SPM Full Form

SPM Full Form

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SPM Full Form

The term SPM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

SPM Full Form is – Suspended Particulate Matter

SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) are comprising particles that are suspended in the atmospheric environment having a size less than 10 μm in diameter.

Suspended particles (noted PM in English for Particulate matter) include microscopic matter suspended in air or water.
Airborne particles are called aerosols. The toxicity of particles in suspension is mainly due to particles with a diameter of less than 10 μm, the largest being arrested and then eliminated in the nose and upper respiratory tract.
The particles in suspension in the water are treated by mechanical, biological (bacterial filtration, etc.), physico-chemical (precipitation, etc.) processes in wastewater treatment plants.


SPM – Scanning Probe Microscope

SPM (Scanning Probe Microscope) is a generic name for microscopes that is used to produce images of nanoscale structures and surfaces including atoms.


SPM Full Form in Engineering

Software Project Management


SPM Full Form in Pollution

Suspended Particulate Matter


SPM Machine Full Form

Special Purpose Machine

SPM (Special Purpose Machine) are those machine which are not available for regular sell or work. These machine are not manufactured in standard manufacturing process.


What Does SPM Stand For?

SPM stands for – Suspended Particulate Matter


What is SPM Meaning

The term SPM can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of SPM is – Suspended Particulate Matter


All Full Forms of SPM

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of SPM.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of SPM, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term SPM.

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Sr. No.TermCategorySPM Full Form
1SPMAirlineAir Saint Pierre
2SPMNeuroanatomyMedial Spiriform Nucleus
3SPMUncategorizedPerformance Monitoring
4SPMEducationalPortuguese Society of Mathematics
5SPMManagementProperty Management
6SPMUncategorizedSaint Pierre and Miquelon
7SPMLocationsSaint Pierre and Miquelon
8SPMFranceSaint-Pierre et Miquelon
9SPMManagementSales Performance Management
10SPMSaleSales Performance Management
11SPMSaleSales Promotion Man
12SPMUncategorizedSalford Predictive Modeler
13SPMUncategorizedSalt Package Manager
14SPMPlanningSample Planning Module
15SPMUncategorizedSampled Piano Module
16SPMJuridicalSanction Penalty Month
17SPMScienceScanned Probe Microscopy
18SPMEducationalScanning Probe Microscope
19SPMUncategorizedScanning Probe Microscopes
20SPMMicroscopeScanning Probe Microscopes
21SPMEducationalScanning Probe Microscopy
22SPMMedicalScanning Probe Microscopy
23SPMChemistryScanning Proton Microprobe
24SPMPharmaceuticalscapuloperoneal myopathy
25SPMMedicalScapuloperoneal Myopathy
26SPMAthleticsSchmidt Peterson MotorAthletics
27SPMAcademic & ScienceScience Per Minute
28SPMCosmosScience Products Module
29SPMManagementScientific Pest Management
30SPMToronto Stock ExchangeScorpio Mining Corporation
31SPMUncategorizedScratch Pad Memoriesb
34SPMInformation TechnologyScratch Pad Memory
35SPMHorseSeasonal Pasture Myopathy
36SPMMedicalSecond primary malignancies
37SPMPharmaceuticalSecond Primary Malignancy
38SPMOncologySecond Primary Malignancy
39SPMUncategorizedSecure Partition Manager
40SPMComputer SecuritySecurity Policy Model
41SPMManagementSecurity Posture Management
42SPMNormal BusinessSecurity Program Manager
43SPMManagementSecurity Project Management
44SPMEducationalSelection Principles in Mathematics
45SPMUncategorizedSelf Phase Modulation
46SPMTechnologySelf Phase Modulation
47SPMUncategorizedSelf Propelled Mount
48SPMArmySelf- Propelled Mount
49SPMEducationalSelf-Phase Modulation
50SPMTelecomSelf-Phase Modulation
51SPMMilitarySelf-Propelled Mount
52SPMUncategorizedSemua Paper Mati
53SPMProductSenior Product Manager
54SPMMilitarySenior Program Manager
55SPMUncategorizedSenior Project Manager
56SPMProcessingSensory Processing Measure
57SPMUncategorizedSentry Power Manager
58SPMComputingSequential Pattern Mining
59SPMTechnologySequential Processing Machine
60SPMEngineeringService Performance Measure
61SPMManagementService Portfolio Management
62SPMInformation TechnologySession Protocol Machine
63SPMTechnologySession Protocol Machine
64SPMInformation TechnologySet Program Mask
65SPMUnit MeasuresSheets Per Minute
66SPMUncategorizedShock Pulse Monitoring
67SPMOilShots Per Meter
68SPMUnit MeasuresShots Per Minute
69SPMLocal - CountriesSic Parvis Magna
70SPMOilSide Pocket Mandrel
71SPMOilSide Pocket Mandrel Or Strokes Per Minute
72SPMUncategorizedSignage Package Module
73SPMMedicalSignificance Probability Mapping
74SPMScienceSignificant Permit Modification
75SPMCompanies or OrganizationsSijil Pelajaran Malaysia
76SPMMalaysiaSijil Pelajaran Malaysia
77SPMUncategorizedSimple Punya Matter
78SPMEducationalSine Prole Mascula
79SPMGenealogySine Prole Mascula
80SPMTransportationSingle Point Mooring
81SPMEngineeringSingle Point Mooring
82SPMArmySingle Port Manager
83SPMUncategorizedSiouxland Public Media
84SPMCompanies or OrganizationsSirpur Paper Mills Limited
85SPMProseSistem Pengendalian Manajemen
86SPMUS GovernmentSite Project Manager
87SPMUncategorizedSitting Pose Monitor
88SPMArmySleep/Performance Model
89SPMMachiningSmiles Per Mile
91SPMUncategorizedSo Payam Men
92SPMMedicalSocial and Preventative Medicine
93SPMPharmaceuticalSocial and Preventive Medicine
94SPMManagementSocial Performance Management
95SPMMicrofinanceSocial Performance Management
96SPMUncategorizedSociedade Portuguesa De Matem
98SPMEducationalSociety for Phenomenology and Media
99SPMPharmaceuticalSociety of Pharmaceutical Medicine
100SPMMedicalSociety of Pharmaceutical Medicine
101SPMCosmosSoft-Proton Monitor
102SPMInformation TechnologySoftware Performance Monitor
103SPMProjectionSoftware Portfolio Management
104SPMInformation TechnologySoftware Process Measurement
105SPMNuclearSoftware Program Manual
106SPMInformation TechnologySoftware Programmers Manual
107SPMArmySoftware Programmers Manual
108SPMTechnologySoftware Programmer's Manual
109SPMInformation TechnologySoftware project management
110SPMComputingSoftware Project Management
111SPMTechnologySoftware Project Manager
112SPMTechnologySolar Power Module
113SPMTechnologySolar Proton Monitor
114SPMUncategorizedSolid and Physical Modeling
115SPMUncategorizedSolid Particulate Matter
116SPMEnvironmentalSolid Pollution Matter
117SPMUncategorizedSolution Platform Modular
118SPMSomaliaSomali Patriotic Movement
119SPMArmySound Powered Microphone
120SPMElectronicsSound Powered Microphone
121SPMUncategorizedSource of Particulate Matter
122SPMInformation TechnologySource Package Module
123SPMUncategorizedSource Path Message
124SPMTechnologySource Program Maintenance
125SPMSocietySouth Park Mexican
126SPMJuridicalSouth Park Mexicans
127SPMMartial ArtsSouthern Praying Mantis
128SPMNASA - SpaceSpace Switch Module
129SPMAirportSpangdahlem Air Base
130SPMSportsSpartak Moscow
131SPMTechnologySpatial Pyramid Matching
132SPMPharmaceuticalSpatiotemporal Population Map
133SPMHealthSpecial Public Money
134SPMArmySpecial Purpose Machine
135SPMArmySpecial Purpose Material
136SPMPharmaceuticalSpecial Purpose Monitor
137SPMAir PollutionSpecial Purpose Monitor
138SPMScienceSpecial Purpose Monitoring
139SPMAllergySpecialized Pro-resolving Mediators
140SPMUncategorizedSpeed Precision and Musicality
141SPMMusicSpeed, Phase, and Music
142SPMASX SymbolsSpeewah Metals Ltd
143SPMSAPSpend Performance Management
144SPMToxicologySperm Morphology
148SPMAllergySpleen Mononuclear
149SPMPharmaceuticalspontaeous pneumomediastinum
150SPMMedicalspontaneous pneumomediastinum
151SPMRespiratorySpontaneous Pneumomediastinum
152SPMConstructionSprinkler Main
153SPMInformation TechnologySpy Password Manager
154SPMCybersecuritySpy Password Manager
155SPMUncategorizedSquad Power Manager
156SPMManagementSquad Power Manager
157SPMUncategorizedSt Peter Marian
158SPMUncategorizedStandard Particles Material
159SPMUncategorizedStandard Pelayanan Minimal
160SPMInformation TechnologyStandard Port Monitor
161SPMTechnologyStandard Practices Manual
162SPMManufacturingStandard Process Modules
163SPMUncategorizedStandard Progresif Matrisler
164SPMUncategorizedStandard Progressive Matrices
165SPMMedicalStandard Progressive Matrices
166SPMUncategorizedStandard Protein Markers
167SPMInformation TechnologyStar Power Mario
168SPMGamingStar Power Mario
169SPMUncategorizedStartup Project Metrics
170SPMCommunityState Program Manager
171SPMUncategorizedStatic Package Manager
172SPMComputingStatistical Packet Multiplexing
173SPMPharmaceuticalStatistical Parametric Map
174SPMMedicalStatistical Parametric Map
175SPMEducationalStatistical Parametric Mapping
176SPMMedicalStatistical Parametric Mapping
177SPMEducationalStatistical Parametric Maps
178SPMMedicalStatistical Parametric Maps
179SPMUncategorizedSteam Pipe Monitoring
180SPMManagementStephens Property Management
181SPMUncategorizedSteps Per Minute
182SPMSports MedicineSteps Per Minute
183SPMBusinessStitch Per Minutes
184SPMClothingStitches per Minute
185SPMUncategorizedStorage Pool Manager
186SPMManagementStrategic Portfolio Management
187SPMModelStress Process Model
188SPMUncategorizedStrides Per Minute
189SPMUnit MeasuresStrokes Per Minute
190SPMRowingStrokes Per Minute
191SPMUncategorizedStrokes Per Minutes
192SPMNASA - SpaceSubsystem Project Manager
193SPMBusinessSubsystem Project Manager
194SPMUncategorizedSuction Pump Massage
195SPMClimateSummary for Policy Makers
196SPMEnvironmentSummary for Policymakers
197SPMNASA - SpaceSun Photometer
198SPMFunnySuper Paper Mario
199SPMUncategorizedSuper Pursuit Mode
200SPMUncategorizedSupermicro Power Manager
202SPMUncategorizedSuperuser Privilege Management
203SPMUncategorizedSupplemental Poverty Measure
204SPMMedicalSupplemental Poverty Measure
205SPMComputingSupplier Performance Management
207SPMUncategorizedSurface Permanent Magnet
208SPMUS GovernmentSuspended Parliamentary Matter
209SPMUncategorizedSuspended Particle Matter
210SPMUncategorizedSuspended Particles Material
211SPMUncategorizedSuspended Particulate Materials
212SPMEducationalSuspended Particulate Matter
213SPMToxicologySuspended Particulate Matter
214SPMManagementSustainable Portfolio Management
215SPMUnit MeasuresSyllables Per Minute
216SPMPharmaceuticalSynaptic Plasma Membrane
217SPMMedicalSynaptic Plasma Membranes
218SPMPharmaceuticalSynaptosomal Plasma Membrane
219SPMPharmaceuticalSyncytiotrophoblast Plasma Membranes
220SPMInformation TechnologySystem Performance Monitor
221SPMComputingSystem Performance Monitor
222SPMInformation TechnologySystem Performance Monitor/2
223SPMArmySystem Program Manager
224SPMPoliticsSystem Programming and Maintenance
225SPMInformation TechnologyWordPerfect Data

DGCA Full Form


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