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ODI Full Form

ODI Full Form: What Does ODI Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of ODI is? Then, here you will come to know what Does ODI stand for? Also all possible Full Form of ODI.

ODI Full Form

The term ODI has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

ODI Full Form is – One Day International

A one-day international cricket match is a unique match format, one of three main formats. ODI is a form of limited-overs cricket where the duration of a match is not determined by a time limit but by a set set of innings. Nevertheless, the ODI match may be ended in connection with the exhaustion of the allocated time for the game – the reason for this may be bad weather or other hardly predictable factors. In this case, the match is considered complete without a result. In general, the ODI match may end with a victory for one of the teams, a draw in wounds, or not bring results. The tournament, known as the Cricket World Championship, is held according to the ODI system. This format is sometimes referred to as LOI, but this term has lost its correctness with the advent of another similar format, Twenty20.

As the name suggests, these kinds of matches are played over one day. The game consists of two innings, in one of which one team beats, in the other – the second. Players can spend six or more hours on the field. The first-ever ODI match took place on January 5, 1971, between England and Australia.

ODIs, unlike Test matches, consist of one inning per side, with a cap on the number of overs, which is now 50 overs per innings, compared to 55 or 60 overs previously.

Since ODI matches are a subset of Cricket A, records and stats are kept separately for the ODI. In January 1971, England and Australia played the first official one-day international (ODI).

The number of matches has gradually grown, partly due to a rise in the number of ODI nations and partly due to the cricket boards of these countries trying to maximize their profits by increased cricket visibility. This trend began at that time.

ODI Full Form in Cricket

Full Form of ODI in Cricket is – ODI Full Form

What Does ODI Stand For?

ODI stands for – One Day International

CAA Full Form

What is Full Forms of ODI

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ODI.

Sr. No.TermCategoryODI Full Form
1ODICricketOne-Day International
2ODITechnologyObject Database Integration
3ODIUncategorizedObject Definition Instructions
5ODIUncategorizedObject Design Instruction
6ODIUncategorizedObject Distribution Indicator
9ODITechnologyOcean Design Inc
10ODICityOcean Discovery Institute
11ODIUncategorizedOceans of Data Institute
12ODIOphthalmologyOcular Dominance Index
13ODITechnologyOffice Document Interchange
14ODIGovernmentalOffice for Disability Issues
15ODIUncategorizedOffice for Diversity and Inclusion
16ODIUncategorizedOffice of Data and Informatics
17ODISafetyOffice of Defect Investigation
18ODITransportationOffice of Defects Investigation
19ODITechnologyOffice of Defects Investigation
20ODIFBI FilesOffice of Defense Intelligence
21ODIGovernmentOffice of Disability Insurance
22ODIUncategorizedOffice of Disability Issues
23ODIUniversityOffice of Diversity & Inclusion
24ODIGovernmentOffice of Diversity and Inclusion
25ODICricketOffice of Diversity Initiatives
26ODIStock ExchangeOffshore Derivative Instrument
27ODIUncategorizedOffshore Derivative Instruments
28ODILocal StatesOhio Department of Insurance
29ODIUncategorizedOld Dominion Insulation
30ODIPolice ForceOn Duty Intoxication
31ODIUncategorizedOne Day Immersion
34ODIUncategorizedOne Day Innings
35ODIUncategorizedOne Day Internationals
36ODIEducationalOne Degree Imager
37ODIInstitutesOpen Data Institute
38ODICosmosOpen Data Interface
39ODITechnologyOpen Data Link Interface
40ODIComputingOpen Datalink Interface
41ODITechnologyOpen Data-Link Interface
42ODIComputingOpen Device Interconnect
43ODIEducationalOpen Discovery Initiative
44ODIUncategorizedOpen Disruptive Innovation
45ODIVoluntary OrganizationOpen Doors International
46ODIUncategorizedOptical Data Interface
47ODIMicrobiologyOptical Density Index
48ODITechnologyOptical Digital Image
49ODIPharmaceuticalOptical Distance Indicator
50ODIUnit MeasuresOptimum Daily Intake
51ODIIntegrationOracle Data Integrator
52ODIEndocrine SystemOral Disposition Index
53ODIConservationOrganic Data Initiative
54ODIProfessional OrganizationsOrganization Development Institute
55ODIDevelopmentOrganizational Development Institute
56ODICompanies or OrganizationsOrganizational Dynamics, Inc.
57ODICompanies or OrganizationsOrganizational Dynamics, Incorporated
58ODIRadiologyOrientation Dispersion Index
59ODICompanies or OrganizationsOriginal Designs Inc
60ODIMedicalOswestry Disability Index
61ODIOrthopaedicOswestry Disability Questionnaire
62ODISurgeryOswestry Dysfunction Index
63ODIUncategorizedOur Demented Imaginations
64ODIEnvironmentalOut-Door Incident
65ODIInformation TechnologyOverall Driver Index
66ODIOrthodonticsOverbite Depth Indicator
67ODIBankingOver-Due Interest
68ODIBankingOverseas Derivative Instruments
69ODICompanies or OrganizationsOverseas Development Institute
70ODIBankingOverseas Direct Investment
71ODIPulmonaryOxygen Desaturation Index

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about ODI. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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