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SOC Full Form: What Does SOC Stand For?

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SOC Full Form

The term SOC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

SOC Full Form is – Security Operations Center

In the era of the digital economy, in the world of high-speed Internet and mobile devices, it is not enough just to install protection tools and block access to blacklisted sites. The operation of cybersecurity mechanisms must be constantly monitored, otherwise the measures taken will not only not strengthen protection, but also create a dangerous illusion of security. This task can be solved by intelligent systems that record and analyze incidents, anomalies and user actions, such as SOC.

The task of the Security Operations Center (SOC) is to record and prevent attacks and incidents, improving the quality and level of information security. SOC brings together technology, processes and people with specific expertise and experience.

SOC Full Form in Cyber Security

Security Operations Center

SOC Full Analyst Form

Security Operations Center

SOC Full Form in Computer

Security Operations Center

What Does SOC Stand For?

SOC stands for – Security Operations Center

So what exactly is a SOC? In fact, it is an Information Security Management Center, the main tasks of which are to collect information about security-related events from a variety of sources (operating systems of servers and workstations, network equipment, databases, etc.), to summarize, analyze, compare for identification of dependencies and notification in case of detection of information security incidents. Based on the data received, SOC personnel respond to these incidents, investigate the causes of their occurrence, and plan measures to prevent their recurrence.

The Security Operation Center (SOC) is a complex designed for the centralized collection and analysis of information about events coming from various sources of the company’s automated system. The introduction of a situational information security management center will allow not only to control all events occurring in the information system, but also to ensure timely response to information security incidents, as well as their prevention in the future.

The process of creating a situational information security management center consists of several stages:

• Examination,

• Design,

• Implementation of the software and hardware part of the center,

• Technical support of the center.

The situation center consists of three parts: software and hardware, documentation and personnel. Software and hardware components are implemented on the basis of specialized systems for monitoring information security events. In Western terminology, these systems are denoted by the abbreviation SIM (Security Information Management) or SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

What Does SOC Stand For in Networking?

In Networking SOC Stand For – Security Operations Center

What is Full Forms of SOC

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term SOC.

Sr. No.TermCategorySOC Full Forms
1SOCAirport CodeAdisumarmo International Airport
2SOCTechnologySafety Orientation Course
3SOCEducationSaint Olaf College
4SOCTechnologySatellite Operations Center
5SOCSocietySave Our Communities
6SOCLocal StatesSave Our County
7SOCPolice ForceScene Of the Crime
8SOCSceneScenes of Crime
9SOCPharmaceuticalSchedule Of Charges
10SOCSchoolsSchedule Of Classes
11SOCEducationalSchedule Of Courses
12SOCSchoolsSchool of Communication
13SOCEducationalSchool Of Computing
14SOCEducationSchools of Choice
15SOCTechnologyScience Operations Center
16SOCNASA - SpaceScience Operations Coordinator
17SOCPharmaceuticalSecond Opinion Challenge
18SOCMathematicsSecond Order Condition
19SOCEducationalSecond Order Cone
20SOCBiologySecondary Ossification Center
21SOCCognitive ScienceSecond-Order Conditioning
22SOCBioengineeringSecond-Order Cone
23SOCBusinessSecret Online Conservation
24SOCMassachusettsSecretary of the Commonwealth
25SOCMilitarySector Operations Centre
26SOCTechnologySecure Operations Centre
27SOCLaw EnforcementSecurity On Campus
28SOCCybersecuritySecurity Operation Center
29SOCCybersecuritySecurity Organization Controls
30SOCMovieSelectable Output Control
31SOCSocietySelf Organized Criticality
34SOCCommissionsSelling Office Commission
35SOCChemistrySemivolatile Organic Compound
36SOCMedicalSense Of Coherence
37SOCPsychologySense Of Community
38SOCCodingSeparation of Concern
39SOCComputingSeparation Of Concerns
40SOCMedicalSequential Oral Contraceptive
41SOCOncologySerous Ovarian Cancer
42SOCOncologySerous Ovarian Carcinoma
43SOCEducationalServer Operations Center
44SOCOrganizationService Organization Controls
45SOCAircraftService Oversight Center
46SOCEducationalServicemen Opportunities Colleges
47SOCPoliticsSettlers Of Catan
48SOCLocal - CountriesShades of Color
49SOCGamingShadows over Camelot
50SOCMedicalSham-operated controls
51SOCPharmaceuticalShare of Cost
52SOCShippingShipper Owned Carrier
53SOCCharteringShipper Owned Container
54SOCShippingShipper's Own Container
55SOCTechnologyShuttle Operations Controller
56SOCContractorsSignature Of Contract
57SOCMedia CenterSilent On Camera
58SOCTechnicalSilicon On Ceramic
59SOCTechnologySimulation Operation Computer
60SOCNASA - SpaceSimulation Operations Center
62SOCDermatologySkin Of Color
63SOCEducationalSlightly Off Center
64SOCMedicalSmall Outer Capsid
65SOCGeographySociety Of Cartographers
66SOCMedia CenterSociety of Operating Cameramen
67SOCCompanies or OrganizationsSoftware Outsourcing And Consulting
68SOCChurchSoldiers Of Christ
69SOCChemistrySolid Oxide Cell
70SOCLocal - Airport CodesSolo City, Indonesia
71SOCScienceSoluble Organic Carbon
72SOCIraqSouth Oil Company
73SOCSchoolSouth Orange County
75SOCEducationalSouthampton Oceanography Centre
76SOCOrienteeringSouthampton Orienteering Club
77SOCAirlineSouthern Cargo Air Lines
78SOCASX SymbolsSovereign Gold Company Limited
79SOCTechnologySpace Operations Center
80SOCArmySpace Operations Command
81SOCArmySpecial Operations Capable
82SOCMilitarySpecial Operations Command
83SOCArmySpecial Operations Commander
84SOCConsultingSpecial Operations Consulting
85SOCMilitarySpecial Operations Craft
86SOCRoboticsSpecial Operations-Capable
87SOCMedicalSpecialist Outpatient Clinic
88SOCGovernmentSpecies of Concern
89SOCTechnologySpecific Optimal Controller
90SOCPharmaceuticalSpin Orbit Coupling
92SOCMilitarySquadron Officer College
93SOCMilitarySquadron Operations Center
94SOCTriumphStag Owners Club
95SOCMedicalStages Of Change
96SOCSocietyStages Of Concern
97SOCAthleticsStandard Obstacle Course
98SOCEducationStandard Occupational Classification
99SOCMedicalStandard Of Care
100SOCMedicalStanding Orders Committee
101SOCEducationalStare Out of Countenance
102SOCPharmaceuticalStart Of Care
103SOCEducationalStart Of Combustion
104SOCInformation TechnologyStart Of Comment
105SOCAircraft & AviationState of Change
106SOCLocal - StatesState Of Colorado
107SOCPharmaceuticalState Of Consciousness
108SOCEmergencyState Operations Center
109SOCNormal BusinessStatement of Compliance
110SOCPoliticsStatement of Concern
111SOCNuclearStatement Of Considerations
112SOCOilStatement of Overriding Consideration
113SOCLaw EnforcementStipulated Order of Continuance
114SOCBiochemistryStore-Operated Calcium
115SOCPharmaceuticalStore-Operated Channel
116SOCEducationalStorm Of the Century
117SOCInternet - MIME TypesStraight Outta Compton
118SOCPharmaceuticalStrategic Outline Case
119SOCPharmaceuticalStream Of Consciousness
121SOCEducationalStudent Opportunity Center
123SOCEducationalStudent Organizations Committee
124SOCEducationalStudent Outreach Coordinator
125SOCEducationalStudents Of Color
126SOCEducationalSubstrate On Chip
127SOCNYSE SymbolsSunbeam Corporation
128SOCGovernmentSurvey of Construction
129SOCEngineeringSuspended Organic Carbon
130SOCHydrologySynthetic Organic Chemical
131SOCHydrologySynthetic Organic Chemicals
132SOCEducationalSynthetic Organic Compound
133SOCComputingSystem On a Chip
134SOCNASA - SpaceSystem Operating Concept
135SOCNASA - SpaceSystem Option Controller
136SOCFDA AdministrationSystem Organ Class
138SOCCareSystems of Care
139SOCVehicleSystems Operating Centre

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