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PIL Full Form

PIL Full Form: What Does PIL Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of PIL is? Then, here you will come to know what Does PIL stand for? Also all possible Full Form of PIL.

PIL Full Form

The term PIL has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

PIL Full Form is – Public Interest Litigation

It is a petition through which the aggrieved person himself or any other person or institution on behalf of the aggrieved person raises a question before the Court. This public interest litigation system replaced the locus stands (only the affected person can appeal the right to justice) prevalent in India. The Court also takes action through suo motu (based on media reports, social sites, etc.). It is noteworthy that former Justice of India P.N. Bhagwati is considered the ‘Father of Public Interest Litigation’.

What is Origin and development of the concept of PIL?

The concept of public interest litigation originated and developed in the US in the 1960s.

In the US, it was designed to provide legal or legal representation to non-representative groups and interests.

It was introduced in the light of the fact that the market providing legal services fails to serve the vital interests and vital segments of the population. These include the poor, environmentalist consumers, ethnic and ethnic minorities and others.

Public Interest Litigation or PIL in India

Public interest litigation or PIL in India is a product of judicial activism of the Supreme Court. It started in the mid-1980s. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer and Justice P.N. Bhagwati have been the originator of the concept of PIL.

What are Objectives of PIL?

PIL is essential for the rule of law; it can advance the issue of justice and speed up the achievement of constitutional objectives. In other words, the real goals of PIL are:

(i) protecting the rule of law,

(ii) to provide effective access to justice to the socio-economically weaker sections,

(ii) To achieve the fundamental rights in a meaningful way.

What are the Features of PIL?

PIL is a strategic part of the legal aid movement and is meant to make justice accessible to the poorest masses who represent the less visible part of humanity.

PIL is a different type of suit compared to an ordinary conventional suit. For example, there is a dispute between two petitioning parties on a matter, and one party claims assistance against the other party, and the other party opposes any such aid.

Like a normal suit, a PIL is not filed in a court to assert and enforce one person’s right against another but is intended to advance and protect the public interest.

The PIL demands that the violation of constitutional or legal rights of those in large numbers, poor and uneducated and socio-economically disadvantaged, should not be overlooked or unavoidable.

The PIL is essentially a cooperative effort on the part of the petitioning state or public authority and the Court to ensure that constitutional or legal rights, facilities and privileges are made available to the weaker sections of the community, and social justice is provided to them.

In PIL, suits are filed to prevent public injury, enforce general duty, and protect social, collective, diffused rights and interests or public or public interest.

The Court’s role in a PIL is more assertive than in its traditional actions – in obliging the public to perform duties, promoting social, collective, diffused rights and interests or public interest.

Although in PIL, the Court exercises the unbridled flexibility of traditional private law litigation, whatever the procedure followed by the Court, it should be a process known for judicial opinion and judicial proceedings.

Unlike in the traditional dispute resolution process in PIL, individual rights are not adjudicated.

Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

It is a petition through which the aggrieved person himself or any other person or institution on behalf of the aggrieved person raises a question before the Court. This public interest litigation system replaced the locus standi (only the affected person can appeal the right to justice) prevalent in India. The Court also takes action through suo motu (based on media reports, social sites, etc.). It is noteworthy that former Justice of India P.N. Bhagwati is considered the ‘Father of Public Interest Litigation.’

Why is PIL needed?

PILs were perceived by Supreme Court judges as a powerful tool to preserve the rule of law and ensure accountability and transparency within the structures of governance.

PIL is an affordable legal remedy available to the country’s alert citizens for a small fixed court charge.

Furthermore, petitions submitted through PILs concentrate on results relevant to greater public concerns. The value of general information, particularly in human rights, the environment, and consumer welfare, is self-evident.

What is PIL Full Form in Law?

Full Form of PIL in Law is – Public Interest Litigation

What Does PIL Stand For?

PIL stands for – Public Interest Litigation

The introduction of PIL in India started with the relaxation of rules and regulations of traditional jurisdiction. According to this law, only those persons whose rights have been violated can go to Court for constitutional remedies.

Whereas PIL is an exception to this traditional rule-law.

Under PIL, i.e. Public Interest Litigation, any public interest person or social organization can go to Court to get the rights of any person or groups of persons.

If these individuals/groups cannot go to Court for treatment because of poverty, ignorance, or their socio-economically unfavorable conditions.

In PIL, a person can go to court only on the strength of his substantial interest to secure other persons’ rights or redress a common grievance.

The Supreme Court has defined PIL as:

To initiate legal proceedings in a court of law regarding public interest or general interest, the public or any community section has a financial interest or any interest affecting their legal rights or obligations.

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What is Full Forms of PIL

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term PIL.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPIL Full Form
1PILIndian LawPublic Interest Litigation
2PILAirportCarlos Miguel Jimenez Airport
3PILLeadershipPA Inspired Leadership
5PILUncategorizedPacific Integrated Logistics
6PILBaseballPacific International League
9PILShippingPacific International Line
10PILContainerPacific International Lines
11PILUncategorizedPacific International Liquor
12PILGermanPackage Information Leaflets
13PILMedical DevicePackaging Insert Leaflet
14PILMilitaryPage Interchange Language
15PILProjectionPan Island Link
16PILMedia CenterPapers In Linguistics
17PILInternet - BlogsParaidse In Love
18PILParenthoodParents in Law
20PILEducationalPartners in Learning
21PILSocietyPartying Is Life
22PILAviationPassenger Information List
23PILPharmaceuticalPatient Information Leaflet
24PILUncategorizedPause Inquire LEAD
25PILAccountingPayment In Lieu
26PILLeadershipPennsylvania Inspired Leadership
27PILAccountingPercentage Increase in Loss
28PILUncategorizedPerformance in Lighting
29PILMedicalPeripheral Intravenous Line
30PILInformation TechnologyPersistent Intent Log
31PILPharmaceuticalPerson Information Leaflet
34PILJuridicalPersonal Injury Lawyer
35PILUncategorizedPersonal Injury Liens
36PILBankingPersonal Insecured Loan
37PILJuridicalPersonal Interest Litigation
38PILEngineeringPetrofac International Limited
39PILUncategorizedPIL is listed
40PILLocal - Airport CodesPilar, Paraguay
41PILInformation TechnologyPitt Interpretive Language
42PILProductsPlastic Impregnated Laminate
43PILInformation TechnologyPlatform Independence Layer
44PILEducationalPlatform Independent Language
45PILUncategorizedPlatform Interoperability Lab
46PILCompanies or OrganizationsPleasure Island Limited
47PILEducationalPolar Industries Limited
48PILTransportationPolicy Interpretation Library
49PILChemistryPolymeric Ionic Liquid
50PILUncategorizedPortland Interscholastic League
51PILAutomotivePowertrain In the Loop
52PILConstruction IndustryPreferred Industrial Location
53PILArmyPreferred Items List
54PILNYSE SymbolsPreferred Plus Trust
55PILTechnologyPremium income limit
56PILGastroenterologyPrimary Intestinal Lymphoma
57PILJuridicalPrivate Interest Litigation
58PILEducationalProcedure Implementation Language
59PILInformation TechnologyProcess Integration Language
60PILBusinessProcess Integration Lead
61PILInformation TechnologyProcessing Information List
62PILUncategorizedProcessor In the Loop
63PILUncategorizedProcurement Information Lab
64PILLocal - CountriesProcurement Innovation Lab
65PILLondon Stock ExchangeProduce Invest
66PILProductsProduct Information Leaflet
67PILTurbineProduct Information Letter
68PILUncategorizedProduct Innovation Lifecycle
69PILMeteorologyProduct Inventory List
70PILEducationalProgram of Instruction for Lawyers
71PILLiteracyProject Information Literacy
72PILHealth ServiceProtected Income Level
73PILChemistryProtic Ionic Liquid
74PILUncategorizedPublic Image
75PILMusicPublic Image Limited
76PILPublicPublic Image Ltd
77PILJuridicalPublic Interest Law
78PILIndiaPublic Interest Litigation
79PILUncategorizedPublic International Law
80PILInvestmentsPublic Investment Level
81PILCompanies or OrganizationsPublications International, LTD.
82PILInformation TechnologyPurple Indicating Light
83PILPsychologyPurpose In Life
84PILInformation TechnologyPython Image Library
85PILEducationalPython Imaging Library
86PILEducationalPytohn Image Library


What is Full Form of PIL in Court?

Public Interest Litigation

What is Meaning of PIL?

PIL Means – Public Interest Litigation

What does PIL stand for in business?

Payment in Lieu

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about PIL. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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