PMS Full Form

PMS Full Form: What Does PMS Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PMS but also get detailed information about PMS. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PMS stand for?

PMS Full Form

The term PMS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

PMS Full Form is –Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) has numerous signs and side effects, including emotional episodes, delicate bosoms, food wanting, exhaustion, crabbiness, and wretchedness. It is assessed that 3 out of each 4 menstrual ladies have encountered some type of pre- menstrual disorder.

Indications repeat in a prescient example. However, the physical and passionate changes that you involvement in premenstrual disorder can fluctuate from somewhat observable to various sorts.

In any case, you needn’t bother with these issues to control your life. Treatment and way of life changes can assist you with decreasing or deal with the signs and indications of pre-feminine condition.

PMS Full Form in Hotel

Property Management System

PMS Full Form in HR

Performance Management System

What Does PMS Stand For?

PMS stands for – Premenstrual Syndrome

What Does PMS Color Stand For?


What Does PMS Stand For in Texting

In Texting PMS Stand for – Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome refers to a series of symptoms that usually appear one week before the start of your menstrual cycle (usually after ovulation and before menstruation).

All Full Forms of PMS

Here is the list of All Full Form of PMS in various category

Sr. No.TermCategoryPMS Full Form
1PMSFunnyPacking My Suitcase
2PMSIndustryPaint Mixing System
3PMSAirport CodePalmyra Airport
4PMSInformation TechnologyPanatone Matching System
5PMSEducationalParking Management System
6PMSNourishmentParmesan Mozzarella Swiss
7PMSEducationalParticle Measuring System
8PMSEnvironmental HealthParticulate Matters
9PMSAccountingPayment Management System
10PMSArmyPedestal Mounted STINGER
11PMSEducationPeninsula Medical School
12PMSEducationalPeninsula Pharmaceutical
13PMSHealthPensioner Medical Service
14PMSNourishmentPepperoni, Mushrooms, and Sausage
15PMSMilitaryPerformance Measures
16PMSNASA - SpacePerformance Monitoring System
17PMSAllergyPeritoneal Macrophages
18PMSInformation TechnologyPerl Mail Sorter
19PMSNuclearPermanent Measurements System
20PMSEnvironmental HealthPeroxymonosulfate
21PMSMessagePersonal Messages
22PMSPharmaceuticalPersonal Pharmaceutical
23PMSFunnyPetrify My Spouse
24PMSPharmaceuticalPhenazine Methosulphate
25PMSPharmaceuticalPhysiologic Monitoring System
26PMSOilfieldPlanned Maintenance System
27PMSPharmaceuticalPlasmid Maintenance Sequence
28PMSInformation TechnologyPlease Make Sense
29PMSComputingPolicy Management System
30PMSNYSE SymbolsPolicy Management Systems Corporation
31PMSPharmaceuticalPoor Miserable Soul
32PMSInformation TechnologyPort Management Switch
33PMSInformation TechnologyPossible Malicious Software
34PMSCybersecurityPossible Malicious Software
35PMSEducationPost Market Surveillance
36PMSPharmaceuticalpostmarketing surveillance
37PMSFDA AdministrationPost-Marketing Surveillance
38PMSPharmaceuticalpostmeiotic segregation
39PMSPharmaceuticalPost-Menopausal Syndrome
40PMSMedicalPostmitochondrial Supernatant
41PMSFunPotential Murder Suspect
42PMSArchitecturalPower Management System
43PMSCyclingPower Meters
44PMSInformation TechnologyPower Monitoring System
45PMSMusicPractical Music Search
46PMSMedicalPractice Management Software
47PMSPharmaceuticalPre-Menstrual Syndrome
48PMSInfertilityPre-menstrual Syndrome
49PMSOilPremium Motor Spirit
50PMSFunnyPretty Major Stress
51PMSArmyPreventive Maintenance Service
52PMSMilitaryPreventive Maintenance System
53PMSPharmaceuticalPreventive Medicine Services
54PMSFDA AdministrationPrint Media Staff
55PMSAircraft & AviationProcess and Material Specification
56PMSInformation TechnologyProcessor Memory Switch
57PMSInformation TechnologyProcessor-Memory-Switch
58PMSArmyProfessor of Army Science
59PMSMilitaryProfessor of Military Science
60PMSFDA AdministrationProgram Management Staff
61PMSAircraftProgram Management System
62PMSArmyProgram Management, Sea
63PMSArmyProgram Master Schedule
64PMSComputingProgressive Magnetic System
65PMSInformation TechnologyProject Management System
66PMSArmyProperty Management System
67PMSHotelProperty Management System
68PMSNuclearProtection And Safety Monitoring System
69PMSFunPsychotic Mood Shift
70PMSEducationalPunctuation Made Simple
71PMSFunnyPunish Men Severly

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