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ROFL Full Form

ROFL Full Form

ROFL Full Form: What Does ROFL Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of ROFL but also get detailed information about ROFL. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does ROFL stand for?

ROFL Full Form

The term ROFL has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

ROFL Full Form is – Rolling On Floor Laughing

ROFL is rolling on floor with laughing. ROFL is well known web slang among the young these days and is usually utilized on interpersonal interaction locales like Instagram, Facebook and so forth, to show a giggle at an off-kilter circumstance. It is regularly utilized in visiting between companions.

ROFL implies rolling on the floor with laughing. Thus, you can utilize this slang straightforwardly as a hashtag or basic word. In different manners, you can add a couple of more words to it. For example, I’m on a Rofl or Ouch! That was Rofl and so on

Full Form of ROFL in Facebook

Rolling On Floor Laughing

ROFL Full Form in Chat

Rolling On Floor Laughing

What Does ROFL Stand For?

ROFL stands for – Rolled On The Floor Laughing

The ROFL stand for ‘Rolling on the floor laughing’, which is an internet jargon when someone finds something very funny. It is used on the Internet, often found on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The purpose of using these acronyms on the Internet is to convey to the recipient that what they sent, or what they said, or the meme in which they mentioned you, was so funny that they started rolling around on the floor laughing loudly. Although it doesn’t have to be a literal representation of how they feel. They must have just laughed and didn’t skate on the floor. This is similar to how we use LOL in our conversation via text message or even on social media. “LOL” is often used by many users, even if they don’t actually laugh.

ROFL represent different levels of finding something funny. Other acronyms for various levels of jokes or how something said by a friend made you laugh, but on different levels of ‘laughter’ are available. For example, if someone made a statement that wasn’t so funny but made you smile, you might just send him a “lol” as an answer to what he said, even if you didn’t “laugh out loud.” But if it was something that you thought was “EXTREMELY” funny and also made you laugh a little, you could say “ROFL” or “ROFLMAO,” depending on how funny it seemed to you.

What Does ROFL Stand For in Texting?

In Texting ROFL stands for – Rolling On Floor Laughing

All Full Forms of ROFL

Below is list of all Full Form of ROFL from various category

Sr. No.TermCategoryROFL Full Form
1ROFLUncategorizedRatchet Obviously Freakin Lovely
2ROFLLocalReaching Out For Love
3ROFLUncategorizedRead Only First Line
4ROFLEducationalRead Or Fail Literacy
5ROFLFunnyReal Orrible Funny Laugh
6ROFLInternet - ChatReally Old Farts Linger
7ROFLFunnyReally Old Fat Landowner
8ROFLFunnyReally Orange Funny Lions
9ROFLPerforming ArtsRepeat Only Four Lines
10ROFLAccountingReturn on Financial Leverage
11ROFLSlangRiding on Flying Llamas
12ROFLTransportationRight Of Free Landing
13ROFLInternet - ChatRights Of Fingering Lesbians
14ROFLInternet - ChatRinding on Flying Llamas
15ROFLGuideRing of Flame Lord
17ROFLGamingRogues Of the Forbidden Legion
18ROFLUncategorizedRoll on floor laughing
19ROFLTextingRoll On the Floor Laughing
20ROFLInternet - ChatRoll/Rolling On the Floor Laughing
21ROFLInformation TechnologyRolling On Floor Laughing
22ROFLPharmaceuticalRolling On The Floor
23ROFLFunnyRolling On the Floor Laughing
24ROFLInternetRolls on floor laughing
25ROFLInternet - ChatRolls On Floor, Laughing
26ROFLPoliticsRonald Orump For Life
27ROFLInternetRunning on Four Legs
28ROFLUncategorizedRussian Orthodox Fraternity Lubov

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