OBA Full Form

OBA Full Form

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OBA Full Form

The term OBA has many full form, but out of which most relevant OBA Full Form is –

1) Office Business Application

2) Office of Biotechnology Activities

What Does OBA Stands For?

OBA stands for – Office Business Application and Office of Biotechnology Activities

OBA Meaning

The term OBA has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of OBA is –

Office Business Application & Office of Biotechnology Activities

All Full Forms of OBA

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term OBA.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryOBA Full Form
3OBAUncategorizedO Breathing Apparatus
4OBACompanies or OrganizationsO Brien & Associates
5OBAUncategorizedO2 breathing apparatus
6OBAUncategorizedOakdale Baseball Association
7OBAUncategorizedOakland Builders Alliance
9OBAAirport CodeOban Airport
10OBALocal - Airport CodesOban, Queensland, Australia
11OBAHerbalObat Bahan Alam
12OBADairyOberhasli Breeders of America
13OBAUncategorizedObject Based Audio
14OBAEducationalObject Behavior Analysis
15OBATechnologyObject Behavior Analysis
16OBAOphthalmologyObject-Based Attention
17OBASpeakerObject-Based Audio
18OBAUncategorizedObjective Based Allocations
19OBAUncategorizedOcala Bowling Association
20OBAUncategorizedOctave Band Analyzer
21OBAUncategorizedOctave-Band Analyzer
22OBAUncategorizedof Box Audit
23OBAUncategorizedOferta de Bucle de Abonado
24OBAUncategorizedOff Board Artillery
25OBAUncategorizedOff Boresight Angle
26OBAUncategorizedOff Bound Adventures
27OBAUncategorizedOff-Board Artillery
28OBAUncategorizedOff-Boresight Angle
29OBAServiceOffice Based Anesthesia
30OBAInformation TechnologyOffice Business Application
31OBATechnologyOffice Business Application
34OBAMicrosoftOffice Business Applications
35OBABangkokOffice of Bangkok Architects
36OBAUncategorizedOffice of Biological Activities
37OBAFDA AdministrationOffice of Biotechnology Activities
38OBAGovernmentOffice of Biotechnology Activities
39OBAUncategorizedOffice of Biotechnology Activity
40OBAUncategorizedOffice of Biotechnology Affairs
41OBAUncategorizedOffice of Budget Analysis
42OBAPsychiatryOffice of Budget and Analysis
43OBABusinessOffice of Business Affairs
44OBAUncategorizedOffice of Business Analysis
45OBAAnesthesiologyOffice-Based Anesthesia
46OBAUncategorizedOhio Bowhunters Association
47OBAUncategorizedOhio Building Authority
48OBAAssociationsOhio Bursars Association
49OBACompanies or OrganizationsOil Buying Alliance
50OBAAssociationsOklahoma Bandmasters Association
51OBAUncategorizedOklahoma Bandmaster's Association
52OBAUncategorizedOklahoma Bandmasters Association
53OBAProfessional OrganizationsOklahoma Bankers Association
54OBAOklahomaOklahoma Bankers Association
55OBAProfessional OrganizationsOklahoma Bar Association
56OBAOklahomaOklahoma Bar Association
57OBAUncategorizedOklahoma Beekeepers Association
58OBAAcademic & ScienceOklahoma Bible Academy
59OBAEducationOklahoma Bible Academy
60OBAUncategorizedOklahoma Bondsman Association
61OBAUncategorizedOld Baldwinian Association
62OBAUncategorizedOld Barker Association
63OBAUncategorizedOld Bartleyans' Association
64OBAProfessional OrganizationsOld Bostonian Association
65OBAUncategorizedOld Boys' Association
66OBACollegeOld Boys Association
67OBAUncategorizedOld Boy's Association
69OBAAssociationsOmaha Bar Association
70OBALawyerOmaha Bar Association
71OBAAthleticsOn Base Average
72OBABaseballOn Base Average
73OBAAircraft & AviationOn Board Air
74OBAUncategorizedOn Board Audio
76OBABaseballOn-base Against
77OBABaseballon-base average
78OBACompressorOn-Board Air
79OBAUncategorizedOn-Board Allowance
80OBASlashOn-Board Audio
82OBAProfessional OrganizationsOne Bar Association
83OBAAlliancesOne Bermuda Alliance
84OBAAdvertisingOnline Behavioral Advertising
85OBABusinessOnline Business Account
86OBABadmintonOntario Badminton Association
87OBAProfessional OrganizationsOntario Bar Association
88OBALawOntario Bar Association
89OBAAthleticsOntario Basketball Association
91OBABasketballOntario Basketball Association
92OBAProfessional OrganizationsOntario Beekeepers' Association
93OBABiologyOpen Biomedical Annotator
94OBAAccountingOpen Business Accounting
95OBAEducationalOpenbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam
96OBALibraryOpenbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam
97OBABibleOpened Bible Academy
98OBASoftballOpponent Batting Average
99OBABaseballOpponents Batting Average
100OBABaseballOpponents Batting Average
101OBAPapermakingOptical Bleaching Agent
102OBAArtOptical Brightener Additives
103OBAClothingOptical Brightening Agent
104OBAClothingOptical Brightening Agent
105OBAUncategorizedOptical Brightening Agents
106OBAProfessional OrganizationsOregon Bankers Association
107OBAAssociationsOregon BioPharmaceutical
108OBAAssociationsOregon Bioscience Association
109OBACompanies or OrganizationsOregon Business Association
110OBAUncategorizedOrganized Brazilian Activities
111OBAAthleticsOrinda Baseball Association
112OBANourishmentOur Barrel Ale
113OBAUncategorizedOur Better Angels
114OBAAuditingOut of Box Audit
115OBAAthleticsOutdoor Basketball Association
116OBASportsOutdoor Basketball Association
117OBASanitationOutput Based Aid
118OBAManufacturingOutput-Based Aid
119OBAGovernmentOutput-Based Aid
120OBABusinessOutside Business Activities
121OBAAccountingOutsourcing Bookkeeping Accounting
122OBAUncategorizedOutstanding Black Achievers
123OBAUncategorizedOutward Bound Adventures
124OBAUncategorizedOutward Bound Angeles
125OBALocal - CountriesOxford Broadcasting Association
126OBAVeterinaryOxidative Burst Activity
127OBAJuridicalOxygen Breathing Apparatus
128OBAMilitaryOxygen Breathing Apparatus

OBA – Office of Biotechnology Activities

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Workplace of Biotechnology Actions (OBA) promotes science, security and ethics within the improvement of public insurance policies in three areas: Biomedical Expertise Evaluation, Biosafety, and Biosecurity.

By checking research and through interview, coordination, and investigation, the workplace creates strategies identified with: The direct of clinical preliminaries utilizing recombinant and manufactured nucleic acids; Biosafety for NIH upheld research; Biosecurity, including oversight of double use exploration; and Registration of new immature microorganisms lines for NIH supported examination. Explicit exercises incorporate improving the direct and oversight of quality exchange examination, refreshing and deciphering biosafety arrangements under the NIH Guidelines Involving Research with Recombinant and Synthetic Nucleic Acids, giving basic contribution on Governmental approaches with respect to double utilize research, the NIH Stem Cell Registry.”

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