PCA Full Form

PCA Full Form: What Does PCA Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PCA but also get detailed information about PCA. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PCA stand for?

PCA Full Form

The term PCA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

PCA Full Form is – Prompt Corrective Action

Immediate Corrective Action is a qualitative instrument introduced by the Reserve Bank of India below which immediate action is taken on weak banks to guarantee the fiscal health of a financial institution.

PCA is a frame under which banks with weak fiscal metrics are placed under watch from the RBI. The PCA framework deems banks as insecure if they slide under certain criteria on three parameters — funding ratios, asset quality and sustainability.

PCA is a frame under which banks with weak fiscal metrics are placed under watch from the RBI.

It intends to inspect the issue of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) from the Indian banking industry.

PCA is meant to help alert the operator in addition to investors and depositors when a lender is going for trouble.

The concept would be to head off issues before they reach crisis proportions. Fundamentally PCA assists RBI track key performance indicators of banks, and taking precautionary steps, to restore the fiscal health of a lender.

PCA Full Form in Banking

Prompt Corrective Action

PCA Full Form in Medical

Patient-Controlled Analgesia

Analgesia means relief of pain. PCA is a type of method through which the patient controls their pain medicine (analgesia) they got.

What Does PCA Stand For?

PCA stands for – Personal Care Assistant

The job of a Personal Care Assistant varies, but you may be asked to help clients with daily routines such as bathing, dressing, and eating. You can do your homework, prepare meals, and, depending on your qualifications, you will be asked to provide simple medical services under the supervision of a registered nurse or other healthcare professional. You can also accompany your clients if they have to leave home to run errands, make social calls, go to school or work. Depending on your client’s needs, you can expect to receive a referral directly from your client, social worker, or family member who is responsible for your client’s well-being.

What Does PCA Stand For in Medical Terms?

In Medical Terms PCA Stand For – Patient Controlled Analgesia

Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) is the standard method of pain relief for patients in the postoperative period. In international guidelines and protocols, it is presented as an alternative to standard pain relief.

Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) is any method that allows a patient with pain to self-regulate the use of analgesics within certain limits. This publication is a compilation of information freely available on the Internet in general, and in the information network resource “Wikipedia” in particular. Collected according to the frequency queries of the specified topics, this compilation is built on the principle of selecting close information links, does not have an independent plot, does not contain any analytical materials, conclusions, moral, ethical assessments.

What is Full Forms of PCA

Below is the complete list of Full Form of PCA in all category

Sr. No.TermCategoryPCA Full Forms
1PCALocal - RailwayConsolidated Rail Corporation
2PCAAcademic & SciencePacific Coast Academy
3PCACompanies or OrganizationsPackaging Corporation of America
4PCAContractorsPainting Contractors Association
5PCALondon Stock ExchangePalace Capital
6PCAAuthoritiesPanama Canal Authority
7PCAMedicalPancreatic Cancer
8PCAMedicalParietal Cell Antibodies
9PCAArtParis College of Art
10PCAAgreementPartnership and Cooperation Agreement
11PCAMedicalPassive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis
12PCAMedicalPatient Cancelled Appointment
13PCAPharmaceuticalPatient Choice Advisor
14PCAHealthPatient Concerns Assessment
15PCAPharmaceuticalPatient Controlled Analgesia
16PCAPharmaceuticalPatient Controlled Anesthesia
17PCAPharmaceuticalPatient-Controlled Analgesia
18PCANASA - SpacePayload Clamp Assembly
19PCATransportationPedestrian Crosswalk Ahead
20PCAArmyPenetrator Core Ammunition
21PCAAssociationsPennsylvania Chiropractic Association
22PCACouncilPennsylvania Council on the Arts
23PCAAwardPeople's Choice Awards
24PCAPharmaceuticalPercutaneous Carotid Arteriogram
25PCAAwards & MedalsPerformance Coach Award
26PCAConsultingPerformance Consulting Associates
27PCALocal - CountriesPeripheral Circulatory Assist
28PCAJuridicalPermanent Court of Arbitration
29PCAMedicalPersonal Care Aide
30PCAGovernmentPersonal Care Alternatives
31PCAMedicalPersonal Care Assistance
34PCAOccupation & PositionsPersonal Care Associate
35PCAEducationPersonal Care Attendant
36PCAArmyPersonal Combat Armor
37PCAOccupation & PositionsPest Control Advisor
38PCASocietyPetaluma Society Access
39PCAGovernmentPhiladelphia Corporation on Aging
40PCASocietyPhoenix Society Alliance
41PCAAssociationsPhysical Civilization Association
42PCAArmyPhysical Configuration Audit
43PCAOccupation & PositionsPhysician Care Assistant
44PCAAlliancesPhysicians Care Alliance
45PCAAssociationsPine Chemicals Association
46PCAMedicalPlate Count Agar
47PCAContractorsPlumbing Contractors of America
48PCANASA - SpacePneumatic Control Assembly
49PCANASA - SpacePoint of Closest Approach
50PCANavigationPolar Cap Absorption
51PCAGovernmentPolice Complaints Authority
52PCAPolice ForcePolice Force Complaints Authority
53PCATechnologyPolicy Certification Authority
54PCAEnvironmentalPollution Control Agency
55PCAHobbyPony Club Association
56PCAClubsPoodle Club of America
57PCACivilizationPopular Civilization Association
58PCAMedicalPorcine Coronary Artery
59PCAMedicalPorous-Coated Anatomic
60PCAClubsPorsche Club of America
62PCAMedicalPortable Clinical Analyzer
63PCAAirport CodePortage Creek Airport
64PCALocal - Airport CodesPortage Creek, Alaska USA
65PCAAssociationsPortland Cement Association
66PCAAcademic & SciencePortsmouth Christian Academy
67PCAAlliancesPositive Coaching Alliance
68PCATransportationPositive Control Airspace
69PCANavigationPossible Course of Action
70PCAPharmaceuticalPost Conceptual Age
71PCAConstructionPost Construction Availability
72PCAPharmaceuticalPosterior Cerebral Artery
73PCAPharmaceuticalPosterior Communication Artery
75PCAMedicalPosterior Cortical Atrophy
76PCANASA - SpacePower Control Assembly
77PCAInformation TechnologyPower Controller Assembly
78PCACertifications & DiplomasPractitioner Certified Assitant
79PCAArchitecturePre-Construction Agreement
80PCAAssociationsPremium Cigar Association
81PCAPharmaceuticalPrimary Care Association
82PCANuclearPrimary Coolant Activity
83PCAEducationalPrincipal Component Analysis
84PCATechnologyPrinted Circuit Assembly
85PCAAccountingPriority Collection Action
86PCAInformation TechnologyProbabilistic Cellular Automata
87PCAEducationalProcessor Controlled Amplitude
88PCANormal BusinessProduction Code Administration
89PCAOilProduction Concession Agreement
90PCAChessProfessional Chess Association
92PCAAssociationsProfessional Cowboy Association
93PCAInformation TechnologyProgrammable Counter Array
94PCABusinessProject Co-operation Agreement
95PCABankingPrompt Corrective Action
96PCAAircraft & AviationPropulsion Controlled Aircraft
97PCAMedicalProstate Adenocarcinoma
98PCAPharmaceuticalProstate Cancer Archive
99PCALocal - AustralianProtected Cropping Australia
100PCAInformation TechnologyProtective Connecting Arrangement
101PCALocalProvidence Christian Academy
102PCAIndustryPublic Contractors Association
103PCALegislationPublic Contracts Act
104PCASportsPunjab Cricket Association

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