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PLA Full Form: What Does PLA Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of PLA is? Then, here you will come to know what Does PLA stand for? Also all possible Full Form of PLA.

PLA Full Form

The term PLA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

PLA Full Form is – People’s Liberation Army

PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is the unified military organization of China.

Officially born on August 1, 1927 in Nanchang, the Chinese Communist Party had a loyal and effective military tool there to deal with multiple internal wars such as the one between it and the Guomindang.

The People’s Liberation Army will gradually grow stronger during the many successive tribal wars (1927-1937) and (1937-1245). It will intervene five years later in the Korean War (1950-1953) or even in the repression of the Tibetan uprising in 1959. But the most striking and most publicized page was undoubtedly the violent repression of demonstrations in the place. Tian’anmen in which this army participated.

Supervised by experienced leaders, the People’s Liberation Army enjoyed prestige and became truly “popular”, in particular thanks to the many heroic and decisive acts attributed to it throughout its history.

The APL draws its strength from this generation animated by a revolutionary ideology and whose patriotism is well established. Beyond the military dimension, the PLA has become a veritable school of revolutionary ideas.

At that time, the Red Army was one of the three branches of the armed forces along with the People’s Armed Police and the Militia. If the militia has certainly disappeared, the other two branches have nevertheless undergone profound upheavals.

The People’s Liberation Army today

Although the PLA is attached to the Ministry of National Defense, it is not under the command of this institution. In fact, the Ministry is generally only concerned with relations with foreign armies. This gives the Chinese People’s Army a rather special status since it does not guarantee the sovereignty of the people.

Military service is still compulsory in China. Reservists number nearly a million units and 385 million men and as many women are available for military service.

The ALP has been trying since the mid-1990s to reduce its workforce by implementing restructuring measures. Indeed, professional units oriented towards technological weapons have been set up. However, the number of PLA soldiers has already greatly decreased, from 5.5 million in 1949 to some 3 million in 2000. In return, the Chinese defense budget is constantly increasing. China indeed has one of the most important military material resources.

China is one of the biggest arms importers on the planet. It goes without saying that it is to supply and this, in very large part, the PLA. Equipping this branch with heavy and technologically advanced weaponry makes it possible to keep any enemies at bay and to deter the superpowers from militarily attacking the PRC.

The PLA’s expenditure items are numerous: official costs for local army contributions, military pensions, militia maintenance, off-budget income from commercial or industrial enterprises belonging to the army. The Chinese armed forces have a financial base of 15,000 companies all branches and sectors of activity combined.

PLA Material Full Form

Polylactic Acid

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is the thermoplastic polymers which s derived from renewable resources like sugar cane or corn starch.

PLA Full Form China

PLA China Full Form is – People’s Liberation Army

What Does PLA Stand For?

PLA stands for – People’s Liberation Army

All Full Forms of PLA

List of All Full Form of PLA is given below:

Sr. No.TermCategoryPLA Full Form
1PLAUncategorizedPacer Load Adapter
2PLAUncategorizedPacific Legal Advisory
3PLAUncategorizedPacific Lipid Association
4PLAUncategorizedPacific Locksmith Association
5PLANilePacific Locomotive Association
6PLASoftwarePackaging Layout Automation
7PLAUncategorizedPacket Level Authentication
8PLAUncategorizedPaid Leave of Absence
9PLAUncategorizedPakistan League of America
10PLAArmyPakistan Liberation Army
11PLAUncategorizedPakistan Library Association
12PLASyriaPalestine Liberation Army
13PLABankingPalestinian Land Authority
14PLASyriaPalestinian Liberation Army
15PLAMedicalPalmaris Longus Agenesis
17PLAChemistryPalmitoleic Acid
18PLATechnologyPanchromatic Linear Array
19PLAUncategorizedPanguna Landowners Association
20PLAUncategorizedPaperless Lab Academy
21PLABiostatisticsParacervical Local Anaesthetic
22PLASkydiveParachute Landing Area
23PLAAerodynamicsParachute Location Aid
24PLAUncategorizedParalegal Legal Assistant
25PLAUncategorizedParallel Line Analysis
26PLAUncategorizedParamount Lodging Advisors
27PLAEmploymentParental Leave Act
28PLAStudentParents Learning Allowance
29PLAUncategorizedPark Line Assist
30PLAAustraliaParks and Leisure Australia
31PLATechnologyPartial Look Ahead
34PLAUncategorizedPartial Look-Ahead
35PLAEducationalParticipatory Learning And Action
36PLABusinessPatent License Agreement
37PLAArmyPatent Licensing Agreement
38PLASports MedicinePeak Linear Acceleration
39PLAEngineeringPeer Learning Assistant
40PLAEducationalPeer Learning Associate
41PLAMedicalPelvic Lymphadenectomy
42PLAChinaPeoples Liberation Army
43PLARadiologyPercutaneous Laser Ablation
44PLAUncategorizedPermanent Light Archive
45PLAAccountingPersonal Ledger Account
46PLALocal - CountriesPhalen Leadership Academies
47PLAEducationalPhilips Lighting Academy
48PLAAmericaPhone Losers of America
49PLATechnologyPhysiological Learning Aptitude
50PLASatellitePicosat Launcher Assembly
51PLAUncategorizedPigmented Lesion Assay
52PLAArmyPlain Language Address
53PLAAirport CodePlanadas Airport
54PLAUncategorizedPlanck Legacy Archive
55PLAUncategorizedPlanetary Landing Ability
56PLAMedicalPlasminogen Activator
57PLAPlasticsPlastic Liquefying Agent
58PLALondon Stock ExchangePlastics Cap.
59PLAMedicalPlatelet Aggregation
60PLAMedicalPlatelet Antigen
61PLACardiologyPlatelet-Leukocyte Aggregates
62PLAASX SymbolsPlatinum Australia Ltd
63PLANYSE SymbolsPlayboy Enterprises, Inc.
64PLAUncategorizedPoint Level Animation
65PLAEducationalPolitics Law And Autism
66PLAEducationalPoly Lactic Acid
67PLAEducationalPoly Latic Acid
69PLAEducationalPolymerized Lactic Acid
70PLAAirlinePolynesian Air-Ways
71PLAPlasticsPolystyrene Latex Aerosol
72PLAPoolPool Leagues of America
73PLAUncategorizedPopular Links Analysis
74PLAEngineeringPort of London Authority
75PLACardiologyPosterior Left Atrium
76PLATechnologyPower Lever Angle
77PLANormal BusinessPreliminary Loss Advice
78PLAEducationPre-school Learning Alliance
79PLAPoliticsPrincipal Legal Advisor
80PLAEducationPrior Learning Assessment
81PLAUncategorizedPrivacy Level Agreement
82PLAToxicologyProduct Licence Applications
83PLAMedicalProduct License Application
84PLABusinessProduct Listing Ads
85PLALandscapeProfessional Landscape Architect
86PLAIndianaProfessional Licensing Agency
87PLATechnologyProgrammable Logic Array
88PLAUncategorizedProgrammed Logic Array
89PLABusinessProject Labor Acceptance
91PLAEngineeringProperty Litigation Association
92PLAPharmaceuticalProprietary Laboratory Analyses
93PLATechnologyProton Linear Accelerator
94PLAUncategorizedProvided For Living Accommodations
95PLAMedicalProximity Ligation Assay
96PLAEducationalPublic Libraries Association
97PLATechnologyPublic Library Association
98PLALaserPulsed Laser Ablation
99PLAUncategorizedPurchased Life Annuity
100PLAAlliancesPure Love Alliance
101PLAGastroenterologyPyogenic Liver Abscess
102PLAAuthoritiesThe Port Of London Authority

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about PLA. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than PLA? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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