PACS Full Form

PACS Full Form

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PACS Full Form

The term PACS has many full form, but out of which most relevant PACS Full Form is –

PACS – Primary Agricultural Credit Societies

PACS – Picture Archiving And Communication System

PACS Full Form in Medical

Picture Archiving and Communication System

Picture Archiving and Communication System is a medical imaging technology, which is used for economical storage, retrieval, management and distribution of medical images. It is also used for presentation of medical images

PACS Full Form in Banking

A Primary Agricultural Credit Society

A PACS is a smallest and basic unit of co-operative credit society in India. PACS works on the roots level (i.e. village level and gram panchayat level).

What Does PACS Stands For?

PACS stands for – Primary Agricultural Credit Societies and Picture Archiving And Communication System

PACS Meaning

The term PACS has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of PACS is – Primary Agricultural Credit Societies & Picture Archiving And Communication System

All Full Forms of PACS

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Sr. No.TermCategoryPACS Full Form
1PACSEducationalA Photo Advancing And Chemical Storage
2PACSICAO CodeCape Sarichef Airport
3PACSLocal - Airport CodesCape Sarichef Airport,USA - AK
4PACSMedicalP1 artificial chromosomes
5PACSMedicalP1-based artificial chromosomes
6PACSMedicalP1-derived artificial chromosomes
7PACSOphthalmologyPAC Suspect
8PACSCultivationPacific Agricultural Certification Society
9PACSBusinessPacific Agricultural Certification Society
10PACSMilitaryPacific Area Cataloging Seminar
11PACSUncategorizedPacific Area Cataloging System
12PACSUncategorizedPacific Area Cataloguing Seminar
13PACSUncategorizedPacific Area Cataloguing System
14PACSServicePacific Asian Counseling Services
16PACSUncategorizedPaediatric Activity Card Sort
17PACSPediatricPaediatric Ambulatory Consulting Service
18PACSAnesthesiologyPain Audit Collection System
19PACSSchoolsPalo Alto Chinese School
20PACSUncategorizedPalomar Asteroid and Comet Survey
21PACSUncategorizedPan Africanist Congress
22PACSEducationalPan American Climate Studies
23PACSEducationalPan- American Climate Studies
24PACSSciencePan American Climate Studies
25PACSMeteorologyPan- American Climate Studies
26PACSAmericaPan American Climate Study
27PACSUncategorizedPan Arab Continence Society
28PACSUncategorizedPan Asia Cooperation Society
29PACSAmericaPan-American Climate Studies
30PACSUncategorizedPan-American Climate Study
31PACSUncategorizedPan-Arab Continence Society
34PACSCellPancreatic Acinar Cells
35PACSHistochemistryPancreatic Adenocarcinomas
36PACSRadiologyParatracheal Air Cysts
37PACSChildParent Adolescent Communication Scale
38PACSSchoolParent Advisory Committees
39PACSSchoolParent Advisory Councils
40PACSAdolescentParent-Adolescent Communication Scale
41PACSUncategorizedParental Account of Childhood Symptoms
42PACSUncategorizedParental Account of Children's Symptoms
43PACSSchoolParish Administration, Communications System
44PACSUncategorizedPark Avenue Chamber Symphony
45PACSUncategorizedPartial Anterior Circulation Stroke
46PACSCellPartial Anterior Circulation Stroke
47PACSPharmaceuticalPartial Anterior Circulation Syndrome
48PACSPharmaceuticalPartial Anterior Circulatory Stroke
49PACSUncategorizedParticle Analysis Cameras for the Shuttle
50PACSTechnologyParticle Analysis Cameras of Shuttle
51PACSEnvironmental HealthParticle-Associated Coliforms
52PACSHistochemistryParticle-rich Cytoplasmic Structure
53PACSUncategorizedPartner Advisory Councils
54PACSTransportationPassenger-Aircraft Co-ordination System
55PACSTransportationPassenger-Aircraft Co-ordination System
56PACSTechnologyPatch Administration Control System
57PACSMedicalpath of P1 artificial chromosomes
58PACSUncategorizedPathogen Asset Control System
59PACSHealthcarePatient Advisory Councils
60PACSUncategorizedPatient Archive and Communication System
61PACSRadiologyPatient Archiving and Communication System
62PACSOrthopaedicPatient Archiving Communications System
63PACSMedicalPatient Care and Services
64PACSCardiologyPatients And Adult Caregivers
65PACSMilitaryPatriot Act Communication System
66PACSArmyPatriot Act Communications System
67PACSArmyPatriot Act Communications System
68PACSTechnologyPayload Access Control System
69PACSTechnologyPayload Actuation and Control System
70PACSUncategorizedPayment Accounting Computer System
71PACSBusinessPayroll Accounting and Cost System
72PACSGeneticPCR-Activated Cell Sorting
73PACSUncategorizedPeace And Conflict Studies
74PACSStudyPeace and Conflict Studies
75PACSUncategorizedPeace Arch Community Services
76PACSEducationalPeacemaking And Conflict Studies
77PACSEducationPeacemaking and Conflict Studies
78PACSCardiologyPeak Atrial Contraction Strain
79PACSPharmaceuticalPediatric Activity Card Sort
80PACSHospitalPediatric Activity Card Sort
81PACSUncategorizedPeer Approved Clinical System
82PACSServicePennyrile Allied Community Services
83PACSSocietyPennyrile Allied Society Services
84PACSOrganizationPenobscot Area Community Site
85PACSSocietyPenobscot Area Society Site
86PACSMedicalpeptide-acridine conjugates
87PACSBiochemistryPeptide-Acridine Conjugates
88PACSClinical ChemistryPeriampullary Cancers
89PACSWirelessPersonal Access Communication System
91PACSInformation TechnologyPersonal Access Communications System
92PACSUncategorizedPersonal Access Control System
93PACSArmyPersonal Air Conditioning System
94PACSInformation TechnologyPhiladelphia Area Computer Society
95PACSUncategorizedPhilo Of Alexandria Commentary Series
96PACSSocietyPhoenixville Area Society Services
97PACSBiochemistryPhotoactivated Adenylyl Cyclases
98PACSNASA - SpacePhotoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer
99PACSTechnologyPhysical Access Control Systems
100PACSScalePhysical Appearance Comparison Scale
101PACSEducationalPhysics and Astronomy Classification Scheme
102PACSTechnologyPhysics and Astronomy Classification Scheme
103PACSUncategorizedPicture Archival And Communication System
104PACSMedicalPicture Archival and Communication System
105PACSTechnologyPicture Archival And Communications System
106PACSUncategorizedPicture Archival Communication System
107PACSUncategorizedPicture Archive And Communication System
108PACSUncategorizedPicture Archive And Communication Systems
109PACSMedicalPicture Archive and Communication Systems
110PACSMedicalPicture Archive and Communications System
111PACSUncategorizedPicture Archive Communication System
112PACSComputingPicture Archive Computer System
113PACSMedicalPicture Archiving & Communication System
114PACSImagingPicture Archiving & Communication Systems
115PACSInformation TechnologyPicture Archiving And Communication Software
116PACSUncategorizedPicture Archiving and Communication System
117PACSUncategorizedPicture Archiving and Communication Systems
118PACSInformation TechnologyPicture Archiving and Communications System
119PACSPharmaceuticalPicture Archiving and Communications System (PACS)
120PACSLocal - CountriesPicture Archiving Communication System
121PACSGovernmentPicture Archiving Communication Systems
122PACSCybersecurityPictures Archiving and Communication Systems
123PACSUncategorizedPictures Archiving Communication System
124PACSCardiologyPlasma Aldosterone Concentrations
125PACSNASA - SpacePointing and Attitude Control System
126PACSTechnologyPointing and Attitude Control System
127PACSEducationalPolar Acquisition and Control Subsystem
128PACSMedicalPolynuclear Aromatic Compounds
129PACSEducationalPoorest Areas Civil Society
130PACSSocietyPortland Adventist Society Services
131PACSPharmaceuticalPosterior Anterior Chest System
132PACSOrthopaedicPotentially Avoidable Complications
133PACSInformation TechnologyPower-Aware Computer System
134PACSOrganizationsPower-Aware Computer Systems
135PACSUncategorizedPractical And Common Sense
136PACSOccupation & PositionsPractising Attorney Confederate States
137PACSCardiologyPremature Atrial Complexes
138PACSMedicalPremature Atrial Contractions
139PACSPediatricPreschool Activity Card Sort
140PACSDentalPrevention of Adult Caries Study
141PACSCultivationPrimary Agricultural Credit Society
142PACSBankingPrimary Agriculture Credit Societies
143PACSAircraft & AviationPrimary Airport Control Station
144PACSEye SurgeryPrimary Angle Closure Syndrome
145PACSRegionPriority Area Coordinators
146PACSCardiologyProangiogenic Cells
147PACSNormal BusinessProduction Attribute Collection System
148PACSCompanies or OrganizationsProfessional Analytical and Consulting Services
149PACSUncategorizedProgram and Abstract Creation System
150PACSAcademic & ScienceProgram in Audiology and Communication Sciences
151PACSInformation TechnologyProtection Availability Continuity Scalability
152PACSArmyProvisional Army of the Confederate States
153PACSSocietyPublic- Access Computer System
154PACSComputingPublic Access Computer Systems
155PACSAdvisoryPurchasing Advisory Complaints Service
156PACSForumWorkshop on Power- Aware Computer Systems

PACS – Primary Agricultural Credit Societies

PACS represents Primary Agricultural Credit Society. PACS is a root cooperative society that helps farmers for loan for their different activities like farming and horticultural. For this PACS offers agrarian, short time span and medium time-frame objective loan necessities to their individuals. It fundamentally centers around gram panchayat and village degree farmers.

A cooperative credit society is commonly known as Primary Agricultural Credit Societies, when it consist of 10 or more members, typically having a place with a village.

Even a poor farmer can also become a member, each share value usually very nominal. PACS involves an exceptional spot inside the cooperative structure and has formed its base.

At the root level of a village or group of small villages, a primary agricultural credit society is organized. PACS works on very basic level and offers with rural (agricultural) debtors, offers these loans and collects reimbursement of the given loans. It serves as the ultimate hyperlink between the top debtors and better monetary companies on the one hand, ie RBI / NABARD on the opposite aspect.

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