SCR Full Form

SCR Full Form: What Does SCR Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of SCR but also get detailed information about SCR. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does SCR stand for?

SCR Full Form

The term SCR has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

SCR Full Form is – Silicon Controlled Rectifier

A SCR is a 4-layer solid-state current-controlling gadget. The name “silicon controlled rectifier” is General Electric’s trademark for a sort of thyristor.

SCRs are principally utilized in electronic gadgets that require control of high voltage and force. This makes them relevant in medium and high AC power activities, for example, engine control work.

SCR – Semiconductor Controlled Rectifier

SCR Full Form in Electronics

Silicon Controlled Rectifier or Semiconductor Controlled Rectifier

SCR Full Form in Electrical

Silicon Controlled Rectifier or just Thyristor

What Does SCR Stand For?

SCR stands for – Silicon Controlled Rectifier

SCR is a form of thyristor that’s commonly utilized in present rectification applications. The SCR includes four alternating semiconductor layers (in the shape of P-N-P-N) and consequently is made up of three PN junctions. When examined, this is regarded as a set of closely connected BJTs (just one PNP and another in NPN configuration). The vertical P- and – N-type semiconductor layers are known as the anode and cathode, respectively. An electrode connected to the P-type inner semiconductor layer is known as a “gate”.

In operation, the SCR acts as a conductive when a pulse is applied to the gate. It works in an “on” or “off” state. As soon as the gate is pulsed, the SCR goes on and continues to conduct until the forward current falls below a threshold value known as the “holding current”.

SCR is a power apparatus and generally it can be used in applications where large currents and voltages are included. The most commonly used SCR application is AC regulation (rectification).

What Does SCR Stand For in Electronics?

In Electronics SCR stands for – Silicon Controlled Rectifier or Semiconductor Controlled Rectifier

All Full Forms of SCR

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term SCR.

Sr. No.TermCategorySCR Full Forms
1SCRAthleticsAthletics Compact Racing
2SCRInformation TechnologyAutoCAD Script
3SCRInformation TechnologyDebug source code file
4SCRSocietySabayon Society Repositories
5SCRIndustrySafety Case Regulations
6SCREnvironmental HealthSample Channels Ratio
7SCRMedicalSaudi Cancer Registry
8SCRUncategorizedScalable Checkpoint Restart
9SCRAirport CodeScandinavian Mountains Airport
10SCRASX SymbolsScandinavian Resources Limited
11SCRBiochemistryScavenger Receptor
12SCRNASA - SpaceSchedule Change Request
13SCRArmed ForcesSchool of Control and Reporting
15SCRCosmosScience Concept Review
16SCREducationSecond Chance Reading
17SCRUncategorizedSecondary Collision Reduction
18SCRNuclearSecondary Control Room
19SCRUncategorizedSecure Central Registry
20SCRGovernmentSelection Committee Report
21SCRTechnologySelective Call Rejection
22SCREducationalSelective Catalytic Reduction
23SCRMedicalSelective Catalytic Reduction System
24SCRTechnologySelective Chopper Radiometer
25SCRNanotechnologySelf-Consistent Renormalization
26SCRDivingSemi Closed Rebreather
27SCRTechnologySemiconductor Controlled Rectifier
28SCRGovernmentSenate Concurrent Resolution
29SCRInformation TechnologySend Configure Request
30SCRMilitarySenior Civilian Representative
31SCRArmySenior Command Representative
34SCREducationSenior Common Room
35SCRSocietySeoul Society Radio
36SCRPharmaceuticalSerious Case Review
37SCRUncategorizedSeriously Cool Robot
38SCRPharmaceuticalSerum Creatinine
39SCRNephrologySerum Creatinine Concentration
40SCRCardiologySerum Creatinine Level
41SCRMedicalSerum Levels Of Creatinine
42SCRUncategorizedService Component Runtime
43SCRCurrencySeychelles Rupee
44SCRCurrencySeychellois Rupee
45SCRTransportationShipboard Census Report
46SCRMolecular BiologyShort Complement Regulator
47SCRMedicalShort Consensus Repeat
48SCRBiochemistryShumiya Cataract Rat
49SCROphthalmologySickle Cell Retinopathy
50SCRComputingSiemens Corporate Research
51SCRMilitarySignal Corps Radio
52SCRRadiologySignal-to-Clutter Ratio
53SCRArmySilicon Control Rectifier
54SCREducationalSimultaneous Confidence Regions
55SCRLocal - CountriesSingle Call Ring
56SCREducationSingle Central Record
57SCRCouponingSingle Check Rebate
58SCRFertilitySire Conception Rate
59SCRPharmaceuticalSister Chromatic Recombination
60SCRTechnologySite characterization report
62SCRPsychophysiologySkin Conductance Reaction
63SCRDermatologySkin Conductance Response
64SCROilfieldSlow Circulating Rate
65SCRArmySmart Card Reader
66SCRTechnologySneak Circuit Report
67SCRPharmaceuticalSocial Care Region
68SCREducationalSociety of Commercial REALTORS
69SCRTechnologySodium-cooled Reactor
70SCRTechnologySoftware Change Request
71SCRArmySoftware Configuration Review
72SCRChemistrySolar Cosmic Rays
73SCRArmySource Code Review
75SCRReal EstateSouth Carolina REALTORS
76SCRRailwaySouth Central Railway
77SCRCompanies or OrganizationsSouth Circular Recordings
78SCRCornSouthern Corn Rootworm
79SCRTechnologySpace Charge Region
80SCRScienceSpace Constructible Radiator
81SCRMedicalSpatial Capture-Recapture
82SCRPowerSpecial Case Resources
83SCROilSpecial Casualty Representative
84SCRComputingSpecialized Computer Resources
85SCRCargoSpecific Commodity Rates
86SCRAthleticsSport Configurable Rifle
87SCROilfieldSpot Check Report
88SCRNuclearStable Continental Region
89SCREducationalStakeholder Consultation Report
90SCRTechnologyStandard Context Routing
92SCRServerStandby Continuous Replication
93SCRSocietyStar Crest Recipient
94SCRInformation TechnologyStarcraft Rocks
95SCRScience FictionStarfleet Command Regulation
96SCRGovernmentState Case Registry
97SCRConstructionState Construction Registry
98SCRTechnologyStatic Conformance Review
99SCROilSteel Catenary Riser
100SCRMedicalStem Cell Rescue
101SCRCellStem Cell Research
102SCRAccountingStranded Costs Recovered
103SCRTechnologyStrip Chart Recorder
104SCRCompanies or OrganizationsStrong City Records
105SCRMedicalStructurally Conserved Regions
106SCREducationalStudent Classroom Ratio
107SCRTransplantationSubclinical Rejection
108SCRTsunamiSuez Canal Route
109SCRPharmaceuticalSummary Care Record
110SCRMedicalSuperior Capsular Reconstruction
111SCRNervous SystemSuperior Corona Radiata
112SCRLogisticsSupply Chain Relationship
113SCRJuridicalSupreme Court Reports
114SCRJuridicalSupreme Court Rules
115SCRCavingSurface Consumption Rate
116SCRScienceSurface-Contour RADAR
117SCRPharmaceuticalSustain Cell Rate
118SCRTechnologySustainable Cell Rate
119SCRNourishmentSwiss Cheese on Rye
121SCRPharmaceuticalSwiss Congress of Radiology
123SCRLocal - RailwaySydney Coal Railway
124SCRManufacturingSynchronized Customer Response
125SCRFDA AdministrationSystem Change Request
126SCRTechnologySystem Clock Reference
127SCRNormal BusinessSystem Communication Research

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