POC Full Form

POC Full Form: What Does POC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of POC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of POC but also get detailed information about POC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does POC stand for?

POC Full Form

The term POC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

POC Full Form is – Proof of Concept

Proof-of-concept (POC) is a general term to provide logical proof that a concept is working. In theory, a good Future Reality Tree (FDT) can provide such evidence, but it may not be good enough to eliminate all worries, especially the fear of the unknown.

A more reliable way of POC is a simulation. However, this requires special care in using valid assumptions for the reality in which the concept is being considered. It is not trivial to test hypotheses in a computer simulation developed by other people. The first category of premises that must be carefully tested is behaviour under uncertainty. Another important aspect is to identify the real effects that were not included in the simulation. For example, most simulations do not take into account human behavioural elements such as Parkinson’s Law.

POC Full Form in Project

Proof of Concept

POC Full Form in Software

Proof of Concept

What Does POC Stand For?

POC stands for – Proof of Concept

Proof of concept (POC) is an important step in complex and, therefore, expensive projects. It gives a clear idea of whether a statement is feasible and how exactly to implement it.

Thus, proof or proof of concept involves preparing a specific list of measurable criteria that allows you to evaluate the expected result.

When developing an idea for an existing product or expanding it, there are more risks to face unpredictable difficulties. This is why proof of concept in software development is common practice.

What Does POC Stand For in Business?

In Business POC Stand- Proof of Concept

ROI Full Form

All Full Forms of POC

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term POC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPOC Full Form
1POCAirportBrackett Field
2POCUncategorizedOnline Classroom
3POCForumPacific Oil Conference
5POCTheaterPack Of Cigarettes
6POCCarePackage Of Care
8POCUncategorizedPacket Order Correction
9POCFire DepartmentsPaid On-Call
10POCMortgagePaid Outside of Close
11POCMortgagePaid Outside Of Closing
12POCPharmaceuticalPain On Contact
13POCUncategorizedPakistan Origin Card
14POCVoluntary OrganizationParade Of Chapters
15POCInformation TechnologyParameter Occurrence Code
16POCEnvironmental HealthParticulate Oxidation Catalyst
17POCSocietyPartners for Our Communities
18POCInternet - ChatPassing Out Ceremony
19POCMedicalPatterns Of Care
20POCMusicPawns Of Christ
21POCNASA - SpacePayload Operations Center
22POCInternet SlangPeeping Other Chatters
23POCCompanies or OrganizationsPenta-Ocean Construction
24POCSocietyPeople Of Color
25POCContactPeople of Contact
26POCProjectionPercentage of Completion
27POCMedicalPercentage Overlapping Coefficient
28POCOncologyPerioperative Chemotherapy
29POCOrienteeringPermanent Orienteering Course
30POCSociologyPerson Of Color
31POCInternational BusinessPerson of Contact
34POCUncategorizedPersonal Occupational Care
35POCFinancePerversity Of Circumstance
36POCTechnologyPhase-Only Correlation
37POCPiece of CakePhilippine Olympic Committee
38POCCompanies or OrganizationsPhysical Optics Corporation
39POCPharmaceuticalPhysician Office Center
40POCUncategorizedPiece Of Cake
41POCClothingPiece Of Cloth
42POCInformation TechnologyPiece Of Crap
43POCInternet SlangPiece of crap
44POCInternet - ChatPile Of Crap
45POCSocietyPillar Of Society
46POCLocal - CountriesPinellas Opportunity Council
47POCSocietyPinellas Organizing Committee
48POCDisneyPirates of the Caribbean
49POCFunnyPissed Off Class
50POCBusinessPlace Of Convenience
51POCPharmaceuticalPlan Of Care
52POCManagementPlan Of Correction
53POCBiologyPlant Ontology Consortium
54POCIcao Airline CodePocono Air Lines
55POCArmyPoint Of Capture
56POCPharmaceuticalPoint Of Care
57POCTaxPoint Of Collection
58POCNuclearPoint Of Compliance
59POCMechanical EngineeringPoint Of Connection
60POCComputingPoint Of Contact
61POCConstructionPoint Of Creation
64POCEducationalPolar Organic Contaminant
65POCTechnologyPolicy Oversight Committee
66POCShipping & SailingPort Of Call
67POCInformation TechnologyPortable Object Compiler
68POCMedicalPortable Oxygen Concentrator
69POCInformation TechnologyPorts Of Call
70POCMarketingPost Office Cancelled
71POCUncategorizedPost Operative Check
72POCPharmaceuticalPost-Operative Care
73POCClubsPotomac Officers Club
74POCSocietyPower Of Society
75POCUncategorizedPower Over Cable
76POCUncategorizedPower over Coax
77POCDog SportPreferred Obedience Champion
78POCArmyPreliminary Operational Concept
79POCPharmaceuticalPreviously Owned Cat
80POCSocietyPride Of Cleveland
81POCUncategorizedPrimary Occupancy Charge
82POCPharmaceuticalPrimary Olfactory Complex
83POCPharmaceuticalPrimary Olfactory Cortex
84POCInternet SlangPrisoner Of Chat
85POCMedia CenterPrisoner Of Conscience
86POCMilitaryPrivately Owned Conveyance
87POCAlcoholics AnonymousProcesses of Change Questionnaire
88POCLocalProclaimers Of Christ
89POCPharmaceuticalProducts Of Conception
91POCArmyProfessional Officer Course
92POCContractorsProfessional Overseas Contractors
93POCJuridicalProfessionals Of Course
94POCMedia CenterProfiles Of Canada
95POCUncategorizedProgram Of Cooperation
96POCProgrammingProgram-Operator Communication
97POCNuclearProject Oversight Committee
98POCLocalPromise Of Christ
99POCTechnologyProof Of Concept
100POCMedia CenterProof Of Correction
101POCGovernmentalProof of Coverage
103POCEducationalProperty Of Congruence
104POCJuridicalProtector Of Children
105POCCompanies or OrganizationsPsychological Operations Company
106POCPackage of CarePulled Over by the Cops
107POCArmyPurchase Order Change
108POCMarketingPurchase Order Confirmation
109POCAthleticsPurdue Outing Club

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