NCPS Full Form

NCPS Full Form

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NCPS Full Form

The term NCPS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant NCPS Full Form is –

NCPS – National Cybersecurity Protection System

What Does NCPS Stands For?

NCPS stands for – National Cybersecurity Protection System

What is NCPS Meaning

The term NCPS has many meanings, but the most relevant meaning of NCPS is – NCPS Audio Products

All Full Forms of NCPS

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Sr. No.TermCategoryNCPS Full Form
1NCPSTechnologyNalanda Center for Peace Studies
2NCPSSingaporeNan Chiau Primary School
4NCPSToxicologyNanocomposite Particles
5NCPSBioengineeringNanoscale Coordination Polymers
6NCPSOncologyNasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinus
7NCPSUncategorizedNational Capital Power Station
8NCPSUncategorizedNational Car Parks
9NCPSUncategorizedNational Categorical Pretreatment Standards
10NCPSUncategorizedNational Center for Patient Safety
11NCPSGovernmentNational Center for Patient Safety
12NCPSUncategorizedNational Center for Prevention Services
13NCPSUncategorizedNational Centre for Patient Safety
14NCPSUncategorizedNational Centre for Ports and Shipping
15NCPSCertifications & DiplomasNational Certified Peer Specialist
16NCPSUncategorizedNational Check Protection Services
17NCPSUncategorizedNational Chronic Pain Society
18NCPSUncategorizedNational Circus Preservation Society
19NCPSMilitaryNational Claims Processing System
20NCPSUncategorizedNational Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
21NCPSUncategorizedNational Clinical Pharmacy Specialists
22NCPSHospitalNational Clinical Programme in Surgery
23NCPSUncategorizedNational Coalition of Pastors Spouses
24NCPSPlanningNational College Planning Solutions
25NCPSConsumerNational Commission on Product Safety
26NCPSUncategorizedNational Commission on the Public Service
27NCPSUncategorizedNational Committee for Professional Standards
28NCPSUncategorizedNational Confederation of Professional Services
29NCPSConservationNational Conservation Practice Standards
30NCPSConservationNational Conservation Practice Standards
31NCPSUncategorizedNational Contact Persons
34NCPSResearchNational contact points
35NCPSGovernmentNational Contingency Plans
36NCPSTropical MedicineNational Control Programmes
37NCPSUncategorizedNational Coordination Points
38NCPSPakistanNational Corruption Perception Survey
39NCPSAfricaNational Crime Prevention Strategy
40NCPSUS GovernmentNational Cybersecurity Protection System
41NCPSSocietyNational Society Pharmacists Association
42NCPSChemistryN-Confused Porphyrins
43NCPSSchoolsNebraska City Public Schools
44NCPSUncategorizedNebraska Coalition for Patient Safety
45NCPSSchoolsNelson County Public Schools
46NCPSTechnologyNetwork Command Processing System
47NCPSTechnologyNetwork Control Protocols
48NCPSSchoolsNew Canaan Public Schools
49NCPSOrthopaedicNoncollagenous Proteins
50NCPSBioengineeringNon-Collagenous Proteins
51NCPSUncategorizedNormalized Counts Per Second
52NCPSEducationalNorth Carolina Poetry Society
53NCPSLocal - CountiesNorth County Photographic Society
54NCPSPharmaceuticalNorthern California Psychiatric Society
55NCPSUncategorizedNorthwest Coalition of Professional Staff
56NCPSArmyNuclear Contingency Planning System
57NCPSMedicalNucleosome Core Particles

NCPS – National Cybersecurity Protection System

Established in 2003 by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), which is a focal community for the investigation of conceivably noxious digital movement and, if fitting, its assignment is to make a reaction.

NCPS is a coordinated arrangement of-framework, which gives a scope of capacities, including interruption discovery, examination, interruption anticipation, and data sharing abilities to shield regular folks from digital dangers Defends the administration’s data innovation foundation and incorporates equipment, programming, uphold cycles, preparing, and benefits that create projects and backing the office’s network safety mission.

NCPS abilities, operationally known as EINSTEIN capacities sets, are various apparatuses and capacities that guide government network protection. These abilities give a specialized establishment that empowers the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to ensure and ensure the bureaucratic common government’s data innovation foundation against cutting edge digital dangers.

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