DGCA Full Form

DGCA Full Form

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DGCA Full Form

The term DGCA has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

DGCA Full Form is – Directorate General of Civil Aviation

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the Indian authority anatomy that regulate civil aviation underneath the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

DGCA has many duties to perform. Out of these duties it has to investigate the aviation accidents and incidents.

The headquarter of DGCA is at Sri Aurobindo Marg, opposing Safdarjung Airport, in New Delhi.

DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) also regulate Civil Aviation and primarily works with safety points. It is answerable for laws of environment transport companies in India that’s to/from/inside and enforcement of civil environment rules, air safety, and airworthiness necessities. The DGCA moreover co-ordinates all options which are regulatory the Worldwide Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Non-public operators have been permitted to supply environment transport companies. However, no overseas airline might proper or in the end maintain fairness inside a home airline firm. By 1995, a number of private airways had ventured into the aviation firm and brought under consideration greater than 10 % related to the home air-traffic. Immediately, the Indian aviation business is dominated by unique airways and these embrace low priced suppliers, who’ve made flights inexpensive. The Authorities nationalized 9 airline companies vide the recent air Firms Act, 1953. These government-owned airways dominated aviation that is actually Indian until the mid-1990s. Each for a constitution and a non-charter basis and in addition to resolve their very personal journey schedules, cargo and passenger fares in April 1990, the Authorities adopted open-sky plan and allowed air taxi- operators to make use of flights from any airport. Included in its sky that’s accessible plan 1994, the Indian Authorities ended the dominance of IA and AI floating round transport options. Private suppliers have been permitted to supply air transport options. However, no overseas airline might instantly or in the end maintain fairness in an airline firm that is actually home. By 1995, a number of unique air firms had ventured into the aviation firm and brought under consideration greater than 10 % concerning the air visitors that is actually home. As of late, the Indian aviation enterprise is dominated by non-public air firms and these embrace cheap firms, which have made flights inexpensive.


DGCA Full Form In Aviation

Directorate General of Civil Aviation


What Does DGCA Stand For?

DGCA stands for – Directorate General of Civil Aviation


What is DGCA Meaning

The term DGCA can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of DGCA is Directorate General of Civil Aviation


All Full Forms of DGCA

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Sr. No.TermCategoryDGCA Full Form
1DGCAUncategorizedDamian Gerard Curran Associates
2DGCAUncategorizedDanish Green Card Association
3DGCAUncategorizedDifferential Gene Correlation Analysis
4DGCAAircraft & AviationDirector General Civil Aviation
5DGCAIndiaDirector General Civil Aviation
6DGCAOccupation & PositionsDirector General of Civil Aviation
7DGCAAircraftDirector General of Civil Aviation
8DGCATechnologyDirector General of Civil Aviation of ECAC Member States
9DGCAUncategorizedDirector General of Corporate Affairs
10DGCAIndiadirector general, Civil Aviation
11DGCAAircraft & AviationDirector Generals of Civil Aviation
12DGCAFlightDirectorate General Civil Aviation
13DGCAAircraft & AviationDirectorate General for Civil Aviation
14DGCAAirlineDirectorate General for Civil Aviation
15DGCAAircraft & AviationDirectorate General of Civil Aviation
16DGCAAviationDirectorate General of Civil Aviation
17DGCAIndiaDirectorate General of Civil Aviations
18DGCAIndiaDirectorate-General of Civil Aviation
19DGCAIndiaDirector-General Civil Aviation
20DGCAIndiaDirector-General of Civil Aviation
21DGCAIndiaDirector-Generals of Civil Aviation
22DGCAIndiaDirectors General Civil Aviation
23DGCAIndiaDirectors General of Civil Aviation
24DGCAUncategorizedDirectors-General of Civil Aviation
25DGCAUncategorizedDirectory General of Civil Aviation
26DGCAUncategorizedDisc Golf Club of Albany
27DGCAUncategorizedDivision of Grant and Contract Accounting
28DGCAUncategorizedDouble Grand Champion Alter
29DGCAAssociationsDreaded Goons Criminals Association

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