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SUV Full Form

Dear Friends, are you want to know what is SUV full form is? If so, then are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of SUV, but also get detailed information about SUV.

Not only this, but you will also come to know the Meaning of SUV here.

In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of SUV or abbreviation of SUV related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible SUV Full Form and its meaning here.

SUV Full Form

The term SUV has many full forms, but out of which most relevant SUV Full Form is –

Sport Utility Vehicle

SUV Full Form in Cars

When we talk about SUV Vehicle, then SUV Cards Full Forms is a – Sport Utility Vehicle

SUV Full Form in Vehicle

SUV Vehicle Full Forms is – Sport Utility Vehicle

What Does SUV Stands For?

SUV stands for – Sport Utility Vehicle

SUV Meaning

The term SUV has many meanings, but the most relevant meaning of SUV is – Sport Utility Vehicle

All Full Forms of SUV

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term SUV.

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Sr. No.TermCategorySUV Full Form
1SUVAthleticsAthletics Utility Vehicle
2SUVAthleticsAthletics Utility Vehicles
3SUVAirport CodeNausori International Airport
4SUVFunnySafe Utility Vehicle
5SUVUncategorizedSaints Unified Voices
6SUVLocalSatan Under Veil
7SUVChurchSatan Under Veil
8SUVFunnySatanic Urban Vehicle
9SUVUS GovernmentSaudi Utility Vehicle
10SUVUSSaudi Utility Vehicle
11SUVFunnySausage Under Veils
12SUVOilSaybolt Universal Viscosity
13SUVUncategorizedSchilletter & University Village
14SUVUncategorizedSeldom Used Volume
15SUVUncategorizedSelfish And Uncaring And Volute
16SUVUncategorizedSelfish Urban Vanity
17SUVTransportationSelfish Useless Vehicle
20SUVFunnySenseless Urban Vehicle
21SUVFunnySenseless Urban Vulgarity
22SUVTransportationSeriously Uncool Vehicle
23SUVTransportationSeriously Uncool Vehicle
24SUVFunnySeriously Useful Vehicle
25SUVFunnyShameful Unregulated Vehicle
26SUVFunnySheep United For Victory
27SUVFunnyShiny Unused Vehicle
28SUVLocal - CountriesShut Up Vehicle
29SUVInformation TechnologySilly Useless Value
30SUVFunnySimply Useless Vehicle
31SUVLocalSinfully Unholy Vehicle
34SUVChurchSinfully Unholy Vehicle
35SUVUncategorizedSize Utility Vehicle
36SUVFunnySlightly Upgraded Van
37SUVFunnySluggish Unbearable Vendor
38SUVUncategorizedSmall Unilamellar Vesicle
39SUVLiposomeSmall Unilamellar Vesicle
40SUVMedicalSmall Unilamellar Vesicles
41SUVMedicalsmall unilamellar vessel
42SUVScienceSmall Unit Verification
43SUVCarSmall Utility Vehicle
44SUVConceptSmart Urban Vehicle
45SUVTransportationSmart Utility Vehicle
46SUVFordSmart Utility Vehicle
47SUVFunnySmelly Utility Vehicle
48SUVFunnySnobs' Upperclass Van
49SUVFunnySoccermom's Ugly Van
50SUVFunnySocial Urban Vanity
51SUVTransportationSocially Unacceptable Vehicle
52SUVTransformerSociety of Ultimate Villainy
53SUVOncologySolar Ultraviolet
54SUVOncologySolar UV
55SUVUncategorizedSoldados Unidos Vencer
56SUVFunnySome Useful Virtues
57SUVFunnySon Of Ugh Vitch
58SUVMedicalSonicated unilamellar vesicles
59SUVWarSons of Union Veterans
60SUVGenealogySons of Union Veterans
61SUVMusicSons of Urban Virgin
62SUVUncategorizedSouped Up Version
63SUVCitySpace Utility Vehicle
64SUVUncategorizedSpecial Use Valuation
65SUVUncategorizedSpecial Use Vehicle
66SUVCarSpecial Utility Vehicle
67SUVUncategorizedSpecialist and Utility Vehicles
68SUVUncategorizedSpecialo Uzdevumu Vieniba
69SUVUncategorizedSpecials Used Vehicle
70SUVUncategorizedSpecification Uber Vague
71SUVFunnySpectacularly Ugly Vehicle
72SUVFunnySpinal Utility Vehicle
73SUVEmergencySpontaneous Uncertified Volunteer
74SUVTransportationSport Utility Vehicle
75SUVAutomotiveSport utility vehicle
76SUVTechnologySport Utility Vehicle
77SUVTransportationSport utility vehicles
78SUVTransportationSport Utility Vehicles
79SUVFunnySport Utility Volvo
80SUVConceptSports Utility Vehicle
81SUVBoatSports Utility Vessel
82SUVUncategorizedSport-Utility Vehicles
83SUVTransportationSprots Utility Vehicle
84SUVFunnySquare Underpowered Vehicle
85SUVFunnySquashes Uther Vehicles
86SUVArmyStaff Utility Vehicle
87SUVPharmaceuticalStandard Uptake Value
88SUVMedicalStandardised uptake values
89SUVUncategorizedStandardized Uptake Value
91SUVMedicalStandardized Uptake Value
92SUVImmigrationStart-up Visa
93SUVTransportationStuck Under Vehicle
94SUVFunnyStuck Up Vehicle
95SUVFunnyStupendously Ugly Vehicle
96SUVFunnyStupendously Useless Vehicle
97SUVFunnyStupid Unsafe Vehicle
98SUVFunnyStylish Urban Vehicle
99SUVNormal BusinessSuave Useful And Visionary
100SUVTransportationSuburban Urban Vehicle
101SUVTransportationSuburban Utility Vehicle
102SUVTransportationSuddenly Uncontrollable Vehicle
103SUVAirlineSundance Air
104SUVTransportationSuper Useful Vehicle
105SUVFunnySupercharged Unstopable Vehicle
106SUVFunnySupercilious Universal Vanity
107SUVFunnySupremely Unwieldly Vehicle
108SUVFunnySupremely Useless Vehicle
109SUVFunnySustainable Use Vehicle
110SUVLocal - Airport CodesSuva, Fiji
111SUVEducationalSydney University Village

SUV – Sport Utility Vehicle

The SUV is associate degree introduction to the sports utility vehicle. it’s conjointly referred to as ‘Suburban Utility Vehicle’. There was a thought behind the invention of this vehicle sort. it absolutely was to mix the comfort of a motortruck, carriage and therefore the capability of a car.

In different words, the SUV offers the simplest of those segments. Technically, a sports utility vehicle is usually associate degree all-wheel-drive i.e. 4X4 vehicle. it’s a typical thought to think about 4X2 vehicles because the sports utility vehicle solely the styling half.

What is SUV Automotive

An SUV isn’t usually specified, and therefore the use of the term varies between countries. Some definitions claim that associate degree SUV ought to be engineered on a light-weight truck chassis; but, broad definitions contemplate associate degreey vehicle to be an SUV with cross-country style options. A crossover SUV is usually outlined as associate degree SUV engineered with unibody construction (with rider cars), though in several cases the crossover is named a bus SUV. In some countries – like the us – SUVs ar classified as “light trucks”, leading to additional lenient rules than rider cars.

Final Words

So friends, I hope you get what you want to know about SUV. If you want more information about SUV, please let me know through comments or you can write me mail.

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than SUV? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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