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BCD Full Form

BCD Full Form

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is the full form of BCD is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of BCD but also get detailed information about BCD.

Not only this, but you will also come to know the Meaning of BCD here.

In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of BCD or abbreviation of BCD related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible BCD Full Form and it’s meanings here.

BCD Full Form

The term BCD has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

BCD Full Form is – Binary Coded Decimal

Binary coded decimal encoding, commonly denoted DCB, is a way of representing decimal numbers in weighted binary numbering. We will study the 8421 standard according to which each digit of the decimal number will be converted into binary on four bits. The weighting of each bit is equivalent to that of the binary system, i.e. it is carried out from the increasing powers of 2 (20 = 1, 21 = 2, 22 = 4 and 23 = 8). This code is therefore a weighted code which is noted: DCB code 8421. The table in figure 1.24 gives a representation of the decimal digits from 0 to 9 and their equivalents in the DCB code.

To convert a decimal number to a DCB code, all you have to do is find the DCB equivalent for each of its digits in the table in figure 1.24. You get a sequence of bits whose number is four times the number of digits in the decimal number.

BCD Full Form in Computer

Binary Coded Decimal

BCD Full Form in Customs

Basic Customs Duty

BCD (Basic Customs Duty) is the tax which is calculated on the basis of Assessment Value of the goods which comes in customs border.

BCD Full Form in Diving

Buoyancy Control Device

BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) is a diving equipment generally used by professional divers.

BCD Full Form GST

Basic Customs Duty

What Does BCD Stand For?

BCD stands for – Binary Coded Decimal

What is BCD Meaning

The term BCD can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of BCD is – Binary Coded Decimal

All Full Forms of BCD

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of BCD.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of BCD, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term BCD.

Note: For your convenience, you can “Search” in this table what you want by typing in the search bar.

Sr. No.TermCategoryBCD Full Form
1BCDRheumatologyB Cell Depletion
2BCDUncategorizedBachelor in Communication Design
3BCDUncategorizedBachelor of Community Design
4BCDRecordsBackground Check Directory
6BCDAirportBacolod City Domestic
7BCDIATA CodeBacolod-Silay International Airport
8BCDMicrobiologyBacterial Carbon Demand
9BCDBioengineeringBacterial Carbondemand
10BCDScienceBacterial Carbon-Demand
11BCDMedicalBacterial Cytosine Deaminase
12BCDUncategorizedBad Cinema Diary
13BCDMolecular BiologyBad Clade Deletion
14BCDMilitaryBad Conduct Discharge
15BCDMilitarybad-conduct discharge
16BCDUncategorizedbad-conduct discharges
17BCDBadmintonBadminton Club de Doullens
18BCDUncategorizedBadminton Club Dijon
19BCDBadmintonBadminton Club Dijonnais
20BCDNutritionBalanced Conventional Diet
21BCDAccountingBalancing Charge Debit
22BCDOtolaryngologyBalloon Catheter Dilation
23BCDChurchBallou Channing District
24BCDUncategorizedBangladesh Community Development
25BCDIndonesiaBank Central Dagang
26BCDUncategorizedBank of Commerce and Development
27BCDBankingBanking Consolidation Directive
28BCDBusinessBanking Control Department
29BCDUncategorizedBanner Creek Designs
30BCDUncategorizedBanque Camerounaise de D
31BCDUncategorizedBanque Centrale de Djibouti
35BCDUncategorizedBaptist Children Department
36BCDLawBar Council of Delhi
37BCDUncategorizedBarbados Council for the Disabled
38BCDUncategorizedBarcelona Centre de Disseny
39BCDUncategorizedBarcelona Centro de Dise
41BCDResearchBarcode Decal
42BCDTechnologyBarrel Per Day, on Calendar Days
43BCDBusinessBarrels per Calendar Day
44BCDCardiologyBasal Capillary Density
45BCDOncologyBasal Cell Density
46BCDMedicalBasal Cell Dysplasia
47BCDVeterinaryBasal Control Diet
48BCDUncategorizedBase Catalyzed Dechlorination
49BCDEnvironmentBase Catalyzed Decomposition
50BCDGeneralBusinessBase, Competitive, Differentiated
51BCDEnvironmental HealthBase-Catalysed Decomposition
52BCDUncategorizedBase-Catalyzed Decomposition
53BCDUncategorizedBaseline Change Directive
54BCDMilitaryBaseline Concept Description
55BCDUncategorizedBaseline Configuration Design
56BCDSpaceBaseline Configuration Document
57BCDGeneticsBaseline Conjugated Diens
58BCDTechnologyBaseline Control Document
59BCDAstronomyBasic Calibrated Data
60BCDNavyBasic Carrier Deck
61BCDUncategorizedBasic Carrier Deck
62BCDUncategorizedBasic Change Document
63BCDUncategorizedBasic Clinical Dataset
64BCDCustomsBasic Custom Duty
65BCDIndiaBasic Customs Duty
66BCDTechnologyBattelle Columbus Division
67BCDTechnologyBattelle Columbus Divisionsion
68BCDControllerBattery Charger Detection
69BCDUncategorizedBattery Charging Detection
70BCDUncategorizedBattle Color Detachment
71BCDUncategorizedBattle Command Development
72BCDUncategorizedBattle Coordination Detachment
73BCDUncategorizedBattle Correlator Display
74BCDUncategorizedBattlefield Control Detachment
75BCDUncategorizedBattlefield Control Detachment
76BCDMilitaryBattlefield Coordination Detachment
77BCDGovernmentBattlefield Coordination Detachment
78BCDMilitaryBattlefield Coordination Detachments
79BCDDentistryBaylor College of Dentistry
80BCDEducationBayside Community Day
83BCDASXSymbolsBeaconsfield Gold NL
84BCDSindBeagle Club Deutschland
85BCDEducationalBeavers Conquer Ducks
86BCDEducationBeavers Conquer Ducks
87BCDUncategorizedBefore Common Day
88BCDNeuroscienceBehavioral Constellation of Deprivation
89BCDPublic HealthBehaviour Centred Design
91BCDEscortBehind Closed Doors
92BCDUncategorizedBehind Completion Date
93BCDUncategorizedBeijing Community Dinner
94BCDLebanonBeirut Central District
95BCDElectionBelarusian Christian Democracy
96BCDUncategorizedBelarusian Christian Democrats
97BCDOilfieldBelow Chart Datum
98BCDUncategorizedBend Central District
99BCDEducationBenewah County District
100BCDOncologyBenign Colorectal Diseases
102BCDUncategorizedBenton Conservation District
103BCDUncategorizedBerkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester
105BCDUncategorizedBerkshire Country Day
106BCDSchoolBerkshire Country Day
107BCDGovernmentalBermuda Customs Declaration
108BCDUSBermuda Customs Declaration
109BCDFurBerufsverband der Coloproktologen Deutschlands
110BCDFurBerufsverbandes der Coloproktologen Deutschlands
111BCDSupplyBest Can Do
112BCDUncategorizedBest Cleaner Disposal
113BCDMusicBest Countinous Dangdut-Mlaten
116BCDUncategorizedBetara Complex Development
117BCDUncategorizedBetter Community Development
118BCDUncategorizedBevers Castors Diving
119BCDStatisticsBiased Coin Design
120BCDUncategorizedBible Code Digest
125BCDMedicalbicarbonate dialysis
126BCDMolecular BiologyBicistronic Design
128BCDUncategorizedBiet Cach Du
129BCDOphthalmologyBietti Crystalline corneoretinal Dystrophy
130BCDOphthalmologyBietti Crystalline Dystrophy
131BCDUncategorizedBietti's Crystalline Dystrophy
132BCDInformationTechnologyBig Canopy Database
133BCDMilitaryBig Chicken Dinner
134BCDFunnyBig Cuddly Dad
136BCDUncategorizedBinary Cartographic Data
137BCDUncategorizedBinary Clock for your desk
138BCDUncategorizedBinary Code Decimal
139BCDEngineeringBinary Code Decimal
140BCDEditorBinary Coded Data
141BCDUncategorizedBinary Coded Debian
142BCDComputingBinary Coded Decimal
143BCDTechnologyBinary Coded Decimals
144BCDComputingBinary Coded Digit
145BCDSignalBinary Coded Digital
146BCDTechnologyBinary Coded Digits
147BCDAutomationBinary to Decimal Code
148BCDCodingBinary-Code Decimal
149BCDTechnologyBinary-Coded Data
150BCDInformationTechnologyBinary-Coded Decimal
151BCDTechnologyBinary-coded Decimal
152BCDCodingBinary-coded decimals
154BCDUncategorizedBindings to C in D
155BCDUncategorizedBio & Chemistry Division
156BCDHealthBio Compatible Dentistry
157BCDUncategorizedBioadhesive Colloidal Dispersion
158BCDChemistryBiochemical Detection
159BCDChemistryBiochemical Detection System
160BCDMilitaryBiological and Chemical Defence
161BCDOrganizationsBiological and Conservation Data
162BCDUncategorizedBiological and Conservation Database
163BCDUncategorizedBiological Chemical Detector
164BCDUncategorizedBiological Conservation Data
165BCDTechnologyBiological Conservation Database
166BCDOtolaryngologyBipolar Cautery Dissection
167BCDUncategorizedbipolar CMOS DMOS
169BCDUncategorizedBirth Control Device
170BCDArmyBirth Control Device
171BCDUncategorizedBirth Control Devices
172BCDUncategorizedBishop, Confessor and Doctor
173BCDUncategorizedBistable Cholesteric Display
174BCDOptoelectronicsBi-stable Cholesteric Display
175BCDElectronicsBistable Cholesteric Displays
176BCDMedicalBitter crab disease
177BCDUncategorizedBituminous Coal Division
178BCDMedicalBlack and Culturally Diverse
179BCDMedicineBlack and Culturally Diverse
180BCDUncategorizedBlack Canyon Dimensions
181BCDUncategorizedBlack Community Developers
182BCDUncategorizedBlack Coral Divers
183BCDUncategorizedBlack Crow Designs
184BCDPhysiologyBladder Contraction Duration
185BCDUncategorizedBlame Complain and Defend
186BCDMedicalbleomycin, cyclophosphamide and dactinomycin
187BCDOncologyBleomycin, Cyclophosphamide, and Dactinomycin
188BCDMedicalBleomycin, Cyclophosphamide, Dactinomycin
189BCDMedicalBleomycin, Cyclophosphamide, Dactinomycin
191BCDUncategorizedBlind Code Detection
192BCDMedicalBlister Cell Death
193BCDUncategorizedBlock Cable Diagram
194BCDOptimizationBlock Coordinate Descent
195BCDTechnologyBlocked Call Delayed
196BCDTechnologyBlocked Calls Delayed
197BCDUncategorizedBlog Comment Demon
198BCDEnvironmental HealthBlood Cadmium
199BCDEnvironmental HealthBlood Cd
200BCDUncategorizedBlu Coffee Distributors
201BCDUncategorizedBlue Cedar Design
202BCDUncategorizedBlue Comet Dragon
203BCDAstronomyBlue Compact Dwarf
204BCDSocialBoard Certified Diplomat
205BCDCertifications&DiplomasBoard Certified Diplomate
206BCDMedicalBoard Certified Diplomate
207BCDEducationalBoard Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
208BCDTherapyBoard Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
209BCDUncategorizedBoard Coverage Decision
210BCDMedicalBoard-Certified Diplomate
211BCDSocialBoard-certified diplomate
212BCDMusicBobby Cat Dance
213BCDRingBolt Center Diameter
214BCDCrankBolt Centre Diameter
215BCDSportsBolt Circle Diameter
216BCDPipingBolt Circle Diameter
217BCDUncategorizedBolt Circle Diameters
218BCDEducationBonadelle Community Day
219BCDTechnologyBone Cell Development
220BCDMedicalBone Conduction Device
221BCDUncategorizedBone conduction devices
222BCDOrthopaedicBone-Capsule Distance
223BCDAccountingBook Closer Date
224BCDUncategorizedBoolean Code Definition
225BCDInformationTechnologyBoot Configuration Data
226BCDComputingBoot Configuration Data
227BCDUncategorizedBotley Curdridge And Durley
228BCDUncategorizedBoulder Country Day
229BCDMilitaryBouyancy Compensator Device
230BCDMedicalBovine Chondrodysplastic Dwarfism
231BCDUncategorizedBrad Chelsea and Danny
232BCDDevelopmentBranded Concept Development
233BCDTorontoStockExchangeBRC DiamondCore, LTD.
234BCDUncategorizedBreathing Control Device
235BCDOncologyBrief Case-Find for Depression
236BCDMilitaryBrigade, Corps, and Division
237BCDUncategorizedBudget Corprate Discount
238BCDUncategorizedBudget Customer Discount
239BCDUncategorizedBuilding Codes Division
240BCDManufacturingBulk Cargo Door
241BCDEducationalBuoyancy Compensating Device
242BCDDivingBuoyancy Compensation Device
243BCDScuba DivingBuoyancy Compensator Device
244BCDUncategorizedBuoyancy Compensator Devices
245BCDMilitaryBuoyancy Control Device
246BCDSCUBABuoyancy Control Device
247BCDUncategorizedBuoyancy Control Devices
248BCDSCUBABuoyancy Control/Compensator Device
249BCDNuclearBurst Can Detection
250BCDUncategorizedButler Calvert Discarla
251BCDUncategorizedThe Bipolar Collector Drain

RDO Full Form

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about BCD. If you want more information about BCD, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than BCD? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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