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PRO Full Form: What Does PRO Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of PRO is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of PRO but also get detailed information about PRO. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does PRO stand for?

PRO Full Form

The term PRO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

PRO Full Form is –Public Relations Officer

In any organization, head of communications or public relations is called as PRO. PRO can also head of public affairs in an organization.

PRO Full Form in Medical

Full Form of PRO in Medical is – Professional Review Organization

PRO is a program, which regulates the quality and cost of federally funded medical care on multiple governmental levels (local, state, and federal).

PRO Full Form in School

Full Form of PRO in School is – Educational Public Relations Officers

What Does PRO Stand For?

PRO stands for – Professional 

Profession refers to the specific business operation norms used to describe a certain stage of a career, a certain group of people, to earn a living, and to engage in a long period of time in human social science and technology progress and life production practice.

It also refers to the academic categories established by higher education or secondary professional schools based on the needs of the division of social specialties.

The generalized profession refers to the specific labor characteristics of a certain profession which is different from other professions.

Specialties in a narrow sense mainly refer to certain specific social occupations. Practitioners in such occupations are participated in relatively advanced, complex, and highly technical mental work. Most of the professions understood by ordinary people refer to such specific professions.

All Full Forms of PRO

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of PRO.

Sr. No.TermCategoryPRO Full Form
1PRORailroadPacific Railcar Operators
2PROUncategorizedPacific Region office
3PROUncategorizedPacific Regional Office
4PROMilitaryPacific Research Office
5PROUncategorizedPacific Rim Operation
6PROUncategorizedPackaging Recovery Organisation
7PROUncategorizedPackaging Retail Observatory
8PROUncategorizedPacket Re-Ordering
9PROJuridicalPaddock Radical Options
10PROCouponPain Relief Orthotics
11PROUncategorizedPain Relief Orthotics
12PROBiochemistryParallel With Those Of Related Serine
13PROMolecular BiologyParallel With Those Of Serine
14PROGhostParanormal Research Organization
15PROSchoolParent Reaching Out
16PROEducational And HealthParent Resource Organization
17PROUncategorizedParental Responsibility Order
18PROParenthoodParents Reaching Out
19PROSocietyParents' Rights Organization
20PROUncategorizedPark and recreation opportunities
21PROUncategorizedParkinson's Resource Organization
22PROUncategorizedParks & Recreation Ontario
23PROTechnologyParks and Recreation Ontario
24PROUncategorizedParliamentary Relations Office
25PROUncategorizedParte Restraining Order
26PROPublic HealthParticipant-Reported Outcomes
27PROUncategorizedParticipating Resellers Only
28PROUncategorizedPartner Reported Opportunities
29PROUncategorizedParts Retailer Online
30PROMusicPasadena Roof Orchestra
31PROUncategorizedPassenger Rail Oklahoma
32PROUncategorizedPatient Recruitment Organizations
33PROPharmaceuticalPatient Reported Outcome
34PROMedicalPatient Resource Office
35PROUncategorizedPatient Results Online
36PROPharmaceuticalPatient-Reported Outcome
38PROOutcomePatients-Reported Outcomes
39PROSightPatrol Rifle Optic
40PROTechnologyPayload Rack Officer
41PROTechnologyPayload Rack Operator
42PROUncategorizedPayment Release Order
43PROUncategorizedPayments Resource One
44PROUncategorizedPeace Road Organization
45PROPharmaceuticalPeer Review Organisation
46PROUncategorizedPeers Reaching Out
47PROInformation TechnologyPeking Ragnarok Online
48PROEducationalPeople Relating to Others
49PRONormal BusinessPeople, Resources, and Organizations
50PROArmyPerfectly Respectful Obedience
51PROTechnologyPerformance and Resource Optimization
52PROUncategorizedPerformance Reliability Opportunity
53PROManagementPerformance Requirement Options
54PROOccupation & PositionsPerformance Reward Options
55PROPerforming ArtsPerformance Rights Organization
56PROMusicPerforming Rights Organization
57PROLawPermanent Restraining Order
58PROAirport CodePerry Municipal Airport
59PROPoliticsPersonnel Records On-Line
60PROArmyPersonnel Recovery Officer
61PROArchitecturePeterson Rich Office
62PROCompanies or OrganizationsPhotographic Research Organization
63PROPharmaceuticalPhysician Review Organization
64PROSocietyPittsburgh Relies On
65PROInformation TechnologyPittsburgh Roleplaying Organization
66PROTechnologyPlanning and Reporting Officer
67PROAthleticsPlayer Referee Organization
68PROAthleticsPlayer Run Organization
69PROTechnologyPolice Regional Office
70PROSocietyPopulation Renewal Office
71PROSocietyPositive Recreation Opportunities
72PROInternational BusinessPractical Local Opportunity
73PROLocalPray Review Organize
74PROEducationalPrecision Residue Opener
75PROJuridicalPredicament, Response, and Outcome
76PROInternetPredictable Research Online
77PRORelationPress Relations Officer
78PROUncategorizedPress Releases October
79PROPressurePressure Retarded Osmosis
80PROJuridicalPride, Respect, and Opportunity
81PROWindsurfingPrincipal Race Officer
82PROUncategorizedPrincipal Research Officer
83PROArmyPriority Repair Order
84PROFunnyProbing Rectal Orifices
85PROOccupation & PositionsProfessional
86PROInternet - Domain NamesPROfessional
87PROUncategorizedProfessional Racing Outboard
88PROParks & RecreationProfessional Recreation Organization
89PROSoccerProfessional Referee Organization
90PROOccupation & PositionsProfessional Rental Owner
91PROPharmaceuticalProfessional Review Organisation
92PROAthleticsProfessional Rugby Organization
93PROUncategorizedProfessional, Realistic, Organic
96PROInformation TechnologyProfile Configuration Data
97PROEndocrine SystemProgesterone
98PROLondon Stock ExchangeProgressive Dig
99PROJuridicalProgressive Re-integration Opportunity
100PROBiophysicsProgressive Resolution Optimizer
101PROUncategorizedProgressive Rotating Order
102PROArmyProper Ram-air Orientation
103PROASX SymbolsProphecy International Holdings, LTD.
104PROComputingProtein Ontology
105PROGeographyPublic Record Office
106PRODubaiPublic Relation Officer
107PROBusinessPublic Relations Office
108PROPublishingPublic Relations Official
109PROVoluntary OrganizationPublic Research Organization
110PROPropertyPublishing Roles Ontology
111PROMusicPunk Rock Orchestra

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about PRO. If you want more information about PRO, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

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