VOM Full Form

VOM Full Form

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VOM Full Form

The term VOM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

VOM Full Form is – VOM Audio Products


What Does VOM Stand For?

VOM stands for – VOM Audio Products


What is VOM Meaning

The term VOM can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of VOM is – VOM Audio Products


All Full Forms of VOM

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of VOM.

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Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term VOM.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryVOM Full Form
1VOMMedical Vomit
2VOMAccountingValue Of Money
3VOMNon-Profit OrganizationsVoice Of the Martyrs
4VOMInternetValley Of the Moon
5VOMElectronicsVolt-Ohm Meter
6VOMMedicalVeterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
7VOMNews & MediaVoice Of Maine
9VOMMiscellaneousVolt Ohm Meter
10VOMMiscellaneousVeil of Maya
11VOMMiscellaneousVoices On Mics
12VOMMiscellaneousVolt Ohm Milliammeter
13VOMMiscellaneousVeritas Operations Manager
14VOMMiscellaneousVolt Ohm Megohmmeter
15VOMMiscellaneousVan Os Modern
16VOMTransportationVehicle Operations and Maintenance
17VOMMiscellaneousVein Of Marshall
18VOMMedicalVeterinary Osteopathic Manipulation
19VOMMiscellaneousVision Of Murder
20VOMMiscellaneousVoice Of Mysore
21VOMMiscellaneousVolatile Organic Matter
22VOMMiscellaneousVolts Ohms Meter
23VOMMortgageVerification Of Mortgage
25VOMElectronicsVolt-Ohm Meter
26VOMTechnologyVolt Ohm Meter
27VOMAmateur RadioVolt-Ohm-Meter
28VOMMiscellaneousVolt Ohm Meters
29VOMMortgageVerification Of Mortgage
30VOMBusinessVerification of Mortgage
34VOMTechnicalVolt OhmMeter
35VOMVeterinaryVeterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
36VOMAnimalVeterinary Orthopedic Manipulation
37VOMAccountingValue of Money
38VOMVaultVaults of Madness
39VOMCardiologyVein Of Marshall
40VOMVictimVictim-Offender Mediation
41VOMChurchVoice of the Martyrs
42VOMForumVoltage Ohm Meters
43VOMMiscellaneousValley of the Moon
44VOMConveyanceValue of Originating Material
45VOMMiscellaneousValue of Originating Materials
46VOMMiscellaneousVariable Operations and Maintenance
47VOMEnergyVariable Operations And Maintenance
48VOMEnergyVariable Operating and Maintenance costs
49VOMMiscellaneousVehicle Order Management
50VOMMiscellaneousVeil Of Maya
51VOMMedicalvein of Marshall
52VOMMiscellaneousVendor of the Month
53VOMMiscellaneousvergunning op maat
54VOMManagementVeritas Operations Manager
55VOMEnvironmental HealthVertebral Osteomyelitis
56VOMMiscellaneousVessel Operations Manual
57VOMJusticeVictim Offender Mediation
58VOMMiscellaneousVictim Offender Meetings
59VOMMiscellaneousVideo of the Month
60VOMMiscellaneousVideo Output Modules
61VOMBandungViking Original Merchandise
62VOMMiscellaneousVirtual On Marz
63VOMMiscellaneousVirtual Operators Monitoring
64VOMMiscellaneousVirtual Organization Management
65VOMOrganizationsVirtual Organisation Management
66VOMMiscellaneousVision on Mission
67VOMToolVisual Ontology Modeler
68VOMMiscellaneousVodkaimport og mannskor
69VOMMiscellaneousVoice Of Madness
70VOMMediaVoice Of Maine
71VOMRadioVoice of Malaysia
72VOMMaldivesVoice of Maldives
73VOMMiscellaneousVoice of Management
74VOMMarketingVoice of Market
75VOMPersecutionVoice of Martyrs
76VOMMiscellaneousVoice of McDonald
77VOMMiscellaneousVoice of Mediterranean
78VOMMiscellaneousVoice of Mongolia
79VOMMiscellaneousVoice of Music
80VOMMiscellaneousVoice of Myanmar
81VOMCustomerVoice of the Market
82VOMMiscellaneousVoice of the Mediterranean
83VOMMiscellaneousVoice of the Mountains
84VOMTechnologyVoice Only Messaging
85VOMMiscellaneousVoice Operated Microphone
86VOMMiscellaneousVoices of Music
87VOMMiscellaneousVolatile Organic Material
88VOMMiscellaneousVolatile Organic Matter
89VOMEnvironmental HealthVolatiles Organic Matter
91VOMChemistryVolatile Organic Metabolites
92VOMMiscellaneousVolt-Ohm-Amp Meter
96VOMMiscellaneousVolt-Ohm Milliammeter
97VOMManualVolt Ohm Milliammeter
99VOMMiscellaneousVolt Ohm Millimeter
101VOMMiscellaneousVolt-Ohm Meters
102VOMTechnologyVolt/Ohm Meter
103VOMElectricityVolt-Ohm Multimeter
104VOMTechnologyVolt Ohmmeter
106VOMTechnologyVolt Ohm Milliampere
107VOMManualVolt Ohm Milliammeter
108VOMElectricityVolt Ohm Multimeter
109VOMMiscellaneousVolt Ohms Meter
110VOMMiscellaneousVoting Ordained Minister
111VOMMiscellaneousValue Operations Methodology


Volt-Ohm-Milli-Ammeter (VOM)

A multimeter or a multitester, otherwise called VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), is an electronic estimation gadget that joins various estimation capacities into one unit. A typical multimeter can quantify voltage, current, and obstruction. Simple multimeters utilize a micrometer with a moving pointer to show the perusing. The advanced multimeter (DMM, DVOM) has a mathematical showcase and can likewise show a graphical bar speaking to estimate the estimation. Computerized multimeters are presently bigger than-ordinary multimeters because of lower cost and are more exact.

A voltage analyzer and a congruity analyser are adequate for some indicative assignments, and they are generally economical. Be that as it may, for more genuine electrical and hardware investigating and fix, put resources into a volt-ohm-millimeter or a volt-ohm meter (VOM). A VOM is battery controlled and is utilized with current off. It is utilized to check for congruity in a wire or segment and to quantify the current – from 0 to 250 volts, AC (exchanging current, in homes) or DC (direct current, as in batteries) – Flows through a wire or segment.

A multitasker is utilized with a module test lead, which may have tests at the two finishes or tests toward one side and a gator cut at the other. A modification handle or switch is set to gauge the current on the ideal scale, generally ohms. The dial demonstrates the current coursing through the thing being tried.


Meaning of Volt-Ohm-Milli-Ammeter (VOM)

Multimeter or volt-ohm-milli-ammeter (VOM) is a kind of meter that performs numerous capacities. As it were, VOM has various estimation capacities joined into one unit. Multimeters are utilized to quantify voltage, current, and obstruction. It has a hardware switch that makes the meter demonstration like a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter.


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