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CCA Full Form

CCA Full Form

CCA Full Form: What Does CCA Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of CCA is? Then, here you will come to know what Does CCA stand for? Also all possible Full Form of CCA.

CCA Full Form

The term CCA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

CCA Full Form is – City Compensatory Allowance

City Compensation Allowance (CCA) is another stipend that workers get. It is given to meet everyday costs in metro or any significant city.

It is mandatory for companies to retain their employees in the current competitive landscape. High pay is the biggest reason behind the employee switching job. Maintaining a certain standard of living in a metropolitan city is not easy and raises a person’s salary to a great extent. Consequently, it gets vital for the business to guarantee that the worker is appropriately paid compensation. This is likewise the explanation for giving different sorts of remittances to the worker notwithstanding the fundamental compensation. One of the recompenses given to a representative working/living in a Tier-I city like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore  and so on is the City Allowance or CCA.

Now and again, CCA can also offered for representatives working in Tier-2 urban cities. City Compensatory Allowance is offered at the watchfulness of the business. The CCA is determined by the compensation scale and grade of a representative and not as per the base compensation. Thus it varies between cities. For example, an employee working in Mumbai will receive more CCA than someone working in Delhi.

CCA Full Form

Certificate in Computer Application

What Does CCA Stands For?

CCA stands for – City Compensatory Allowance

All Full Forms of CCA

Now, below is the list of All Full Form of CCA in various category

Sr. No.TermCategoryCCA Full Form
1CCA Media CenterCable Communications Association
2CCA PharmaceuticalCalcium Channel Antagonist
3CCA AssociationsCalifornia Chiropractic Association
4CCA EducationalCalifornia College of Ayurveda
5CCA EducationalCalifornia College of the Arts
6CCA LocalCalvary Christian Academy
7CCA HobbyCanaan Club of America
8CCA AthleticsCanadian Canoe Association
9CCA Voluntary OrganizationCanadian Centre for Architecture
10CCA ConstructionCanadian Construction Association
11CCA Stock ExchangeCanadian Corporation Assets
12CCA EducationalCanadian Council of Archives
13CCA Academic & ScienceCanyon Crest Academy
14CCA AccountingCapital Cost Allowance
15CCA UncategorizedCapital Cost Allowances
16CCA AccountingCapital Cost Annuity
17CCA CareerCareer College Association
18CCA ArmyCarrier-Controlled Approach
19CCA Voluntary OrganizationCatholic Charities Agencies
20CCA CultivationCauliflower Cropping Action
21CCA Information Technologycc: Mail Data
22CCA US GovernmentCenelec Certification Agreement
23CCA Companies or OrganizationsCentaur Casting Agency
24CCA ArmyCENTCOM Combat Analysis
25CCA ComputingCenter for Computational Aesthetics
26CCA ArtCenter for Contemporary Arts
27CCA ArtCenter for Creative Arts
28CCA AssociationsCentral City Association
29CCA ArmyCentral Collection Activity
30CCA AgenciesCentral Collection Agency
31CCA ArmyCentral Contracting Authority
32CCA Media CenterCentre for Contemporary Arts
33CCA Occupation & PositionsCertified Citrix Administrator
34CCA Occupation & PositionsCertified Coding Associate
35CCA Occupation & PositionsCertified Crime Analyst
36CCA Occupation & PositionsCertified Crop Adviser
37CCA Certifications & DiplomasCertified Crop Advisers
38CCA AccountingCertifying Acceptance Agent
39CCA Pharmaceuticalcervical cancer
40CCA UncategorizedChampion Cheer All
41CCA Voluntary OrganizationCharter Captain Association
42CCA AccountingChartered Certified Accountants
43CCA Companies or OrganizationsCheck Cashing Association
44CCA ChessChess Coaches Association
45CCA PharmaceuticalChibi Cheetah Angels
46CCA Awards & MedalsChief Commissioner Award
47CCA UncategorizedChief Counsel Advice
48CCA Local StatesChild Care Assistance
49CCA Occupation & PositionsChild Care Assistant
50CCA PharmaceuticalChildren's Cancer Association
51CCA Voluntary OrganizationChildren's Charities of America
52CCA SocietyChinese Civilization Association
53CCA Information TechnologyChosen Ciphertext Attack
54CCA LocalChristian Coalition of America
55CCA LocalChristian Society Action
56CCA EducationalChromated Copper Arsenate
57CCA UncategorizedChrome Copper and Arsenic
58CCA ArmyCircuit Card Assembly
59CCA PharmaceuticalCircumflex Coronary Artery
60CCA Information TechnologyCitrix Certified Administrator
61CCA UncategorizedCity Compensatory Allowance
62CCA PharmaceuticalCivil Contingencies Act 2004
63CCA PharmaceuticalClear Cell Acanthoma
64CCA PharmaceuticalClear Cell Adenocarcinoma
65CCA US GovernmentClinger-Cohen Act
66CCA UncategorizedClinica Chimica Acta
67CCA AthleticsClogging Champions of America
68CCA AlliancesCloud Communications Alliance
69CCA TransportationClub Coach Award
70CCA EducationalCo Curricular Activities
71CCA SocietyCoastal Conversation Association
72CCA EducationalCo-Curricular Activity
73CCA EducationalCo-Curriculum Activities
74CCA Toronto Stock ExchangeCogeco Communications Incorporated
75CCA Unit MeasuresCold Cranking Amperes
76CCA HobbyCollie Club of America
77CCA EducationalColombian College of Archivists
78CCA ContractorsColorado Contractors Association
79CCA Film CensorshipComics Code Authority
80CCA AccountingCommercial Capital Access
81CCA Companies or OrganizationsCommercial Collection Agency
82CCA TransportationCommon Cabin Air
83CCA AthleticsCommon Canadian Athletes
84CCA PharmaceuticalCommon Carotid Artery
85CCA AlliancesCommonwealth Care Alliance
86CCA NASA - SpaceCommunications Carrier Assembly
87CCA Companies or OrganizationsCommunications Council of America Inc
88CCA AssociationsCompetitive Carriers Association
89CCA UncategorizedComponent Cost Analysis
90CCA UncategorizedComprehensive Course Assessment
91CCA Information TechnologyComputer Club Across
92CCA Media CenterConcerned Children's Advertisers
93CCA SocietyConcerned Citizens Association
94CCA SocietyConfidential Certified Appraisals
95CCA ConstructionConstruction Careers Academy
96CCA ConstructionConstruction Consulting Associates
97CCA ArmyContainer Control Activity
98CCA ArmyContamination Control Area
99CCA ArmyContingency Capabilities Assessment
100CCA NASA - SpaceContract Change Authorization
101CCA ArmyContract Construction Agent
102CCA PharmaceuticalConventional Coronary Angiography
103CCA NASA - SpaceCoolant Control Assembly
104CCA AssociationsCooperative Communicators Association
105CCA EducationalCooperative Content Acceleration
106CCA AssociationsCopy Control Association
107CCA LocalCornerstone Christian Academy
108CCA Voluntary OrganizationSociety Action Agency
109CCA SocietySociety Choice Aggregator
110CCA EducationalSociety College Association
111CCA EducationalSociety College of Aurora
112CCA EnvironmentalSociety Conserved Area
113CCA JuridicalSociety Corrections Act
114CCA JuridicalCorporate Child Abuse
115CCA Occupation & PositionsCorporate Construction Associate
116CCA CouncilCorporate Council on Africa
117CCA UncategorizedCorporate Counseling Associates
118CCA ArmyCorrect Counter Attack
119CCA MedicalCorrected Calcium
120CCA Companies or OrganizationsCorrectional Corporation of America
121CCA Companies or OrganizationsCorrections Corp Of America
122CCA JuridicalCorrections Corporation of America
123CCA Pharmaceuticalcorticocerebellar atrophy
124CCA Companies or OrganizationsCost Control Associates
125CCA PharmaceuticalCost-Consequence Analysis
126CCA JuridicalCourt of Criminal Appeal
127CCA EducationalCranky Campus Aid
128CCA AccountingCredit Card Action
129CCA Occupation & PositionsCritical Care Associate
130CCA SocietyCross Cultural Awareness
131CCA PharmaceuticalCrossed Cerebellar Atrophy
132CCA AthleticsCruising Club of America
133CCA PharmaceuticalCurrent Cost Accounting
134CCA ClubsCushman Club of America

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about CCA. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than CCA? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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