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STP Full Form

STP Full Form

STP Full Form: What Does STP Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of STP is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of STP but also get detailed information about STP. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does STP stand for?

STP Full Form

STP Full Form is – Sewage Treatment Plant

A sewage treatment plant is a facility that collects waste from a variety of sources, including residential, commercial, and industrial. STP then filters these wastes, eliminating the toxic compounds that damage water quality and threaten public health. Then finally it released into rivers, canals, and other water bodies.

What Does STP Stand For?

STP stands for – Scientifically Treated Petroleum

STP Represents Scientifically Treated Petroleum. Founded in 1954 in the USA, the provider has a strong history with engine racing, letting it establish the top excellent nature of its own products. STP can be a new and trade name to its automotive additives and operation branch of Armored AutoGroup.

What Does STP Stand For in Chemistry?

Standard Temperature and Pressure

All Full Forms of STP

Here is the complete list of Full Form of STP.

Sr. No.TermCategorySTP Full Form
1STP TransportationSailing To Philadelphia
2STP MedicalSalt-Tolerant Protein
3STP Normal BusinessSame Ten People
4STP Internet - ChatSame Time Post
5STP Companies or OrganizationsSandberg Translation Partners
6STP Country CodeSao Tome and Principe
7STP Local - CountriesSao Tome e Principe
8STP EducationalSave The Planet
9STP Academic & ScienceSaving The Planet
10STP AthleticsScenario Tables Pool
11STP EducationalScience and Technology Policy
12STP Companies or OrganizationsScientifically Treated Petroleum
13STP UncategorizedScientist Training Programme
14STP TransportationSeattle To Portland
15STP Companies or OrganizationsSeattle Tunnel Partners
16STP Information TechnologySecret Tweaker Pad
17STP ArmySecurity Technical Procedure
19STP Internet - ChatSee The People
20STP ArmySegmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
21STP EducationalSelf Test Problem
22STP NASA - SpaceSelf-Test Program
23STP SocietySerenity, Tranquility, and Peace
24STP Information TechnologyServer Time Protocol
25STP ArmyService Transformation Project
26STP UncategorizedSessional Teaching Payroll
27STP UncategorizedSet Transmission Power
28STP Local StatesSewage Treatment Plant
29STP PharmaceuticalSexually Transmitted Phosphates
30STP Information TechnologyShielded Twisted Pair
31STP Normal BusinessShip To Party
32STP Normal BusinessShort Term Plan
33STP PharmaceuticalShort Term Plasticity
34STP ArmyShort Term Project
35STP Local - CountriesShort-Term Potentiation
36STP PharmaceuticalShort-Term Program
37STP Internet - ChatShot To Pieces
38STP NASA - SpaceShuttle Technology Panel
39STP Companies or OrganizationsSierra Trading Post
40STP Information TechnologySignal Transfer Point
41STP UncategorizedSignificantly Taller People
42STP Police ForceSilver Top Posse
43STP Normal BusinessSimplified Technical Proposal
44STP Travel & TourismSingapore Tourist Pass
45STP UncategorizedSingle Touch Payroll
46STP ManufacturingSituation Target Proposal
47STP Normal BusinessSmall Team Project
48STP UncategorizedSmall Time Partner
49STP AthleticsSmothers, Tackles, Punches
50STP EducationalSociety of Toxicologic Pathologists
51STP AccountingSociety of Turnaround Professionals
52STP AthleticsSoft Tail Pro bicycle
53STP Companies or OrganizationsSoftware Technology Park
54STP ArmySoftware Test Plan
55STP Companies or OrganizationsSoftware Test Professionals
56STP EducationalSolar Terrestrial Physics
57STP UncategorizedSolar Terrestrial Probes
58STP NASA - SpaceSolar Terrestrial Probes program
59STP Normal BusinessSold To Party
60STP CultivationSouth Texas Pinto Ranch
61STP UncategorizedSouth Texas Project
62STP Toronto Stock ExchangeSouthern Pacific Resource Corporation
63STP EducationalSpace Time Product
64STP Information TechnologySpanning Tree Protocol
65STP UncategorizedSpare Time Parishioners
66STP ArmySpecial Tactics Protocol
67STP PharmaceuticalSpecial Treatment Program
68STP UncategorizedSpecialist Training Program
69STP Normal BusinessSpecialized Targeted Positioning
70STP UncategorizedSpecialized Transition Program
71STP Companies or OrganizationsSpecialty Technical Publishers
72STP Information TechnologySpeed Test Pro
73STP AthleticsSport Target Pistol
74STP Companies or OrganizationsStainless Tubular Products
75STP EducationalStandard Temperature and Pressure
76STP PharmaceuticalStandard Temperature and Pulse
77STP UncategorizedStandard Temperature Pressure
78STP UncategorizedStandard Tokenization Protocol
79STP EducationalStatistical and Thermal Physics
80STP SocietyStick Theme Park
81STP Stock ExchangeStock Trade Platform
82STP FunnyStomp The Petroleum
83STP Science FictionStone Temple Pilots
84STP MusicStones Touring Party
85STP PharmaceuticalStop The Pain
86STP Media CenterStop The Presses
87STP Stock ExchangeStraight Through Processing
88STP Information TechnologyStraight To Paper
89STP UncategorizedStraight to Pocket
90STP Normal BusinessStrategic Technology Planning
91STP SocietyStreet Trail Park
92STP ProductsStudebaker Tested Product
93STP EducationalStudent technology programme
94STP EducationalStudent Top Performance
95STP LocalStudy, Teach, Pray
96STP JuridicalStuffing The Pipe
97STP US GovernmentStupid Trump Presidency
98STP FunnyStupid Tubby Principal
99STP ProductsSubmersible Turbine Pump
100STP NourishmentSugar Topped Pastry
101STP Parks & RecreationSumgait Technologies Park
102STP SchoolsSummer Teaching Program
103STP EducationalSummer Training Program
104STP UncategorizedSummer Treatment Program
105STP PharmaceuticalSuperficial ThromboPhlebitis
106STP UncategorizedSupervisory Training Program
107STP TransportationSurface Transportation Program
108STP PharmaceuticalSustainability and Transformation Partnerships
109STP PharmaceuticalSustainability and Transformation Plan
110STP TransportationSustainable Transportation Professional
111STP Information TechnologySwiss Technology Production
112STP Voluntary OrganizationSwords To Plowshares
113STP NASA - SpaceSystem Test Plan
114STP UncategorizedSystematic Transfer Plans

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about STP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than STP? Then please ask by comments or email.



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