BRC Full Form

BRC Full Form: What Does BRC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of BRC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of BRC but also get detailed information about BRC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does BRC stand for?

BRC Full Form

The term BRC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

BRC Full Form is – Block Resource Coordinator

BRC are the officers for supervision and implement the policies for a cluster of 8 to 10 schools in India.

What Does BRC Stand For?

BRC stands for – British Retail Consortium

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a Market Dating for the UK food retail industry created in 1992. The BRC has distributed recommendations for best practices for its food along with assembling partnerships for 2 decades, and furthermore spreads the On-Pack reusing measures for the UK.

All Full Forms of BRC

Now, here is the complete list of Full Form of BRC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryBRC Full Forms
1BRCCriminalBack Record Conversion
2BRCDrivingBackground Records Check
3BRCUncategorizedBackground Revision Control
4BRCImmigrationBacklog Reduction Center
5BRCStandardBackup and Recovery Concepts
6BRCChemistryBacterial Reaction Center
8BRCUncategorizedBakersfield Racquet Club
9BRCUncategorizedBalanced Refinement Conductor
10BRCSkiingBalanced Resort Capacity
11BRCUncategorizedBalcones Research Center
12BRCUncategorizedBallot Resolution Committee
13BRCUncategorizedBallymena Road Club
14BRCUncategorizedBaltic realization centre
15BRCUncategorizedBaltimore Resettlement Center
16BRCUncategorizedBaltimore Rowing Club
17BRCUncategorizedBangalore Royal Challengers
18BRCEconomicsBangkok Research Center
19BRCServiceBank Realization Certificate
20BRCBusinessBanking Reform Committee
21BRCUncategorizedBanking Related Courses
22BRCArmyBantam Reconnaissance Car
23BRCConstructionBar Reinforced Concrete
24BRCUncategorizedBarbados Rally Carnival
25BRCSolBarbados Rally Club
26BRCUncategorizedBarents Regional Committee
27BRCRegionBarents Regional Council
28BRCUncategorizedBarrier Reverse Convertibles
29BRCUncategorizedBarry Robinson Center
30BRCScienceBase Radio Controller
31BRCMilitaryBase Recovery Course
34BRCUncategorizedBase Restaurant Council
35BRCUncategorizedBaseline Response Criteria
36BRCUncategorizedBasic Reality Check
37BRCForceBasic Recon Course
38BRCMilitaryBasic Reconnaissance Course
39BRCChemistryBasic Regulatory Control
40BRCAudioBasic Remote Control
41BRCTechnologyBasic Research Challenge
42BRCHealthBasic Resident Contribution
43BRCMotorcycleBasic Rider Course
44BRCDiplomaBatch Release Certificate
45BRCAustraliaBathurst Regional Council
46BRCUncategorizedBaton Rouge College
47BRCScienceBattelle Research Complex
48BRCUncategorizedBattling Ropes Certification
49BRCBirdBatumi Raptor Count
50BRCElectronicsBaud Rate Converter
51BRCEducationalBaxter Research Center
52BRCUncategorizedBeach and Racquet Club
53BRCClubsBeach Raquet Club
54BRCUncategorizedBeamline Review Committee
55BRCUncategorizedBeans Rice and Cheese
56BRCUncategorizedBear River City
57BRCUncategorizedBedford Rowing Club
58BRCMotorcycleBeginner Rider Course
59BRCAthleticsBeginner Riding Clinic
60BRCMotorcycleBeginning Rider Course
61BRCUncategorizedBeijing Research Centre
62BRCChemistryBelow Regulatory Concern
63BRCRailroadBelt Railway Company
64BRCRailroadBelt Railway of Chicago
65BRCUncategorizedBenjamin Rollins Caldwell
66BRCUncategorizedBerkeley Research Computing
67BRCAthleticsBicycle Rain Canopy
68BRCUncategorizedBig Red Car
69BRCFunnyBig Remote Control
70BRCMusicBilly Ray Cyrus
71BRCEducationalBiodynamic Research Corporation
72BRCUncategorizedBiogas Research Centre
73BRCEducationalBioinformatics Resource Centers
74BRCUncategorizedBiologic Resource Committee
75BRCBusinessBiological Resource Center
76BRCEducationBiomedical Research Centre
77BRCTechnologyBiotechnology Research Center
78BRCInformation TechnologyBiotechnology Resource Center
79BRCUncategorizedBirmingham Roller Club
80BRCEducationalBit-Rate Control
81BRCPoliticsBlack Radical Congress
82BRCLocal - CitiesBlack Rock City
83BRCUncategorizedBlack Rock Coalition
84BRCGamingBlackrock Caverns
85BRCStandardBlade Reliability Collaborative
86BRCComputingBlend Ratio Control
87BRCGovernmentBlind Rehabilitation Center
88BRCBackpackingBlue Ribbon Coalition
89BRCAmericaBlue Ribbon Commission
91BRCCommitteesBlue Ribbon Committee
92BRCUncategorizedBlue Ridge Communications
93BRCMusicBlue Rose Code
94BRCNavyBoilermaker Chief Petty Officer
95BRCLocal - CountriesBook Reader Club
96BRCClubsBoulder Rock Club
97BRCUncategorizedBounded Rationality Concepts
98BRCUncategorizedBournemouth Research Chronicle
99BRCCommitteesBowery Residents Committee
100BRCCompanies or OrganizationsBoyes & Rosser Cycles
101BRCCompanies or OrganizationsBozeman Running Company
102BRCNYSE SymbolsBrady Corporation
103BRCMedicalBrain Reserve Capacity
104BRCCompanies or OrganizationsBrain Resource Company
105BRCRewardBrain Reward Cascade
106BRCPharmaceuticalBrain Reward Circuitry
107BRCCompanies or OrganizationsBrigade Recce Company
108BRCArmyBrigade Reconnaissance Company
109BRCPharmaceuticalBritish Rabbit Council
110BRCLocal - BritishBritish Reinforced Concrete
111BRCFoodBritish Research Consortium
112BRCUncategorizedBritish Research Council
113BRCForexBritish Retail Consortium
114BRCCompanies or OrganizationsBritish Retailers Consortium
115BRCHorseBritish Riding Clubs
116BRCUncategorizedBroadway Revival Cast
117BRCTechnologyBroker Regulatory Committee
118BRCToronto Stock ExchangeBrookfield Renewable Power Fund
119BRCAthleticsBrothers Rugby Club
120BRCEnvironmental HealthBrown Carbon
121BRCChurchesBrunswick Reformed Church
122BRCOfficeBudget Responsibility Committee
123BRCArmyBudget Review Committee
124BRCCompanies or OrganizationsBuilding Reports Corporation
125BRCEducationalBuilding Research Capacity
126BRCEngineeringBulk Refuse Container
127BRCCricketBurgher Recreation Club
128BRCRailwayBurma Railways Corporation
129BRCInstrumentationBurner Recorder Controller
130BRCUncategorizedBurnt Rubber Co
131BRCAccountingBusiness Records Check
132BRCTaxBusiness Records Checks
133BRCCertifications & DiplomasBusiness Registration Certificate
134BRCUncategorizedBusiness Research & Consulting
135BRCUncategorizedBusiness Research Centre
136BRCBusinessBusiness Resource Centers

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about BRC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than BRC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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