Also all possible Full Form of NCC.

NCC Full Form

The term NCC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

NCC Full Form is – National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps is called the Youth Wing of the Armed Forces. It is one of the largest youth organization in the world where you are trained based on discipline and leadership.

The National Cadet Corps is a tri-service organization comprising the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The National Cadet Corps started in 1948. It is headquartered in New Delhi. The National Cadet Corps is a non-profit organization that trains cadets from India’s primary schools, upper secondary schools, colleges, and universities to be transformed and groomed into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

Motto of NCC

The working motto of the National Cadet Corps is Unity and Discipline.

Currently, nearly 3 lakh school and college youth are involved in the nation’s service through this wonderful organization, which is based on the idea of unity and discipline.

What is the purpose of NCC? NCC Aim

What are the ambitions behind creating NCC?

Converting youth into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

The objective of NCC is to develop the ideals of discipline, character development, brotherhood, a sense of adventure, and selfless service among young citizens.

It aims to teach leadership qualities in the youth to be successful in their life no matter which career they choose.

Its purpose is also to motivate the youth to choose a career in the army or other armed forces.

NCC is the best platform to learn life skills and serve the nation in all dimensions.

What type of training is done in NCC?

NCC gives cadets many opportunities to participate in various activities so that you can gradually transform themselves into a better person and be able to meet your challenges.

The NCC is connected to the branches of the three Armed Forces of India, ARMY, NAVY, and AIR FORCE. If you enter your name to become a cadet in Army NCC, all your training activities will be related to ARMY. And similarly, if you go for NAVY or AIR NCC, your entire training will be according to there.

Many students think that you will get a lot of physical activity, but in reality, physical exertion is only a small part of NCC.

Being an NCC cadre, you perform activities like singing, dancing, instrument playing, and acting on stage, and sometimes you have to organize them.

The activities done in NCC create a feeling of never giving up inside you. It makes you optimistic and instills a lot of confidence in you.

Benefits of NCC Certificate Benefits of Joining NCC

(1) If you want to become an officer or soldier in any of the three armies, then the NCC certificate will benefit you because you can join all three armies of India without giving any examination or entrance exam, which is a challenging step for any student.

(2) There is a separate seat reserve in the Armed Forces for NCC Cadre. You get a direct entry. All you need to do is the interview and medical removal.

(3) You also get the scholarship from many to study further.

(4) Many colleges and universities also give preference and relaxation to NCC Certified candidates at the time of admission.

(5) You get a lot of help in getting a government job in India and the state government, especially in the police job. NCC Cadets are given more importance and than candidates.

What Does NCC Stand For?

NCC stands for – Navel Construction Contract

CPR Full Form

What is Full Forms of NCC

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term NCC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryNCC Full Form
1NCCIndian Armed ForceNational Cadet Corps
2NCCUSANavel Construction Contract
3NCCIndian CompanyNagarjuna Construction Company
5NCCCelluloseNano Crystalline Cellulose
6NCCElectionNarayanganj City Corporation
9NCCEducationNash Community College
10NCCEducationalNashua Society College
11NCCAutomotiveNashville Corvette Club
12NCCEducationNassau Community College
13NCCEducationalNassau Society College
14NCCAthleticsNatchitoches Country Club
15NCCElectionsNational Call Centre
16NCCMedicalNational Cancer Center
17NCCMedicalNational Cancer Centre
18NCCOrganizationNational Cancer Coalition
19NCCCanadaNational Capital Commission
20NCCServiceNational Capitol Contracting
21NCCAutomotiveNational Car Cleaning
22NCCAutomotiveNational Car Company
23NCCTechnologyNational Caravan Council
24NCCGeographyNational Cartographic Centre
25NCCCompanies or OrganizationsNational Caster Corporation
26NCCPharmaceuticalNational Cat Corporation
27NCCCompanies or OrganizationsNational Certification Corporation
28NCCOccupation & PositionsNational Certified Counselor
29NCCCheerleadingNational Cheerleading Championship
30NCCProfessional OrganizationsNational Chicken Council
31NCCUncategorizedNational Children's Center
34NCCBankingNational City Corp
35NCCNYSE SymbolsNational City Corporation
36NCCFreightNational Classification Committee
37NCCOrganizationNational Clean Cities
38NCCBusinessNational Clearing Corporation
39NCCTechnologyNational Climate Centre
40NCCMedicalNational Collaborating Centre
41NCCMedicalNational College of Chiropractic
42NCCForumNational Collegiate Conference
43NCCInformation TechnologyNational Colour Code
44NCCMilitaryNational Command Center
45NCCLocal - GhanaNational Commission on Civilization
46NCCTaiwanNational Communication Commission
47NCCGovernmentalNational Communications Coordinator
48NCCChurchNational Community Church
49NCCGovernmentNational Competition Council
50NCCBusinessNational Competitiveness Council
51NCCUncategorizedNational Composite Center
52NCCComputingNational Computer Center
53NCCTechnologyNational Computer Conference
54NCCComputingNational Computer Corp
55NCCComputingNational Computer Corporation
56NCCTechnologyNational Computing Center
57NCCTechnologyNational Computing Centre
58NCCForumNational Conference on Communications
59NCCOrganizationNational Constitution Center
60NCCCompanies or OrganizationsNational Construction Council
61NCCForumNational Consultative Conference
62NCCPoliticsNational Continuity Coordinator
63NCCCompanies or OrganizationsNational Controls Corp
64NCCTechnologyNational Coordinating Center
65NCCTechnologyNational Coordinating Center for Telecommunications
66NCCSyriaNational Co-ordination Committee
67NCCAutomotiveNational Corvette Caravan
68NCCCouncilNational Cotton Council
69NCCChurchNational Council of Churches
70NCCAwards & MedalsNational Counselor Certification
71NCCInformation TechnologyNational Cybersecurity Center
72NCCChurchesNational Society Church
73NCCCertifications & DiplomasNationally Certified Counselor
74NCCPoliticsNative Canadian Commission
75NCCNuclearNatural Convection Cooldown
76NCCOrganizationNature Conservancy of Canada
77NCCNavyNaval Celestial Cruiser
78NCCNavyNaval Commissioning Code
79NCCArmyNaval Component Commander
80NCCNavyNaval Construction Code
81NCCArmyNaval Construction Society
82NCCTransportationNavigation Command Center
83NCCUncategorizedNavigation Contact Code
84NCCTransportationNavigation Control Centre
85NCCArmyNavy Component Command
86NCCArmyNavy Component Commander
87NCCAutomotiveNaylor Car Club
88NCCAutomotiveNeedle Closing Control
89NCCMilitaryNegotiated Contract Cost
91NCCOrganizationNeighborhood Capital Corporation
92NCCLocalNeighbourhood Christian Center
93NCCAutomotiveNelson Car Club
94NCCMedicalNested Case-Control
95NCCTransportationNet Cargo Capacity
96NCCInternetNet Cheats Clan
97NCCEngineeringNet Contribution Clause
98NCCAwards & MedalsNetcool Certified Consultant
99NCCEducationalNetherlands Corrosion Centre
100NCCInformation TechnologyNetware Client Configuration
101NCCCompanies or OrganizationsNetwork and Computer Consultants
102NCCInformation TechnologyNetwork Centric Computing
103NCCInformation TechnologyNetwork Color Code
104NCCInformation TechnologyNetwork Connectivity Center
105NCCTechnologyNetwork Control Centre
106NCCInformation TechnologyNetwork Control Circuit
107NCCInformation TechnologyNetwork Coordination Centre
108NCCCompanies or OrganizationsNetworking Computer Consultants


What is NCC Company Full Form

Full Form of NCC Company is – Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited

What is NCC Full Form in Medical

Full Form of NCC in Medical Term is – Neurocysticercosis

What Does NCC Stand For in Star Trek?

In Star Trek NCC stands for – Navel Construction Contract

What Does NCC Stand For in Counselling?

In Counselling NCC stands for – Navel Construction Contract

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about NCC. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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