SATA Full Form

SATA Full Form: What Does SATA Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of SATA but also get detailed information about SATA. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does SATA stand for?

SATA Full Form

The term SATA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

SATA Full Form is – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

What does SATA mean? It means that the solid state hard disk supports SATA interface, and the solid state hard disk interface of SATA interface is more mainstream. Solid state hard disk can bring a great improvement to the overall operating speed of the computer. Solid state drive interface: SATA solid state drive interface. This interface is the same interface as ordinary hard drives.

The predecessor of SATA is the IDE interface. The SATA interface transfers data faster than the IDE.

SATA Full Form in Computer

SATA Full Form in Computer is – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SATA Cable Full Form

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment Cable

What Does SATA Stand For?

SATA stands for – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SATA (Serial ATA) is a special interface for connecting various storage devices to the motherboard of your computer, whose task is to replace the bulky IDE (ATA). Most often, devices are understood as familiar hard (HDD) or SSD drives. If it is even simpler, this interface allows you to use, instead of the large wide loops of about 4-5 cm, which IDE (ATA) had, a more convenient SATA cable, the size of which is about 1 cm, which, at least, simplifies the process of organizing the wires inside the system unit.

As you can see, instead of a large loop with 40 cores, significantly less space is used (usually we are talking about only 7 contacts). It is worth knowing that this, in turn, also has a positive effect on solving the problem of computer cooling. After all, any wide loop is an additional obstacle that traps hot air in the system unit.

Unlike IDE (ATA), which implies the ability to connect several devices using one cable (which undoubtedly led to a decrease in the transfer speed), the SATA interface is designed to connect only one device. Thus, the speed could not drop due to the connection, for example, of the second disk.

However, the biggest advantage of SATA is its transfer speed. Although the first version of SATA 1.0 with its 150 MB per second was not particularly faster than IDE / ATA (one of the versions, namely UDMA / 133, which had a maximum transfer rate of 133 MB per second), its subsequent versions attracted significantly more interest. So the transfer speed of SATA 2.0 is already 300, and in SATA 3.0 a little bit, and 600 MB per second.

It is quite logical that such a transfer rate aroused interest among manufacturers of external devices. Thus, the well-known eSATA (External SATA) interface appeared. In addition to being faster than the well-known USB, this interface also supports hot-swap mode, which means, like USB, you don’t have to turn off your computer. It is worth knowing that the eSATA cable is made more resistant to damage (so that you can often remove and connect devices).

All Full Forms of SATA

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term SATA.

Sr. No.TermCategorySATA Full Forms
1SATAAirline, Call Sign, OrganizationsAir Acores
2SATASocietySacramento Area Tennis Association
3SATAUncategorizedSalem Area Trail Alliance
4SATAUncategorizedSaskatchewan Advanced Technology Association
5SATAUncategorizedSatellite Aided Trend Analysis
6SATAUncategorizedSatellite Automatic Tracking Antenna
7SATAAssociationsSaudi Automobile and Touring Association
8SATAAssociationsSaudi Automobile Touring Association
9SATAUncategorizedSavannah Area Tennis Association
10SATAEducation, ScienceScholastic Abilities Test for Adults
11SATAUncategorizedScience, and the Arts
12SATAScotland, Government, ServiceScottish Accessible Transport Alliance
13SATAUncategorizedScottish Aquaculture Training Association
14SATAMiscellaneousSelect All That Apply
15SATAInformation TechnologySerial Advance Technology Attachment
16SATAInformation TechnologySerial Advanced Technology Adapter
17SATAInformation TechnologySerial Advanced Technology Architecture
18SATATechnology, Technical, ComputingSerial AT Attachment
19SATAComputingSerial ATA
20SATAUncategorizedSerial Attached Technology Attachment
21SATAUncategorizedSeries Analog Telephone Adaptors
22SATAUncategorizedServices and Technology Act
23SATATravel & TourismSharjah Airport Travel Agency
24SATAUncategorizedSherman Anti-Trust Act
25SATAUncategorizedShoe and Accessory Travelers Association
26SATAUncategorizedShowtime at the Apollo
27SATAUncategorizedSigns Agreement to Acquire
28SATASingapore, Medical, HealthSingapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association
29SATAUncategorizedSleep Apnoea Trust Association
30SATAInformation TechnologySlow Adaptor Technology Arbitration
31SATAUncategorizedSorry about the audio
34SATAAfricaSouth African Tennis Association
35SATATourism, Travel, IndustrySouth American Tourism Association
36SATAAsianSouth Asian Travel Awards
37SATAAssociationsSouthern Aerosol Technical Association
38SATALocal - AfricanSouthern Africa Telecommunications Association
39SATAChemistry, MedicalSpatial- And Temporal Average
40SATARadiology, MedicalSpatial Average Temporal Average
41SATAConference, Event, OrganizationsSpecialized Assault Tactical Androids
42SATAUncategorizedStayed at the Avenida
43SATAUncategorizedStop Arming Terrorists Act
44SATAEducationalStudent Air Travel Association
45SATAProfessional OrganizationsStudent Athletic Training Association
46SATACollege, EducationStudy-Away, Teach-Away
47SATAAssociationsSubsonic Aerodynamic Testing Association
48SATAUncategorizedSupporting and Troubleshooting Applications
49SATAArmy, Military, IndiaSurveillance and Target Acquisition
50SATANepalSwiss Association for Technical Assistance

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