RTC Full Form

RTC Full Form: What Does RTC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of RTC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of RTC but also get detailed information about RTC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does RTC stand for?

RTC Full Form

The term RTC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

RTC Full Form is – Remote Time Clock

RTC is a Remote Time Clock. RTC is a computer-based clock which is constructed on built-in circuits (IC) to maintain time. These clocks are totally different from traditional hardware clocks as these clocks don’t use time in human models. As we speak, nearly each digital machine makes use of RTC to have exact timing.

RTC – Records of Rights, Tenancy & Crops

The Authorities of Karnataka (India) launched the Bhoomi RTC portal in 2000, with the intention of digitizing land data and making it simpler for landowners to search out detailed info. This portal lists the rights, tenancy and crop info data and permits modifications on this info from its personal platform.

RTC Full Form in Land

Records of Rights, Tenancy & Crops

What Does RTC Stand For?

RTC stands for – Remote Time Clock and Records of Rights, Tenancy & Crops

What Does RTC Stand For in Military

Recruit Training Command

What Does RTC Stand For in Medical

Return To Clinic

What is RTC Meaning

The term RTC can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of RTC is – Remote Time Clock & Records of Rights, Tenancy & Crops

All Full Forms of RTC

Now you have got information about the nearest full form of RTC.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of RTC, then here is the list of various Full-Forms related to Business, Government, Computing, Education, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science etc.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term RTC.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryNFDC Full Forms
1RTC EducationalLocal Technical College
2RTC LocalLocal Technical Committee
3RTC EducationalLocal Technological Capability
4RTC US GovernmentLocal Training Center
5RTC Normal BusinessLocal Training Conference
6RTC LocalLocal Training Course
7RTC LocalLocal Transit Connection
8RTC TransportationLocal Transportation Commission
9RTC TransportationLocal Transportation Council
10RTC OilRail Tank Car
11RTC Occupation & PositionsRail Traffic Controller
12RTC BackpackingRail Trail Council
13RTC TrailRails to Trails Conservancy
14RTC Travel & TourismRainbow Travel Company
15RTC Companies or OrganizationsRandolph Telephone Company
16RTC UncategorizedRandomized Topology Control
17RTC UncategorizedRape Treatment Center
18RTC BiotechnologyRapid Thermal Cycling
19RTC MedicalRapid Thoracoabdominal Compression
20RTC SocietyRapid Transport Protocol
21RTC UncategorizedRates Terms and Conditions
22RTC TechnologyRational Team Concert
23RTC Airport CodeRatnagiri Airport
24RTC Local - Airport CodesRatnagiri, India
25RTC Voluntary OrganizationReach The Children
26RTC Substance AbuseReadiness To Change
27RTC RestaurantReady To Cook
28RTC Stock ExchangeReady To Cover
29RTC UncategorizedReady-to-Complete
30RTC FoodReady-to-cook
31RTC Occupation & PositionsReal Time Captionist
32RTC Normal BusinessReal Time Centre
33RTC Internet - ChatReal Time Chat
34RTC Media CenterReal Time Cinematics
35RTC Information TechnologyReal Time Clock
36RTC UncategorizedReal Time Collaboration
37RTC UncategorizedReal Time Communica
38RTC UncategorizedReal Time Communication
39RTC UncategorizedReal Time Communicator
40RTC ComputingReal Time Computer
41RTC Information TechnologyReal Time Computing
42RTC Information TechnologyReal Time Connection
43RTC Information TechnologyReal Time Console
44RTC FiltrationReal Time Control
45RTC UncategorizedReal time counter
46RTC UncategorizedReal Time Coverage
47RTC NourishmentReal Tuff Crustaceans
48RTC Media CenterReally Tough Crowd
49RTC TechnologyReal-Time Chat
50RTC Information TechnologyReal-Time Clock
51RTC NASA - SpaceReal-Time Command
52RTC Operating SystemReal-Time Communications
53RTC NASA - SpaceReal-Time Computer
54RTC EducationalReal-Time Control
55RTC CultivationRecord of Rights, Tenancy, and Crop Inspection
56RTC Information TechnologyRecorder, Talker, and Checker
57RTC Local - CountriesRecovery Through Christ
58RTC Certifications & DiplomasRecreation Therapist Certified
59RTC AthleticsRecreational Tennis Coaching
60RTC NavyRecruit Training Command
61RTC NASA - SpaceRecruitment Training Center
62RTC UncategorizedRedstone Test Center
63RTC UncategorizedReference Temperature Calibrator
64RTC EducationRegional Telecommunications Council
65RTC GovernmentRegional Test Center
66RTC ClimatologyRegional Training Centre
67RTC MedicalRegional Treatment Center
68RTC Certifications & DiplomasRelease To Certification
69RTC LocalReligious Technology Center
70RTC LocalReligious Training Centre
71RTC UncategorizedRemote Tower Centre
72RTC UncategorizedRenaissance Training Center
73RTC EducationalRenton Technical College
74RTC ArmyReplacement Training Company
75RTC EducationalRequired To Create
76RTC MedicalResearch and Training Center
77RTC EducationalResearch Terms and Conditions
78RTC EducationalResearching The Cosmos
79RTC UncategorizedReservation Telephone Coop
80RTC UncategorizedReservation Telephone Cooperative
81RTC WW1Reserve Training Centre
82RTC Companies or OrganizationsResident Theatre Company
83RTC PharmaceuticalResidential Treatment Center
84RTC UncategorizedResidual Terrain Correction
85RTC Companies or OrganizationsResolution Trust Corporation
86RTC UncategorizedResponsible Thinking Classroom
87RTC Certifications & DiplomasRestricted Type Certificate
88RTC UncategorizedRetro Tier Change
89RTC PharmaceuticalReturn to clinic
90RTC MedicalReturn To Clinic
91RTC EducationalReturn To College
92RTC ArmyReturn To Control
93RTC CriminalReturn To Custody
94RTC AccountingReturn To Customer
95RTC CanadaReturned To Corps
96RTC MedicalReverse Transcription Complex
97RTC ForumRevit Technology Conference
98RTC Companies or OrganizationsReynolds Tubing Company
99RTC UncategorizedRich Text Compressed
100RTC ConstructionRichardson Turner Construction
101RTC Information TechnologyRight To Carry
102RTC WrestlingRight to Censor
103RTC Companies or OrganizationsRinggold Telephone Company
104RTC AMEX SymbolsRiviera Tool Company
105RTC PoliticsRoad to Crisis
106RTC Police ForceRoad Traffic Collision
107RTC MedicalRoad Traffic Crash
108RTC NourishmentRoast Turkey Cooking
109RTC SocietyRoblox Tits Society
110RTC Companies or OrganizationsRochester Telephone Company
111RTC AthleticsRockAthletics Training Camp
112RTC NourishmentRook Twink Cookie
113RTC NASA - SpaceRoom Temperature Cure
114RTC Companies or OrganizationsRos Taylor Company
115RTC MedicalRotator Cuff
116RTC ArmyRotterdam Terror Corporation
117RTC UncategorizedRound Table Companies
118RTC SocietyRound Table Crew
119RTC MedicalRound The Clock
120RTC Local - CountiesRound The County
121RTC UncategorizedRoute To Core
122RTC London Stock ExchangeRtc Grp.
123RTC UncategorizedRuby Text Container
124RTC UncategorizedRun This City
125RTC BankingRupee Traveler Cheque

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about RTC. If you want more information about RTC, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

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