ADM Full Form

ADM Full Form: What Does ADM Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of ADM is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of ADM but also get detailed information about ADM. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does ADM stand for?

ADM Full Form

The term ADM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant Full Form is –

ADM Full Form is –Admiral

ADM is used for the rank of Admiral

ADM – Additional District Magistrate

District Magistrate and Collector can be an officer who’s in charge of the district, even the most fundamental government unit in India. Not Only That, they Are Called District Collector or even Deputy Commissioner in Lots of Indian countries. Generally, parlance they are known to form the abbreviation DM or even DC. India has roughly 718 districts. Each of these is led using a DM. He or she’s aided utilizing a variety of officers in the headquarters in addition to at the decreased rates of government including sub-divisions, tehsils, and cubes. The following articles, frequently Known as Deputy Collectors, belong to the State Provincial Services. The DM Is Nearly Always a part of their Indian Administrative Assistance, recruited from the Union Community Services Commission.

ADM Full Form in Police

Full Form of ADM in Police is – Additional District Magistrate

ADM Full Form in Medical

Full Form of ADM in Medical is – Admission or Admitted

What Does ADM Stand For?

ADM stands for – Admiral

The Admiral (Called ADM) is 4-star commissioned Naval flag officer rank from the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard and United States Public Health Service Commission Corps, with a cover grade of zero-ten.

All Full Forms of ADM

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of ADM.

Sr. No.TermCategoryADM Full Forms
1ADMFunnyA Dumb Machine
2ADMMedicalAbductor Digital Muscle
3ADMUncategorizedAberdeen Drilling Management
4ADMAccountingAbove Dealer MSRP
5ADMUncategorizedAbsolute Dimension Measuremat
6ADMLaserAbsolute Distance Measurement
7ADMEducationalAbsolute Distance Meter
8ADMManagementAbstract Data Model
9ADMUncategorizedAbstract Definitive Machine
10ADMUncategorizedABU DHABI MAR
11ADMSportAbu Dhabi Media
12ADMUncategorizedAbu Dhabi Motors
13ADMCityAbu Dhabi Municipality
14ADMMedicalAcademy of Dental Materials
15ADMUncategorizedAccelerator Download Manager
16ADMInformation TechnologyAccenture Delivery Method
17ADMUncategorizedAccenture Delivery Methodology
18ADMManagementAccount Delivery Manager
19ADMBusinessAccount Development Managers
20ADMInternational BusinessAccounting Data Mart
21ADMUncategorizedAccounting, Accountancy, Business
22ADMPharmaceuticalAcellular dental material
23ADMMedicalAcellular Human Dermis
24ADMMedicalacetone dry mass
25ADMMedicalacetone-dissolution method
26ADMUncategorizedAcoustic Dance Music
27ADMBiosensorAcoustic Detection Module
28ADMMedicalAcquired Dermal Melanocytosis
29ADMUncategorizedAcquisition Decision Memo
30ADMMilitaryAcquisition Decision Memoranda
31ADMArmyAcquisition Decision Memorandum
34ADMMilitaryAcquistion Decision Memorandum
35ADMCompanies or OrganizationsAcres Davy McKee
36ADMBusinessAcres Davy McKee
37ADMUncategorizedAcronis Drive Monitor
38ADMScienceAction Description Memorandum
39ADMUncategorizedActive Demand Management
40ADMTechnologyActive Device Mount
41ADMUncategorizedActive Diode Module
42ADMWindowsActive Directory Management
43ADMUncategorizedActive Directory Microsoft
44ADMMilitaryActive Duty Military
45ADMUncategorizedActivity Data Method
46ADMGroupActivity Defense Multiplier
47ADMUncategorizedActuator Disk Model
48ADMUncategorizedAcute Demand Management
49ADMInformation TechnologyAdaptive Data Manager
50ADMEducationalAdaptive Delta Modulation
51ADMTechnologyAdaptive Delta Modulation
52ADMHearingAdaptive Directional Microphone
53ADMInformationAdd Drop Multiplexer
54ADMOpticsAdd Drop Multiplexing
55ADMInformation TechnologyAdd/Drop Multiplexer
56ADMCable TelecommunicationsAdd/Drop Multiplexing
57ADMMedicalAdd-Drop Multiplexer
58ADMSubstance AbuseAddiction Medicine
59ADMAccountingAdditional Dealer Mark-up
60ADMManufacturingAdditive Design Manufacturing
61ADMAccountingAdministrative Charges
62ADMTechnologyAdministrative Template
63ADMUS GovernmentAdmiral - Navy
64ADMLondon Stock ExchangeAdmiral Group
65ADMMedicalAdult Mental Health
66ADMPharmaceuticalAdult-onset Diabetes Mellitus
67ADMManufacturingAdvanced Design Manufacturing
68ADMInformation TechnologyAdvanced Desktop Manager
69ADMArmyAdvanced Development Model
70ADMMedicalAdvanced Diabetes Management
71ADMOilfieldAdvanced Diagnostics Module
72ADMDog SportAdvanced Dialysis Methods
73ADMUncategorizedAdvanced Diver Magazine
74ADMInformation TechnologyAdvanced Download Manager
75ADMAviationAeronautical Decision Making
76ADMFilmAerosol Deposition Method
77ADMMusicAfro Dance Music
78ADMMiscellaneousAgency Debit Memo
79ADMDog SportAgility Dog Master
80ADMMedicalAide au Diagnostic Medical
81ADMAircraft & AviationAir Data Module
82ADMTechnologyAir-Defense Missile
83ADMHealth CareAlcohol, Drug, and Mental
84ADMWeather ForecastAlert Administrative Message
85ADMLocal - CountriesAll Day Mat
86ADMEducationalAlpha Delta Mu
87ADMGovernmentAlternative Delivery Modes
88ADMUncategorizedAmazon Device Messaging
89ADMHockeyAmerican Development Model
91ADMInformation TechnologyAnalog Dynamic Memory
92ADMManufacturingAnalysis Data Management
93ADMUncategorizedAnalytic Data Model
94ADMOrthopaedicAnatomic Dual Mobility
95ADMSocietyAncestral Domain Monument
96ADMUncategorizedAndroid Device Manager
97ADMUncategorizedAngle Delta Modulation
98ADMMedicalAngular Dependence Model
99ADMFunnyAnother Dead Man
100ADMOncologyAnticancer Drugs Adriamycin
101ADMPsychiatryAntidepressant Medication
102ADMMusicAny Decent Music
103ADMTrainingApplication Data Model
104ADMManagementApplication Delivery Management
105ADMInformation TechnologyApplication Development and Maintenance
106ADMComputingApplication Development Manager
107ADMInformation TechnologyApplication Development Methodology
108ADMCompanyArcher Daniel Midland
109ADMNYSE SymbolsArcher Daniels Midland Company
110ADMTechnologyArchitecture Development Method
111ADMEducationalArchitecture Driven Modernization
112ADMAirport CodeArdmore Municipal Airport
113ADMDentistryArginine-deficient Medium
114ADMArmyArrow Diagram Method
115ADMTechnologyArrow Diagramming Method
116ADMManagementArt Director Management
117ADMArtArt, Design and Media
118ADMManagementAsia Debt Management
119ADMBankingAsian Dollar Market
120ADMOccupation & PositionsAssistant Deputy Minister
121ADMTechnologyAssistant Deputy Ministers
122ADMTechnologyAsynchronous Disconnect Mode
123ADMToxicologyAtmospheric Dispersion Model
124ADMMissionAtmospheric Dynamics Mission
125ADMArmyAtomic Demolition Munition
126ADMMilitaryAtomic Demolition Munitions
127ADMMedia CenterAttractive Divorced Male
128ADMLocal - AustralianAustralian Defence Magazine
129ADMInformation TechnologyAuto Driver Management
130ADMNormal BusinessAutomated Deposit Machine
131ADMInformation TechnologyAutomated Driver Management
132ADMAccountingAutomatic Deposit Machine
133ADMSlangAutomotive Digital Marketing
134ADMFrenchAvec Des Mots
135ADMEducationalAverage Daily Membership
136ADMNavigationAverage Delay Per Movement
137ADMBiochemistryAverage Distance Map
138ADMNuclearOffice Of Administration

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about ADM. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than ADM? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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