PPP Full Form

PPP Full Form: What Does PPP Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of PPP is? Then, here you will come to know what Does PPP stand for? Also all possible Full Form of PPP.

PPP Full Form

The term PPP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

PPP Full Form is – Public-Private Partnership

Public-private partnership (PPP) is a model of long-term (10-30 years) cooperation between the state and business, allowing to implement important social projects through innovation, capital and resources of private business.

The goal: to form and strengthen long-term cooperation between the state and

The private sector by pooling resources to improve the availability and quality of public goods and services: Engaging the private sector in the management of public assets

Reducing the burden on the budget

Attracting investment

Public-private partnership – the involvement of the public and/or municipal governments of private business to carry out work on construction, reconstruction, modernization, technological maintenance and operation of public infrastructure and the provision of public services using such facilities on the basis of the separation of risks, competencies and responsibilities, determined by the contract and the totality of regulations. Practice shows that projects implemented in the form of public-private partnerships are characterized by the application of advanced technical and management solutions. The PPP mechanism is a popular and fast-growing form of interaction between private investors and the state, because it implies a complete separation of risks between them. Public-private and municipal-private partnerships are an effective way to support the development of entrepreneurship by the authorities.

What Does PPP Stand For?

PPP stands for – Public-Private Partnership

Partnership of public-private partnerships was usually used to ensure a wide range of public goods and services, but awareness of them usually refers to financing. This card summarizes the concept of PPP from the point of view of management and is trying to understand more understanding of the PPP of its origin, origin and functional level and believes that its meaning and function of promoting the system and mechanism of innovation in the economy and social transition, in particular, the focus deserves concepts and concepts.

Currently, it is not accepted for the Concept of PPP, and other people will understand different perspectives. These are representative statements.

(i) The concept provided by the Institute

1. The concept of PPP from the United Nations Development Program in 1998 is that PPP is a form of mutual partnership between the state, profitable companies and non-profit organizations based on the project. This form of cooperation can achieve this form of cooperation. The parties can achieve more favourable results than expected by trading alone. If partners participate in the project, the government does not transmit all obligations to the private sector project, but the parties concerned the risk of responsibility and financing.

2. The concept of United Nations Institute of United Nations Training and Research is that PPP covers all forms of institutional cooperation between lawyers in various social systems to solve some complex problems on the field or in the region. PPP contains two consequences, consists of cooperation between state and private supporters who fulfill the needs of public goods and the other is the implementation of large public projects in cooperation between public and private sectors to meet the needs of public goods.

3. The European Commission’s concept is that PPP is a partnership between public and private sectors to provide government projects or services traditionally provided by the public sector.

4. The concept of the National Committee of PPP is that PPP is a way to provide public goods that combine outsourcing and privatization with private resources for designing, creating, investing, managing and managing the state infrastructure, and to offer relatives to the public Fulfill .

5. The concept of the Canada PPP Committee is that PPP is a common business relationship between public and private sectors based on the experience of both parties, and well developed for public needs, which are clearly defined by appointment. Reasonable resources, risk exchange and risk exchange mechanisms.

(ii) The concept provided by the expert

1. PPP is initially defined, first, as any agreement involving public and private sectors in the production and provision of goods and services. Second, it concerns complex, multi-stage and privatized infrastructure projects.

2. PPP refers to partnership between public and private sectors to achieve common goals and mutual benefits through the share, cooperation, service and exchange of information.

3. PPP refers to the conclusion of long-term contracts between public and private sectors, in which shares of the public sector or the creation of state infrastructures or individuals of the private sector are developed on behalf of the public sector unit (use of infrastructure infrastructure) .

4. PPP is a “partnership”, which includes contractual agreements, alliances, cooperation agreements and joint activities to promote policies and programs and create government programs and services.

5. PPP, if agreements are completed between two or more companies, partners can work together for general or compatible and partially compatible goals, share responsibilities share resources, risks. Actions and advantages of others.

As can be considered by many concepts mentioned above, although neither the institution nor the expert still formed a completely agreed PPP wording, we can find general signs of these definitions and mediation funds: first cooperation between public and private sectors, cooperation is compulsory condition and each concept contains keyword. The second is the provision of public goods or services, including infrastructure, as a goal of cooperation. The third is the focus on the exchange of advantages, i.e. in the process of cooperation, private and public sectors who won the situation. The fourth is the risk exchange. These functions generally summon the basic elements of the PPP concept, based on the view that the concept of PPP contains points of cooperation, providing public goods or services, the exchange of advantages and risks.

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What is Full Forms of PPP

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term PPP.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPPP Full Form
1PPPNeurologyPaediatric Pain Profile
2PPPInformation TechnologyPage Per Print
3PPPInformation TechnologyPagePlus Publication
5PPPPakistanPakistan Peoples Party
6PPPPakistanPakistan People's Party
9PPPMakeupPale Porcelain Princess
10PPPASX SymbolsPan Pacific Petroleum NL
11PPPMedicalPancreatic Polypeptide
12PPPMedia CenterPaperless Publishing Process
13PPPSocietyParent Partner Program
14PPPGovernmentParenting Payment Partnered
15PPPPlanningPartnership For Philanthropic Planning
16PPPIndiaParvatiya Punrutthaan Parishad
17PPPUncategorizedPauls Package
18PPPInformation TechnologyPaul's PPP Package
19PPPPayPay Per Post
20PPPNASA - SpacePayload Patch Panel
21PPPVoluntary OrganizationPeace Papers Packet
22PPPInternet - TwitterPeaceful, Positive, and Productive
23PPPNASA - SpacePeak Pulse Power
24PPPComputingPeer To Peer Protocol
25PPPLocalPeninsula Point Pullout
26PPPMedicalPentose Phosphate Pathway
27PPPNormal BusinessPenultimate Profit Prospect
28PPPUncategorizedPeople Planet Profit
29PPPLocal - GhanaPeople's Popular Party
30PPPPoliticsPeople's Progressive Party
31PPPOccupation & PositionsPer Pay Period
34PPPUncategorizedPerfect Paper Passwords
35PPPMusicPerfectly Pitched Piano
36PPPUncategorizedPerformance Preparation Program
37PPPDentistryPeripheral Pulses Palpable
38PPPInformation TechnologyPerl Pre Processor
39PPPFoodPersonal Pan Pizza
40PPPRetirementPersonal Pension Plan
41PPPUncategorizedPersonal Preference Program
42PPPProductsPersonal Product Points
43PPPInternet - ChatPersonal Projects Page
44PPPMilitaryPersonnel Performance Profile
45PPPInternet SlangPetty Pet Peeve
46PPPPlanningPhased Project Planning
47PPPEducationalPhysics for Paper and Print
48PPPFunnyPink Princess Posse
49PPPJuridicalPistol Pack Posse
51PPPNormal BusinessPlant Protection Procedure
52PPPProductPlant Protection Products
53PPPGardeningPlants Per Pot
54PPPPharmaceuticalPlatelet Poor Plasma
55PPPMedia CenterPoetical Pleasing Poets
56PPPNYSE SymbolsPogo Producing Company
57PPPUS GovernmentPoint of Personal Privilege
58PPPTechnologyPoint to Point Protocol
59PPPTransportationPoint To Point To Point
60PPPFunnyPointless Party Protocol
61PPPArmyPoint-to-Point Protocol
62PPPComputer SecurityPolicies, Practices and Procedures
63PPPNuclearPolluter Pays Principle
64PPPPoliticsPolska Partia Pracy
65PPPTransportationPoor Prospects for Passengers
66PPPUncategorizedPoplar Pike Playhouse
67PPPPressurePore Pressure Prediction
68PPPMedicalPositive Predictive Power
69PPPInformation TechnologyPoster Printer Paper
70PPPFunnyPotato Peace Pact
71PPPArmyPower Projection Platform
72PPPFunnyPower Puff Power
73PPPNourishmentPrairie Power Pellets
74PPPNavigationPrecise Point Positioning
75PPPLocal - CountriesPrecision Plumbing Products
76PPPMedicalPreferred Practice Pattern
77PPPMedicalPregnancy Prevention Programme
78PPPMusicPresentation Practice And Production
79PPPMedia CenterPresentation Practice Production
80PPPPrimary Prevention ProjectPreteen Porn Pedo
81PPPCompanies or OrganizationsPretty Pretty Princess
82PPPPharmaceuticalPrevention Point Philadelphia
83PPPVoluntary OrganizationPrevention Puppet Project
84PPPMiscellaneousPrice Per Piece
85PPPArmyPrimary Patch Panel
86PPPMedicalPrimary Proliferative Polycythaemia
87PPPArmyPriority Placement Program
88PPPNormal BusinessPrivate Placement Program
89PPPPlanningPrivate Public Partnership
91PPPEducationalProblem Problem Problem
92PPPManufacturingProcess Processes Product
93PPPProductsProduction Planning Process
94PPPUncategorizedProfessional and Public Programs
95PPPNASA - SpaceProgrammable Power Processor
96PPPGovernmentProhibited Personnel Practices
97PPPLocal - Airport CodesProserpine, Queensland, Australia
98PPPMedicalProspective Pravastatin Pooling
99PPPCybersecurityProtect Proper Patch
100PPPUncategorizedPublic Policy Polling
101PPPWaste ManagmentPublic Private Partnership
102PPPSocietyPublic Purpose Program
103PPPUncategorizedPublic?private partnership
104PPPMilitary RankPupil Pilots Pool
105PPPPowerPurchase Power Parity
106PPPTransportationPurchasing Power Parities
107PPPUS GovernmentPurchasing Power Parity

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about PPP. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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