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UKG Full Form

UKG Full Form

UKG Full Form: What Does UKG Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of UKG but also get detailed information about UKG. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does UKG stand for?

UKG Full Form

The term UKG has many full forms, but out of which most relevant Full Form is –

UKG Full Form is – Upper Kindergarten

In India, every child has to enter into the primary education which has two parts LKG and UKG respectively. LKG is a Lower Kinder Garten while UKG refers to Upper Kinder Garten.

Kindergarten is used of babysitter or nursery school for the 3-4 years old children.

What Does UKG Stand For?

UKG stands for – Upper Kindergarten

All Full Forms of UKG

Now here is the list of all full form of UKG.

Sr. No.TermCategoryUKG Full Forms
1UKGAthleticsU K Gamers
2UKGMusicU K garage
3UKGScience FictionU K Garrison
4UKGIndonesia, TechnologyUji Kompetensi Guru
5UKGIndonesia, TechnologyUjian Kompetensi Guru
6UKGCompanies or OrganizationsUKGraffiti
7UKGUncategorizedUltra Korte Golf
8UKGUncategorizedUmaga Kay Ganda
9UKGHosting, SongUmagang Kay Ganda
10UKGUncategorizedUndies Kissing Girls
11UKGGamingUndying King Games
12UKGInternetUnikoin Gold
13UKGUncategorizedUnited Kingdom Garage
14UKGUncategorizedUnited Kingdom Garrison
15UKGCoinsUnited Kingdom Gold
16UKGUncategorizedUnited Kingdom Government
17UKGUncategorizedUnited Kingdom Graded
18UKGUncategorizedUniversal Knowledge Grid
19UKGUncategorizedUntererthaler Karnevals Gesellschaft
20UKGSchoolsUpper KinderGarten
21UKGNourishmentUrban Knaves of Grain
22UKGUncategorizedUshiro Kesa Gatame
24UKGAirport CodeUst-Kuyga Airport
25UKGUncategorizedUtkad Kurs i Gummiteknik
26UKGCompanies or OrganizationsUtrechts Klokkenluiders Gilde NL

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