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ASP Full Form: What Does ASP Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of ASP is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of ASP but also get detailed information about ASP. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does ASP stand for?

ASP Full Form

The term ASP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

ASP Full Form is – Active Server Pages

A unique position among development tools is occupied by active server pages (Active Server Pages or ASP). They are intended for organizing access to the Exchange server for clients with a browser only. ASP is a set of scripts interpreted by the IIS 3.0 server that contains HTML markup and program code in VBScript and Javascript, which, if desired by the developer, can be executed either on the server or on the client. This allows you to combine server and client logic in a single ASP file. The piece of code that runs on the server can use the native interfaces to communicate with the Exchange server and implement both basic and advanced MAPI functionality. Simultaneously, communication between the client and server parts of the ASP application occurs exclusively using the HTTP protocol. The Internet Information Server is responsible for maintaining the session between the client and server parts.

Because ASP files are in text format, they can easily be modified to provide the client and server-side with the functionality they need.

The main idea is to force the Web server to send information to the client in standard HTML format, generated on the fly and capable of changing its content depending on some conditions, such as the current time or date, a previous user request a dial-peer. It is clear that it is necessary to define an algorithm for such “intelligent” behaviour, and, therefore, without programming, well, at least in a simple BASIC, it cannot be done. So, the ASP document requested by the user consists of HTML tags that format some lines of information, with lines of the algorithm in the Visual Basic Script interwoven into them. So, I believe that the basis of ASP is HTML + VBScript + the study of very few features in the framework of ASP technology.

ASP Full Form in Police

ASP Full Form in Police is – Assistant Superintendent of Police

ASP is a rank in police forces which was used in the British Empire, but it is still used in many police forces in the Commonwealth.

ASP Full Form in Computer

Active Server Pages

ASP Full Form in Retail

Average Selling Price

What Does ASP Stand For?

ASP stands for – Active Server Pages

What Does ASP Stand For in Medical Term?

In Medical Term ASP Stand For – Aspartic Acid

What Does ASP Stand For in Softball?

In Softball ASP Stand For – Adult Slow Pitch

All Full Forms of ASP

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of ASP.

Sr. No.TermCategoryASP Full Forms
1ASPProgramAbbe School of Photonics
2ASPMedicalAbnormal spindle
3ASPTechnologyAbstract Service Primitive
4ASPDatabaseAcademic Search Premier
5ASPCommunityAcademic Support Plan
6ASPSchoolAcademic Support Program
7ASPPharmacyAcademy of Student Pharmacists
8ASPMedicalAcademy of Students of Pharmacy
9ASPBusinessAccountancy Service Provider
10ASPBuildingAccredited Staging Professional
11ASPTechnologyAcquisition Strategy Paper
12ASPScotlandAct of the Scottish Parliament
13ASPChemistryActivated Sludge Plant
14ASPMedicalActivated Sludge Process
15ASPInformation TechnologyActive Screen Protocol
16ASPTechnologyActive Server Page
17ASPDevelopmentActive Service Pages
18ASPInformation TechnologyActive Signaling Protocol
19ASPMedicalAcylation stimulating protein
20ASPCloudAdaptive Security Platform
21ASPTechnicalAdaptive Services PIC
22ASPOrthopaedicAdjacent Segment Pathology
23ASPTechnologyAdjunct Service Point
24ASPServiceAdministrative Services Provider
25ASPManagementAdministrative Systems Project
26ASPEscortsAdult Service Provider
27ASPScotlandAdult Support and Protection
28ASPAthleticsAdvanced Athletics Performance
29ASPTechnologyAdvanced Planning and Scheduling
30ASPSurgeryAdvanced Scrub Practitioner
31ASPTechnologyAdvanced Services Platform
34ASPSeatAdvanced Side Protection
35ASPComputingAdvanced Signal Processor
36ASPTechnologyAdvanced Simple Profile
37ASPInformation TechnologyAdvanced Spatial Parameterization
38ASPAssuranceAdvanced Spectroscopic Portal
39ASPTechnologyAdvanced Sterilization Products
40ASPScienceAdvanced Strip and Passivation
41ASPScienceAdvanced Study Program
42ASPInformation TechnologyAdvanced SYSLOG Parser
43ASPInformation TechnologyAdvanced Systems Protocol
44ASPMedicalAffected Sib Pairs
45ASPMedicalAffected Sibling Pair
46ASPToxicologyAfrican Stockpiles Programme
47ASPEducationalAfter School Program
48ASPBusinessAfter Show Party
49ASPStudentAfter-School Program
50ASPMedicalAggregate Shape Parameter
51ASPEnvironmentalAir Separation Plant
52ASPTechnologyAirborne Science Program
53ASPMilitaryAircraft Servicing Platform
54ASPUniversityAirlangga Summer Program
55ASPNASAAirspace Systems Program
57ASPAcademic & ScienceAlchemy Study Program
58ASPLibraryAlexander Street Press
59ASPAirportAlice Springs Airport
61ASPArmyAll Source Production
62ASPInformation TechnologyAll Systems Panic
63ASPTechnologyAlternate Service Provider
64ASPInternetAlternative Athletics
65ASPEducationalAlternative School Programs
66ASPTechnologyAltitude Set Panel
67ASPPaymentAmazon Simple Pay
68ASPIndiaAmbedkar Samaj Party
69ASPLocal - CountriesAmerican School of Paris
70ASPResearchAmerican Scientific Publishers
71ASPConceptAmerican Self-Protection
72ASPEducationalAmerican Society for
73ASPEducationalAmerican Society for Photobiology
74ASPAmericaAmerican Society of Photogrammetry
75ASPPharmaceuticalAmerican Society of Primatologists
76ASPComicsAmerican Supremacist Party
77ASPArmyAmmunition Supply Point
78ASPPharmaceuticalAmnesic Shellfish Poisoning
79ASPEducationAnalyse School Performance
80ASPArmyAnnual Service Practice
81ASPInformation TechnologyAnother Script Program
82ASPTechnologyAnswer Set Programming
83ASPEducationalAntarctic Sleep Program
84ASPMedicalAnterior Stromal Puncture
85ASPMedicalAnticonvulsant Screening Project
86ASPMedicalAntimicrobial Stewardship Program
87ASPMetalAntique Silver Plated
88ASPMedicalAntisocial Personality
89ASPMedicalAntisocial Personality Disorder
91ASPTechnologyApplication Server Process
92ASPTechnologyApplication Service Provider
93ASPEducationalApplied Social Psychology
94ASPAircraft & AviationArea Switch Panel
95ASPPolice ForceArkansas State Police Force
96ASPPolice ForceArmament Systems and Procedures
97ASPOilfieldArray Sonic Processing Report
98ASPAircraftArrival Sequencing Program
100ASPProductsArtificial Stone Paving
101ASPPoliticsASEAN Surveillance Process
102ASPFunnyAsinine Server Problem
103ASPTechnologyAspect Oriented Programming
104ASPASX SymbolsAspermont Ltd
105ASPCivil EngineeringAsphalt
107ASPMedicalAspiration Pneumonia
109ASPNormal BusinessAssistance Service Program
110ASPEducationalAssistant Principal
111ASPPoliceAssistant Superintendent of Police
112ASPHygieneAssociate Safety Professional
113ASPComputingAssociation of Shareware Professionals
114ASPInformation TechnologyAssociation of Software
115ASPInformation TechnologyAssociation of Software Professionals
116ASPAssociationsAssociation of Specialty Professors
117ASPSurfingAssociation of Surfing Professionals
118ASPAstronomyAstronomical Society of the Pacific
119ASPSlangAt Some Point
120ASPInformation TechnologyAtari Software Pirates
121ASPInformation TechnologyATM Switch Processor
122ASPAtmosphericAtmospheric Science Program
123ASPAircraft & AviationAttendant Switch Panel
124ASPNASA - SpaceAttitude Sensor Package
125ASPEducationalAustralian Society for Parasitology
126ASPLocal - AustralianAustralian surfing Protection
127ASPTechnologyAuthorized Service Provider
128ASPAutomotiveAutomotive Spare Parts
129ASPNeurologyAutonomic Symptom Profile

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about ASP. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than ASP? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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