ADC Full Form

ADC Full Form

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ADC Full Form

The term ADC has many full form, but out of which most relevant Full Form is –

1) Analog-to-Digital Converter

2) Assistant Deputy Commissioner

ADC Full Form in Computer

Analog-to-Digital Converter

ADC Full Form in Police

Assistant Deputy Commissioner

What Does ADC Stands For?

ADC stands for – Analog-to-Digital Converter

ADC Meaning

The term ADC has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of ADC is – Analog-to-Digital Converter

All Full Forms of ADC

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Sr. No.TermCategoryADC Full Form
2ADCUncategorizedA D Converters
3ADCUncategorizedA Decent Carry
4ADCUncategorizeda Digital Camera
5ADCHealthAboriginal Development Commission
6ADCInformation TechnologyAccess Deficit Charge
7ADCUncategorizedAccountability Data Center
8ADCArmyAcoustic Device Countermeasure
9ADCBusinessAcquisition, Development and Construction
10ADCFunnyAcronym Development Company
11ADCInformation TechnologyActive Data Connector
12ADCUncategorizedActive Desktop Calendar
13ADCPharmaceuticalActive Diffusion Control
14ADCInformation TechnologyActive Directory Connector
15ADCGovernmentalActual Date of Confinement
16ADCUncategorizedAcuity Distributor Center
17ADCComputingAdaptive Data Compression
18ADCInformation TechnologyAdd with Carry
19ADCComputingAdd with Carry
20ADCUncategorizedAddition to Diffusion Contrast
21ADCUncategorizedAdditional Domain Controller
22ADCRAFAdditional Duties Commitment
23ADCNames and NicknamesAden Daniel Carl
25ADCPharmaceuticaladenylate cyclase
26ADCUncategorizedAdobe Developer Connection
27ADCPharmaceuticaladrenal cortex
28ADCPharmaceuticalAdult Day Care
29ADCMedicalAdult Day Care
30ADCPolice ForceAdult Detention Center
31ADCEducationalAdvanced Data Converter
34ADCConsultingAdvanced Design Consulting
35ADCUncategorizedAdvanced Direct Connect
36ADCComputingAdvanced Direct Connect
37ADCInformation TechnologyAdvanced Disk Catalog
38ADCComputingAdvanced Disk Catalog
39ADCUncategorizedAdvocate Defend Connect
40ADCEducationalAerospace Defense Command
41ADCAerospace EngineeringAerospace Defense Command
42ADCNASA - SpaceAerospace Development Center
43ADCPharmaceuticalAffective Disorders Clinic
44ADCNASA - SpaceAffiliated Data Center
45ADCNASAAffiliated Data Center
46ADCPoliticsAfrican Democratic Congress
47ADCLocal - AfricanAfrican Development Center
48ADCInformation TechnologyAfter Dark Charlie
49ADCCommitteesAfter Dark Committee
50ADCUS GovernmentAfter Date of Contract
51ADCEducationalAfter Death Communication
52ADCUncategorizedAg Data Coalition
53ADCPharmaceuticalAgar Diffusion Chamber
54ADCDogs RelatedAgility Dog of Canada
55ADCAgilityAgility Dog of Canada
56ADCNYSE SymbolsAgree Realty Corporation
57ADCCultivationAgricultural Data Coalition
58ADCLocal - GhanaAgricultural Development Corporation
59ADCKenyaAgricultural Development Corporation
60ADCCultivationAgricultural Digital Camera
62ADCUS GovernmentAid to Dependent Children
63ADCArmyAide De Camp
64ADCWW1Aide De Camp
67ADCUncategorizedAides De Camp
68ADCMedicalAIDS dementia complex
69ADCNeurologyAIDS Dementia Complex
70ADCPharmaceuticalAIDS-dementia complex
71ADCAircraft & AviationAir Data Computer
72ADCAvionicsAir Data Computer
73ADCArmed ForcesAir Defence Centre
74ADCTechnologyAir Defence Command
75ADCAir ForceAir Defense Command
76ADCAircraftAir Defense Command
77ADCArmyAir Defense Commander
78ADCUncategorizedAir Dominance Center
79ADCRAFAircraft Disposal Company
80ADCPharmaceuticalalbumin, dextrose, catalase Microbiology
81ADCPharmaceuticalAlcohol and Drug Counselor
82ADCPharmaceuticalAlcohol Drug Counselor
83ADCCompanies or OrganizationsAlexandria Drafting Company
84ADCGeographyAlexandria Drafting Company
85ADCChemistryAlgebraic Diagrammatic Construction
86ADCUncategorizedAll Day Catgirl
87ADCUncategorizedAll Day Comfort
88ADCUncategorizedAll Day Cushioning
89ADCUncategorizedAlternative Daily Cover
91ADCUncategorizedAlternative Delivery Channel
92ADCUncategorizedAlternative Demonstration of Competency
93ADCUncategorizedAlternative Distribution Channel
94ADCProductsAluminum Die Cast
95ADCPharmaceuticalAlzheimer?s disease centre
96ADCMedicalAlzheimers Disease Center
97ADCMedicalAlzheimer's Disease Center
98ADCPharmaceuticalAmbulance Dispatch Center
99ADCCompanies or OrganizationsAmerican Diagnostic Corporation
100ADCCompanies or OrganizationsAmerican Dryer Corporation
101ADCArmyAnalog Detection Circuit
102ADCUncategorizedAnalog Digital Calendar
103ADCArmyAnalog Digital Combiner
104ADCEducationalAnalog Digital Converter
105ADCTechnologyAnalog Digital Converter
106ADCUncategorizedAnalog To Digital
107ADCMedia CenterAnalog to Digital Conversion
108ADCEducationalAnalog to Digital Converter
109ADCComputingAnalog to Digital Converter
110ADCElectronicsAnalog To Digital Converter
111ADCUncategorizedAnalog to Digital Converters
112ADCUncategorizedAnalog to Digital Convertor
113ADCUncategorizedAnalogic to Digital Converter
115ADCOilfieldAnalog-to-digital Conversion
116ADCInformation TechnologyAnalog-to-Digital Converter
117ADCTechnologyAnalog-to-digital Converter
118ADCTechnologyAnalog-to-Digital Converter
119ADCUncategorizedAnalogue to Digital Converter
120ADCTelecomAnalogue to Digital Converter
121ADCPharmaceuticalAnalogue-to-Digital Computer
122ADCTechnologyAnalogue-to-Digital Converter
123ADCPharmaceuticalAnchorage-Dependent Cell
124ADCAirport CodeAndakombe Airport
125ADCLocal StatesAnimal Damage Control
126ADCTechnologyAnimal Damage Control
127ADCTransportationAnimal Drawn Cart
128ADCUncategorizedAnlog to Digital Converter
129ADCPharmaceuticalanodal duration contraction Physiology
131ADCCommitteesAnti Discrimination Committee
132ADCPharmaceuticalAntibody Drug Conjugate
133ADCMedicalAntibody Drug Conjugate
134ADCPharmaceuticalAntibody Drug Conjugates
135ADCPharmaceuticalAntibody-Dependent Cytotoxicity
136ADCMedicalAntibody-Drug Conjugate
137ADCMedicalAntibody?drug conjugates
138ADCSocietyAntwerp Diamond Society
139ADCPharmaceuticalApparent Diffusion Coefficient
140ADCMedicalApparent Diffusion Coefficient
141ADCUncategorizedApparent Diffusion Coefficients
142ADCMedicalApparent Digestibility Coefficient
143ADCInformation TechnologyApple Developer Connection
144ADCInformation TechnologyApple Display Connecter
145ADCInformation TechnologyApple Display Connector
146ADCComputingApple Display Connector
147ADCUncategorizedApple Distribution Center
148ADCUncategorizedAppliance Dealers Cooperative
149ADCUncategorizedApplication Default Credentials
150ADCUncategorizedApplication Defense Center
151ADCUncategorizedApplication Delivery Controller
152ADCUncategorizedApplication Delivery Controllers
153ADCCompanies or OrganizationsApplied Data Corporation
154ADCInformation TechnologyApplied Digital Communications
155ADCArmyArchitecture Design Contractor
156ADCEducationalArchitecture Development and Construction
157ADCPharmaceuticalArchives of Disease in Childhood
158ADCArmyArea Damage Control
159ADCUncategorizedArea Defense Counsel
160ADCNormal BusinessArea Distribution Center
161ADCPostalArea Distribution Center
162ADCUncategorizedAreas of Drilling Concern
163ADCPharmaceuticalarginine decarboxylase
164ADCBotanyArginine Decarboxylase
165ADCUncategorizedArizona Department of Corrections
166ADCCompanies or OrganizationsArizona Designer Craftsmen
167ADCUncategorizedArkansas Department of Correction
168ADCUncategorizedArkansas Department of Corrections
169ADCArmyArmy Dental Command
170ADCMilitaryArmy Dental Corps
171ADCConsultingArt Design Consultants
172ADCClubsArt Directors Club
175ADCJuridicalAssaulters Don't Camp
176ADCOccupation & PositionsAssistant District Commissioner
177ADCScoutingAssistant District Commissioner
178ADCArmyAssistant Division Commander
179ADCMilitaryAssistant Division Commander
180ADCEducationalAssociation Dentaire Canadienne
181ADCSocietyAssociation of Defense Communities
182ADCCouncilAssociation Of District Councils
183ADCContractorsAssociation of Diving Contractors
184ADCAstronomyAstronomical Data Center
185ADCUncategorizedat Dictionary com
186ADCIce HockeyAthlete Development Committee
187ADCInformation TechnologyAttack Damage Carry
188ADCLeagueAttack Damage Carry
189ADCInformation TechnologyAttack Defend Carry
190ADCForumAudio Developer Conference
191ADCCompanies or OrganizationsAudio Dynamics Corporation
192ADCUncategorizedAustin Diagnostic Clinic
193ADCTechnologyAustralasian Database Conference
194ADCLocal - AustralianAustralian Dairy Corporation
195ADCMedicalAustralian Dental Council
196ADCInformation TechnologyAutomated Data Capture
197ADCUncategorizedAutomated Data Collection
198ADCTechnologyAutomated Data Collection
199ADCPharmacyAutomated Dispensing Cabinet
200ADCPharmaceuticalAutomatic Data Capture
201ADCTechnologyAutomatic Data Capture
202ADCInformation TechnologyAutomatic Data Collection
203ADCInformation TechnologyAutomatic Data Completion
204ADCInformation TechnologyAutomatic Delay Compensation
205ADCCompanies or OrganizationsAutomatic Devices Company
206ADCUncategorizedAutomatic Display Control
207ADCUncategorizedAutomatic Distance Control
208ADCTechnologyAutomatic Distance Control
209ADCUncategorizedAutomatic Drip Coffee
210ADCInformation TechnologyAuxiliary Domain Controller
211ADCPharmaceuticalAverage Daily Census
212ADCHealthcareAverage Daily Census
213ADCUncategorizedAverage Daily Consumption
214ADCNavyAviation Machinist's Mate Chief Petty Officer
215ADCNavyAviation Machinist's Mate Chief Petty Officer
216ADCEducationAwaiting Disposition of the Court
217ADCPharmaceuticalaxiodistocervical Dentistry
218ADCToronto Stock ExchangeCanadian Advantaged Convertibles Fund
219ADCEducationalCanadian Dental Association
220ADCInformation TechnologyLingvo Dictionary file
221ADCGovernmentProgram Against Digital Counterfeiting of Currency
222ADCInformation TechnologyScanStudio 16 color Bitmap graphics
223ADCInformation TechnologyTI/ MIT ADC Sound format

ADC-Analog to Digital Converter

It is obvious from the name itself that it is a converter that changes over Analog signals into digital signs.

In fact, it is an electronic integrated circuit which converts continuous form signal into discrete signals direct.

It tends to be communicated as A/D or A-to-D or A-D or ADC. For this system, input or analog can have a value which is in a particular range, and it measured directly.

In any case, for the output (Digital) of the N-digit A/D converter, it ought to have just 2N discrete qualities. It is a connection between the Analog (direct) universe of A/D converter transducers and the judicious universe of preparing signs and taking care of information. Computerized to Analog converter (DAC) plays out the converse capacity of ADC.

Analog to Digital Converter

Pretty much every natural quantifiable boundary is in Analog structure, for example, temperature, sound, pressure, light, and so forth Consider a temperature observing framework in which the obtaining, examination and handling of computerized information from sensors and temperature information with processors is preposterous. Along these lines, this framework requires a middle gadget to change over Analog temperature information into computerized information to speak with Digital processors, for example, microcontrollers and chip.

Analog to Digital converter (ADC) is an electronically incorporated circuit that is utilized to change over Analog signs, for example, voltages, to computerized or paired structure associated with 1s and 0s. A great many people in ADC take voltage contributions as 0 to 10V, – 5V to + 5V and afterward produce computerized yield in some type of double number.

Analog to Digital Conversion Process

The Analog converter at the Digital converter tests the Analog sign at each falling or rising edge of the square. In each cycle, the ADC gets the Analog sign, measures it and converts it to a computerized esteem. The ADC changes over the yield information into a progression of computerized esteems, which surmised the sign with certain exactness.

In ADC, two components decide the precision of the Digital worth catching the first Analog sign. These are quantization levels or touch rates and inspecting rates. The spot rate decides the goal of the Digital yield and you can find in the figure underneath that a 3-cycle ADC is utilized to change over the Analog sign.

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