PCC Full Form

PCC Full Form: What Does PCC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of PCC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PCC but also get detailed information about PCC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PCC stand for?

PCC Full Form

The term PCC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

PCC Full Form is – Police Clearance Certificate

PCC is document issued to an individual from the Indian Authorities or a licensed Indian Government official. A certificate of no criminal record is a document confirming the presence or absence of a criminal record of a citizen or the fact of his criminal prosecution. A police clearance certificate from India is, first of all, necessary when applying for passport for the purpose of employment.

What is PCC Full Form in Civil Engineering

Plain Cement Concrete

Plain cement concrete is the mixture of cement, sand, gravel and coarse aggregate without steel.

What is PCC Full Form in Chemistry

Pyridinium Chlorochromate

PCC (Pyridinium chlorochromate) is a yellow-orange salt. It has a formula [C5H5NH]+[CrO3Cl]−.

What Does PCC Stand For?

PCC stands for – Police Clearance Certificate

What Does PCC Stand For in Organic Chemistry

Pyridinium Chlorochromate

All Full Forms of PCC

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of PCC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPCC Full Forms
1PCCMilitaryChief Postal Clerk
2PCCUncategorizedCooks classes
3PCCInformation TechnologyCutout picture vector graphics
4PCCConferencesIEEE Professional Communication Society Conference
5PCCAMEX SymbolsP M C Commercial Trust
6PCCEducationalPabna Cadet College
7PCCCollegePacific Coast Campus
8PCCUncategorizedPacific Coast Collaborative
9PCCConferencesPacific Coast Conference
10PCC Companies & OrganizationsPacific Computer Consulting
11PCCOrganizationsPacific Conference of Churches
12PCCCurlingPacific Curling Championships
13PCCGovernmentalPakistani Community Council
14PCCOrganizationsPalau Community College
15PCCIsraelPalestinian Central Council
16PCCMedicalPalliative Care Clinic
17PCCMedicalPalliative Care Consultation
18PCCEducationPalmer College of Chiropractic
19PCCRegional - RailroadsPalouse River and Coulee City Railroad
20PCCGovernmentPanama Canal Commission
21PCCOncologyPancreatic Cancer Cell
22PCC MarketingPaper Check Conversion
23PCCCanadaParamedic Chiefs of Canada
24PCCUncategorizedParamount Custom Cycles
25PCCGovernmentParent and Child Center
26PCCRehabilitationParent Child Center
27PCCCouncilParent Communication Council
28PCCCouncilParish Church Council
29PCCChurchParochial Church Council
30PCC General BusinessParticular Conditions
31PCCCallingPartner Community Council
34PCCMilitaryPartnership Coordination Cell
35PCCEducationPasadena City College
36PCCCommunityPassion Community Church
37PCCMedicalPasteur Culture Collection
38PCCTechnologyPath Computation Client
39PCCHealthPathology Consultative Committee
40PCCGovernmentPatient Care Component
41PCCHealth CarePatient Care Conferences
42PCCTechnologyPatient Care Coordination
43PCCMedicalPatient Care Coordinator
44PCCTransportationPaver Compacted Concrete
45PCCNASAPayload Control and Checkout
46PCCCommunityPeace Coffee Club
47PCCComputingPearson Correlation Coefficient
48PCCRacingPeer Contraceptive Counselors
49PCCCommunityPeninsula Community Center
50PCCNon-Profit OrganizationsPennsylvania Conservation Corps
51PCC Companies & OrganizationsPennsylvania Council of Cooperatives
52PCCEducationPensacola Christian College
53PCCGovernmentPensioner Concession Card
54PCCOrganizationsPenske Car Care
55PCCMedia CenterPeople's Computer Company
56PCCUS GovernmentPer Capita Capital
57PCCEducationalPercent Correct Classification
58PCCEducationalPercentage of Consonants Correct
59PCCArmyPercentage of Correct Classification
60PCCPathologyPercentage of Correct Consonants
61PCCTransportationPerformance Concept Car
62PCCCulturePersian Cultural Center
63PCCVolvoPersonal Car Communicator
64PCCCigarettePersonal Charging Case
65PCCElectronicsPersonal Computer Controlled
66PCC Occupation & PositionsPersonal Cruise Consultant
67PCCMilitaryPersonnel Contingency Cell
68PCCDatabasePervasive Control Center
69PCCProjectionPeterborough City Council
70PCCCricket ClubPhiladelphia Cricket Club
71PCCUncategorizedPhysical Carrying Capacity
72PCCComputingPhysician's Computer Company
73PCCTransportationPic Carrying Capacity
74PCCEducationalPiedmont Community College
75PCCTechnologyPilot Controller Communication
76PCCEducationalPima Community College
77PCCState & LocalPima County Code
78PCCBioengineeringPiridinium Chlorochromate
79PCCUncategorizedPistol Caliber Carbines
80PCCEducationalPitt Community College
81PCCChessPittsburgh Chess Club
82PCCConferencesPittsburgh Coal Conference
83PCCUncategorizedPlain Cement Concrete
84PCCUncategorizedPlanning Coordination Committee
85PCCParaPlano de Cargo e Carreira
86PCCMedicalPlasma Catecholamine Concentration
87PCCMedicalPlasma Cortisol Concentration
88PCCTechnologyPlastic Chip Carrier
89PCCTechnologyPlatform Control Center
91PCCChessPlay Chinese Chess
92PCC Companies & OrganizationsPlayboy Cyber Club
93PCCInformation TechnologyPlaying Command and Conquer
94PCC Toronto Stock ExchangePlutonic Power Corporation
95PCCUncategorizedPlymouth Chamber of Commerce
96PCCGovernmentPlymouth City Council
97PCCElectricalPoint of Common Connection
98PCCMechanical EngineeringPoint of Common Coupling
99PCCEducationalPoint of Compound Curvature
100PCCTransportationPoint of Compound Curve
101PCCPolicePolice and Crime Commissioner
102PCCGovernmentPolice Clearance Certificate
103PCCCriminologyPolice Communications Centre
104PCCNetworkingPolicy Charging and Control
105PCCMilitaryPolicy Coordination Committee
106PCCEducationalPolicy Coordination Council
107PCCPoliticsPolitical Consultative Council
108PCCEducationPolk Community College
109PCCUncategorizedPollution control costs
110PCCCulturePolynesian Cultural Center
111PCCOrganizationsPolynesian Culture Center
112PCCUncategorizedPontianak Convention Centre
113PCCCommunityPopular Chicks Crew
114PCCSocietyPopulation Crisis Committee
115PCCUncategorizedPorsche Club Cup
116PCCTechnologyPortable C Compiler
117PCC ProductsPortable Charging Case
118PCCSportsPorter County Conference
119PCCConstructionPortland Cement Concrete
120PCCEducationPortland Community College
121PCCCementPortland Composite Cement
122PCC General BusinessPost Confirmation Copy
123PCCRepairPost Construction Committee
124PCCRAFPostal and Courier Communications
125PCCNavyPostal Clerk Chief Petty Officer
126PCCBusinessPostal Customer Council
127PCCUSPSPostal Customer Council Program
128PCCEnvironmental HealthPost-Classification Comparison
129PCCEnvironmental HealthPost-Closure Care
130PCCEngineeringPost-Construction Committee
131PCCMedicalPosterior Cingulate Cortex
132PCCCertifications & DiplomasPostgraduate Certificate Course
133PCCGovernmentPotential Candidate Country
134PCCMechanical EngineeringPower Control Centre
135PCCHealth CarePowhatan Correctional Center
136PCCReligionPraise Chapel Club
137PCCEducationalPratt Community College
138PCC ProductsPre Combat Check
139PCCEducationalPrecipitated Calcium Carbonate
140PCCCompanies & OrganizationsPrecision Castparts Corporation
141PCCUncategorizedPrecision Custom Components
142PCCSAPPre-Configured Client
143PCCUncategorizedPredictive Cruise Control
144PCCMedicalPregnancy Care Center
145PCCMedicalPremature Chromosome Condensation
146PCCBiologyPrematurely Condensed Chromosomes
147PCC InsurancePremium Collecting and Continuity Clause
148PCCGenealogyPrerogative Court of Canterbury
149PCCReligionPresbyterian Church in Canada
150PCCUS GovernmentPresident's Car Conference
151PCCConferencesPresidents Confefence Committee
152PCCUS GovernmentPress Complaints Commission
153PCC General BusinessPrice Check Committee
154PCCMedicalPrimary Care Centre
155PCCMedicalPrimary Care Clinic
156PCCGovernmentPrimary Care Clinician
157PCCCarePrimary Care Commissioning
158PCCMedicalPrimary Cell Culture
159PCCEducationalPrivate Career College
160PCC Companies & OrganizationsPrivate Company Council
161PCCNASAProduction Control Center
162PCC Certifications & DiplomasProfessional Certification Coalition
163PCCCoachingProfessional Certified Coach
164PCCEducationalProfessional Competency Course
165PCCGeographyProfessional Competency Credit
166PCCEngineeringProfessional Conduct Committee
167PCCCertificateProfessional Consultants Certificate
168PCC Companies & OrganizationsProfessional Control Corporation
169PCC Companies & OrganizationsProfessional Cultural Centre
170PCCCoachingProfessionally Certified Coach
171PCCGovernmentProgram for Cooperative Cataloging
172PCCEducationalProject Climate Conditions
173PCC General BusinessProject Contemporary Competitiveness
174PCCUncategorizedProject Cost Calculator
175PCCInformation TechnologyProtected Cell Company
176PCCMedicalprotein C cofactor
177PCCToxicologyProtein Carbonyl Content
178PCCMilitaryPseudo City Code
179PCCEnvironmentalPublic Consultation Centre
180PCCClubsPublic Country Club
181PCCClubsPublicity Club of Chicago
182PCCEducationalPueblo Community College
183PCCUncategorizedPuget Consumers Co
184PCCEducationalPulverized Coal Combustion
185PCCUncategorizedPurchasing Credit Card
186PCCShippingPure Car Carrier
187PCCEducationalPyridine Chloro-Chromate
188PCCUncategorizedPython Crash Course

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I hope you get what you want to know about PCC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than PCC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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