ONG Full Form

ONG Full Form

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ONG Full Form

The term ONG has many full forms, but out of which most relevant ONG Full Form is –

ONG – Optic Nerve Glioma

ONG – Organisation Non-Gouvernementale


What Does ONG Stands For?

ONG stands for – Optic Nerve Glioma


What is ONG Meaning

The term ONG was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of ONG is – Optic Nerve Glioma

ONG is also an Internet-Chat slag. It can be used when you are agree to something. It is similar to phrases like “i swear to god”.


All Full Forms of ONG

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ONG.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryONG Full Forms
1ONG UncategorizedObject Network Gateway
2ONG UncategorizedOfficial Next Gen
3ONG UncategorizedOh No God
4ONG UncategorizedOhio National Guard
5ONG UncategorizedOil and Natural Gas
6ONG UncategorizedOklahoma Natural Gas
7ONG Companies or OrganizationsOklahoma Natural Gas Company
8ONG Internet - ChatOn God
9ONG UncategorizedOptic Nerve Glioma
10ONG UncategorizedOptical Networking Group
11ONG FrenchOrganisation Non Gouvernementale
12ONG FrenchOrganisme Non-Gouvernemental
15ONG SpanishOrganizacion No Gubernamentales
16ONG SpanishOrganizaciones No Gubernamentales
17ONG UncategorizedOrganizzazione Non Governativa
18ONG PharmaceuticalOrthodontic National Group
19ONG Local - Airport Codes


ONG – Optic Nerve Glioma

An optic Nerve Glioma (additionally called optic pathway glioma) is a moderate developing mind tumor that emerges in or around the optic nerve, which associates the eye to the cerebrum. As the tumor develops, it squeezes the optic nerve, making the youngster’s vision weaken. Visual deficiency can happen yet just in 5 percent of cases. While these are serious tumors, the fix rate is high.


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