VRS Full Form

VRS Full Form

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VRS Full Form

The term VRS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant VRS Full Form is –

VRS – Voluntary Retirement Scheme

What Does VRS Stands For?

VRS stands for – Voluntary Retirement Scheme

What is VRS Meaning

The term VRS was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of VRS is – Voluntary Retirement Scheme

VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) is a method used by many companies to reduce surplus employees.

VRS applies to any employee whose 10 years of service is completed or he is more than 40 years old. Also, it can be apply to all employees, include workers and officers of a company or a cooperative society. But it is not applicable to the directors of a company or cooperative society.

All Full Forms of VRS

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term VRS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryVRS Full Forms
1VRSVirologyHCMV Response Sites
2VRSAirportRoy Otten Memorial Airfield
4VRSUnategorizedV2500 Repair Scheme
5VRSUnategorizedVacation Recreational Services
6VRSParasitologyVaccinated Rabbit Serum
7VRSJigVacuum & Router Support
8VRSJigVacuum and Router Support
9VRSBiophysicsVacuum Rabi Splitting
10VRSUnategorizedVacuum Regulator Solenoid
11VRSUnategorizedVacuum Release System
12VRSUnategorizedVacuum Release System
13VRSUnategorizedVacuum Release Systems
14VRSTechnologyVacuum Relief System
15VRSNASA - SpaceVacuum Resource System
16VRSTechnologyVacuum Resource System
17VRSUnategorizedVacuum Retad Switch
18VRSScienceVacuum Retrieval System
19VRSUnategorizedVade Retro Satan
20VRSBenedictVade retro satana
21VRSSkinVaginal Rejuvenation System
22VRSLaserVaginal Relaxation Syndrome
23VRSPharmacologyVaginal Rings
24VRSServiceValley Residential Services
25VRSUnategorizedValorisation des R
27VRSReportValuation & Research Specialists
28VRSUnategorizedValue Recovery Systems
29VRSDumpValue Representations
30VRSPropertyValuer Registration Scheme
31VRSPropertyValuers Registration Scheme
32VRSProductsValve Regrind Set
33VRSEducationalVancouver Resource Society
34VRSProductsVapor Recovery System
35VRSOilfieldVapor Recovery System
36VRSUncategorizedVariable Rate Shading
37VRSEnvironmental HealthVariable Regions
38VRSUncategorizedVariable Reluctance Sensor
39VRSAutomotiveVariable Reluctance Sensor
40VRSUncategorizedVariable Return to Scale
41VRSUncategorizedVariable Returns to Scale
42VRSEfficiencyVariable Returns to Scale
43VRSInformation TechnologyVariable Row Spacing
44VRSUncategorizedVariation Reduction Solutions
45VRSTransportationVehicle Reconnaissance System
46VRSTransportationVehicle Recovery System
47VRSArmyVehicle Registration System
48VRSTransportationVehicle Repeater System
49VRSNeurologyVentral Roots
50VRSMedicalVentricular Rate Stabilization
51VRSPharmaceuticalVerbal Rating Scale
52VRSMedicalVerbal Rating Scale
53VRSMedicalVerbal Rating Score
54VRSSurgeryVerbal Response Scale
55VRSUncategorizedVerification Router Service
56VRSUncategorizedVerkehrsverbund Rhein Sieg
57VRSUncategorizedVerkehrsverbund Rhein Siegen
58VRSUncategorizedVertical Reality Simulations
59VRSUncategorizedVery Rude Skoda
60VRSVeteransVeteran Resource Services
61VRSUncategorizedVeterinarian Recommended Solutions
62VRSGloveVibration Reduction System
63VRSAthleticsVictor Rally Sport
64VRSAthleticsVictories and Rally Sport
65VRSAthleticsVictory Red Speed
66VRSMilitaryVideo Recording System
67VRSEducationalVideo Relay Service
68VRSTechnologyVideo Relay Service
69VRSUncategorizedVideo Relay Services
70VRSInformation TechnologyVideo Rental Software
71VRSInformation TechnologyVideo Resource
72VRSOncologyVienna Rectoscopy Score
73VRSJuridicalViolence Risk Scale
74VRSMedicalViolence Risk Scale
75VRSNeurologyVirchow-Robin Spaces
76VRSLocal StatesVirginia Retirement System
77VRSAthleticsVirtual Racing School
78VRSMedia CenterVirtual Reality Scene
79VRSMedicalVirtual Reality Simulation
80VRSEducationalVirtual Reality Society
81VRSUncategorizedVirtual Reality Strategy
82VRSVirtualVirtual Reality System
83VRSUncategorizedVirtual Reference Station
84VRSNavigationvirtual reference station
85VRSGeographyVirtual Reference Station
86VRSInformation TechnologyVirtual ReScan
87VRSInformation TechnologyVirtual Rescan Software
88VRSInformation TechnologyVirtual Resource Solution
89VRSUncategorizedVisual Retail Security
90VRSLocal - CountriesVisual Roof Survey
91VRSOphthalmologyVitreoretinal Surgery
92VRSRehabilitationVocational Rehabilitation Service
93VRSPharmaceuticalVocational Rehabilitation Services
94VRSMedicalVocational Rehabilitation Services
95VRSInformation TechnologyVoice Recognition Software
96VRSMedicalVoice Recognition Software
97VRSMedia CenterVoice Recognition System
98VRSUncategorizedVoice Recognition Systems
99VRSInternet SlangVoice Recognition Systems
100VRSAircraftVoice Recording System
101VRSEducationalVoice Response System
102VRSTechnologyVoice Response System
103VRSPoliticsVojska Republike Srpske
104VRSAthleticsVolkswagen rally sport
105VRSEducationalVoltage-Regulated Static
106VRSElectronicsVoltage-Regulated Static
107VRSMedicalVolume Reduction Surgery
108VRSLocal StatesVoluntary Rescue Service
109VRSLocal StatesVoluntary Retirement Scheme
110VRSBankingVoluntary Retirement Scheme
111VRSUncategorizedVolunteer Reserve System
112VRSEducationalVortex Ring State
113VRSUncategorizedVoter Registration System

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