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OTA Full Form: What Does OTA Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of OTA is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of OTA but also get detailed information about OTA. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does OTA stand for?

OTA Full Form

The term OTA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

OTA Full Form is – Officers Training Academy

OTA (Officers Training Academy) is a training academy of the Indian Army which train officials for the SSC (Short Service Commission). OTA is 49-week course, which is designed to gets ready graduates for all parts of the Army, aside from the Army Medical Corps.

What Does OTA Stand For?

OTA stands for – Online Travel Agent

OTA (Online Travel Agent) is a online marketplace which enables customers to research and book travel services and products, such as resorts, flights, cars, tours, cruises, actions and much more, directly with travel providers. Each day, millions of travellers across the globe use OTAs to strategy leisure and business travel.

Crucially, OTAs are third parties, reselling those services on behalf of other businesses, including those from the hotel sector.

Usually, an OTA will provide lots of the advantages of utilizing an offline travel service, with additional convenience and much more of a self-service strategy. They’ll also incorporate an integrated booking platform, allowing for immediate bookings.

All Full Forms of OTA

Now, here is List of All Full Form of OTA.

Sr. No.TermCategoryOTA Full Forms
1OTADogs RelatedObedience Trials Association
2OTATechnologyObjective Technical Architecture
3OTAUncategorizedObligatory Thug Attack
4OTAPharmaceuticalOccupational Therapy Assistant
5OTAProgramOccupational Therapy Assisting
6OTAProgramOccupational Therapy Association
7OTAProgramOccupational Therapy Australia
8OTAAustraliaOceanside Tourism Association
9OTAMedicalOff The Air
10OTABotanyOffer To Adopt
11OTAMilitaryOffice for Transportation Access
12OTAEducationalOffice of Internal Administration
13OTATaxOffice of Tax Appeals
14OTADevelopmentOffice of Taxpayer Accountability
15OTAGovernmentOffice of Teaching Advancement
16OTAUncategorizedOffice of Technical Assessment
17OTAUncategorizedOffice of Technical Assistance
18OTAUncategorizedOffice of Technological Assessment
19OTAInformation TechnologyOffice of Technology Alliances
20OTAUncategorizedOffice of Technology Applications
21OTAArmyOffice of Technology Assessment
22OTACaliforniaOffice of Technology Assistant
23OTAUncategorizedOffice of the Tenant Advocate
24OTAAlliancesOffice of Therapeutics Alliances
25OTAMilitaryOffice of Tribal Affairs
26OTATechnicalOfficer Training Academy
27OTAArmyOfficer Traning Academy (India)
28OTAAthleticsOff-season Team Activities
29OTAAssociationsOhio Trucking Association
30OTAAuthoritiesOklahoma Turnpike Authority
31OTAUncategorizedOn The Air
32OTAAccountingOne Time Adjustment
33OTASocietyOne To All
34OTAArmyOne True Army
35OTASportOnline Trading Academy
36OTABusinessOnline travel agencies
37OTACompanies or OrganizationsOnline Travel Agency
38OTATraderOnline Travel Agents
39OTAAlliancesOnline Trust Alliance
40OTAAthleticsOntario Tennis Association
41OTAProfessional OrganizationsOntario Trucking Association
42OTATransportationOn-Time Arrival
43OTAHotelOpen Test Assembly
44OTAUncategorizedOpen to Air
45OTAInformation TechnologyOpen Tools API
46OTAHotelOpen Travel Alliance
47OTATechnologyOperational Test Agency
48OTAMedicalOperational Transconductance Amplifier
49OTATechnologyOperation-Triggered Architecture
50OTATechnologyOptical Telescope Assembly
51OTAUncategorizedOptical Trapping Applications
52OTAProductsOptical Tube Assembly
53OTATechnologyOptical Tube Assembly
54OTAUncategorizedOptional Taco Accessories
55OTAUncategorizedOrchard Training Area
56OTAAstronomyOrder of the Temple of Astarte
57OTACosmosOrder To Appear
58OTAAssociationsOregon Telecommunications Association
59OTAAssociationsOregon Trucking Association
60OTACompanies or OrganizationsOrganic Trade Association
61OTALocal - CountriesOrganized Team Activities
62OTALaw EnforcementOrganized Team Activity
63OTAInformation TechnologyOrigin Technology Age
64OTAPokeOrnithine Transaminase
65OTAFarmingOrthodontic Technicians Association
66OTATeamOrthopaedic Trauma Association
67OTAMedicalOT Antagonist
68OTAMedicalOther Transaction Agreement
69OTAAuthoritiesOther Transaction Authority
70OTAMedicalOval Trumpet Airbox
71OTAInformation TechnologyOver The Air
72OTAMilitaryOver The Air Activation
73OTAUncategorizedOxford Text Archive
74OTAUncategorizedOxytocin Antagonist
75OTATechnologyOzark Trail Association

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about OTA. If you want more information about OTA, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

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