AWM Full Form

AWM Full Form: What Does AWM Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of AWM is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of AWM but also get detailed information about AWM. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does AWM stand for?

AWM Full Form

The term AWM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

AWM Full Form is – Arctic Warfare Magnum or AI-Arctic Warfare Magnum

The Accuracy International AWM is a bolt-action sniper rifle designed for extreme range sharpshooting. AWM is manufactured by Accuracy International designed for magnum rifle cartridges.

AWM Full Form in PUBG

AWM Full Form in PUBG is – Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum

AWM is a bolt-action rifle type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS. This gun has capacity to damage highest amount compare to any gun in the game. It has also capacity  to kill any player in one shot to the head, even if he wear a Spetsnaz helmet.

What Does AWM Stand For?

AWM stands for – Arctic Warfare Magnum or AI-Arctic Warfare Magnum

AWM is one of the most widely used sniper rifles. It is a rifle developed by the British Precision Instrument Manufacturing Company to perform sniper missions. Its design idea is: whether the barrel is clean or not, it must make the first hit.

In AWM, AW refers to Arctic Warfare, and M refers to M for Magnum. The original meaning in English refers to a large wine bottle. In terms of ammunition, it refers to a bullet with an increased charge. In crossing the line of fire, AWM is one of the most commonly used sniper rifles for civilian players, and its superior performance has established its position in the hearts of players. Price: 18000GP/permanent. Magazine capacity: 10/20.

It is modified by AWM-B, with a camouflage appearance, and the number of bullets is +5. The AWM-A’s scope has been specially modified, which is different from the guns of the same series, so that the accuracy of the whole gun is better, and the scope will not shake so much when hit by a bullet. AWM-A is the most acclaimed sniper rifle in the AWM series, with a price of 1200CF points/7 days. Magazine capacity: 15/30.

AWM has excellent performance, whether it is range, accuracy, or stability, it is the best in the sniper rifle family; secondly, AWM’s record is also very good, and it has set a world record for killing many times; third pair of this sniper The various problems exposed by the gun in actual combat have been continuously improved. The current AWM has been developed to the latest L115A3 model, and the performance is even better.

All Full Forms of AWM

List of All Full Form of AWM is given below –

Sr. No.TermCategoryAWM Full Forms
1AWMGynaecologyAbdominal Wall Metastases
2AWMUncategorizedAbide With Me
3AWMMedicalAbnormal Wall Motion
4AWMEndocrine SystemAbnormal White Matter
5AWMChemistryAbrasive Waterjet Machining
6AWMUncategorizedAccredited Wealth Manager
7AWMNeurologyAct When Mild
8AWMUncategorizedActive Walker Model
9AWMUncategorizedActive Workload Manager
10AWMHandbookAdaptive Water Management
11AWMUncategorizedAdult Webcam Model
12AWMUncategorizedAdult Webmaster Message
13AWMManagementAdult Weight Management
14AWMUncategorizedAdult World Media
15AWMParasitologyAdult Worm Motility
16AWMUncategorizedAdvance Wave Memory
17AWMTechnologyAdvanced Warehouse Management
18AWMMagazineAdvanced Warfighter Magazines
19AWMEnvironmentAdvanced Waste Management
20AWMTechnologyAdvanced Wave Memory
21AWMElectronicsAdvanced Waveform Modulation
22AWMUncategorizedAdvanced Whistle Mount
23AWMNephewAdvanced Wound Management
24AWMAthleticsAdvantage West Midlands
25AWMUncategorizedAdventure World Magazine
26AWMManagementAerial Wildlife Management
27AWMAfghanistanAfghan Women's Mission
28AWMMusicAfrican World Music
29AWMWaterAgricultural Water Management
30AWMCountyAgriculture Weights and Measures
31AWMUncategorizedAir and Waste Management
34AWMTechnologyAircraft Wiring Manual
35AWMUncategorizedAir-Wall Material
36AWMUncategorizedAlfred workflow manager
37AWMUncategorizedAll Weather Mats
38AWMUncategorizedAll Weather Monitor
39AWMCreditAll Western Mortgage
40AWMAwardAlliance for Women in Media
41AWMUncategorizedAlliance Women Ministries
42AWMLancerAllied War Machine
43AWMUncategorizedAllied Warden Marketing
44AWMMusicAlpha Wave Movement
45AWMUncategorizedAlways Wanting More
46AWMUncategorizedAmerican War Memorial
47AWMUncategorizedAmerican War Mothers
48AWMUncategorizedAmerican Waste Management
49AWMUncategorizedAmerican Wave Machines
50AWMUncategorizedAmerican Way Manufacturing
51AWMUncategorizedAmerican Web Media
52AWMTechnologyAmerican Wiring Material
53AWMUncategorizedAmerican Women in Mathematics
54AWMUncategorizedAmerican Wood Moulding
55AWMMuseumAmerican Writers Museum
56AWMManagementAnalytic Workspace Manager
57AWMArtAndy Warhol Museum
58AWMAmericaAngry White Male
59AWMManagementAnimal Waste Management
60AWMWindowsAnimation Works Movie
61AWMUncategorizedAnimation World Magazine
62AWMInformation TechnologyAnimations Works Movie
63AWMRadiotherapyAnterior Wall Motion
64AWMUncategorizedAnti-War Movement
65AWMUncategorizedAnzac War Memorial
66AWMProductsAppliance Wiring Material
67AWMUncategorizedApplication Workflow Manager
68AWMUncategorizedApplied Water Management
69AWMUncategorizedArab World Media
70AWMMinistryArab World Ministries
71AWMUncategorizedArchie's Weird Mysteries
72AWMUncategorizedArchive of World Music
73AWMMedicalArchives for Women in Medicine
74AWMArmyArctic Warfare Magnum
75AWMUncategorizedArctic Web Map
76AWMUncategorizedArdent Window Manager
77AWMEquilibriumArea Wide Model
78AWMFruitArea-Wide Management
79AWMFinancialArena Wealth Management
80AWMUncategorizedArmy Women's Museum
81AWMArtArt With Meaning
82AWMUncategorizedArtificial Weather Manipulation
83AWMUncategorizedAsia World Media
84AWMUncategorizedAsphalt Waterproofing Mix
85AWMManagementAsset and Wealth Management
86AWMUncategorizedAssets Wine Management
87AWMManagementAssociate Wealth Manager
88AWMManagementAssociated Waste Management
89AWMUncategorizedAssociation for Women in Math
91AWMEducationalAssociation for Women in Mathematics
92AWMGeneticAssociation Weight Matrix
93AWMLocal - CountriesAthlete Wealth Management
94AWMUncategorizedAtlantis World Media
95AWMCardiologyAtrial Working Myocardium
96AWMUncategorizedAudio Warning Mixer
97AWMNeurologyAuditory Working Memory
98AWMUncategorizedAural Warning Module
99AWMUncategorizedAustral Wright Metals
100AWMLocal - AustralianAustralian War Memorial
101AWMAustraliaAustralian War Museum
102AWMBusinessAustralian Waste Management
103AWMUncategorizedAustralian Weaving Mills
104AWMLocal - AustralianAustralian Workstation Manufacturers
105AWMUncategorizedAustralian Writers Marketplace
106AWMUncategorizedAuthentic Word Ministries
107AWMEngineeringAuto Warning Mixer
108AWMUncategorizedAutomated Weaving Machine
109AWMConstructionAutomatic Washing Machine
110AWMChemistryAverage Wave Function Method
111AWMUncategorizedAverage Wave-function Method
112AWMUncategorizedAverage Weighted Maturity

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about AWM. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than AWM? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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