CDR Full Form

CDR Full Form

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CDR Full Form

The term CDR has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

CDR Full Form is – Call Detail Record

CDR – Compact Disc Recordable

CDR – CorelDraw Format Vector Graphics

CDR Full Form in Banking

CDR Full Form in Banking is – Corporate Debt Restructuring

CDR File Full Form

CDR File Full Form is Corel Draw

CDR Full Form in Telecom

CDR Full Form in Telecom is Call Detail Record

What Does CDR Stand For?

CDR stands for – Call Detail Record, Compact Disc Recordable and CorelDraw Format Vector Graphics

What is CDR Meaning

The term CDR can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of CDR is – Call Detail Record

All Full Forms of CDR

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of CDR.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of CDR, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CDR.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryCDR Full Forms
1CDRMedicalCa2+-dependent regulator
2CDRMedicalCa2+-dependent regulator protein
3CDRUncategorizedCab Display Radio
4CDRTechnologyCabinet Detector Rack
6CDRUncategorizedCagado de risa
7CDRBiochemistryCalcium-Dependent Regulator
8CDRMedicalCalcium-dependent Regulator
9CDRMedicalCalcium-dependent regulator protein
10CDRBiochemistryCalcium-Dependent Regulatory
11CDRMedicalcalcium-dependent regulatory protein
12CDRUncategorizedCalibrated Data Record
13CDRUncategorizedCalifornia Death Records
14CDRUncategorizedCalifornia Debt Relief
15CDRCaliforniaCalifornians for Disability Rights
16CDRUncategorizedCall Data Record
17CDRTechnologyCall Data Record s
18CDRUncategorizedCall Data Recorder
19CDRRecordsCall Data Recording
20CDRRecordingCall Data Records
21CDRPolice ForceCall Data Report
22CDRNetworkingCall Data Report
23CDRBankingCall Deposit Receipt
24CDRTechnologyCall Description Record
25CDRTelecomCall Detail Record
26CDRTelecomCall Detail Record
27CDRRecordingCall Detail Recorder
28CDRComputingCall Detail Recording
29CDRUncategorizedCall Detail Records
30CDRTechnologyCall Detail Records
31CDRTechnologyCall Detail Report s
34CDRTechnologyCall Detail Reporting
35CDRTechnologyCall Detail Reports
36CDRTechnologyCall Detailed Record s
37CDRRecordingCall Detailed Records
38CDRAsteriskCall Detailed Report
39CDRRecordsCall Details Record
40CDRRecordingCall Details Records
41CDRUncategorizedCall Details Report
42CDRUncategorizedCall Dial Recording
43CDRTechnologyCall Dial Rerouting
44CDRUncategorizedCall Dial Routing
45CDRTechnologyCall Drop Rate
46CDRNetworkingCall Drop Rates
47CDRUncategorizedCall Drop Ratio
48CDRCallingCall-Detail Record
49CDRUncategorizedcall-detail recording
50CDRUncategorizedCall-Dropping Rate s
51CDRArmyCamp Dining Room
52CDRAirlineCanadian Regional Airlines
53CDRRadiologyCancer Detection Rate
54CDRUncategorizedCapacity Demand and Reserves
55CDRBiochemistryCarbon Dioxide Reduction
56CDREnvironmentalCarbon Dioxide Removal
57CDRClimate ChangeCarbon Dioxide Removal
58CDRGovernmentCareer Development Review
59CDRFoodCasual Dining Restaurant
60CDRNeurologyCause of Death Register
61CDRWW1Cavalry Drill Regulations
62CDROrganizationsCedar Rapids
63CDROrganizationsCedar Shopping Centers Inc
64CDRCellCell Danger Response
65CDRUncategorizedCenter D ring
66CDRUncategorizedCenter for Dairy Research
67CDRResearchCenter for Decision Research
68CDRVoluntary OrganizationCenter for Democratic Renewal
69CDRResearchCenter for Demographic Research
70CDRResearchCenter for Design Research
71CDRMedicalCenter for Disability Rights
72CDRUncategorizedCentral Data Repository
73CDRTechnologyCentral Data Repository
74CDRUncategorizedCentral Data Request
75CDRArchitectureCentral Dining Room
76CDRFDA AdministrationCentral Document Room
77CDRFinanceCentralisation Des Risques
78CDRVoluntary OrganizationCentre for Dispute Resolution
79CDROrthopaedicCervical Disc Replacement
80CDRAirport CodeChadron Municipal Airport
81CDRLocal - Airport CodesChadron Municipal Airport, Chadron, Nebraska USA
82CDRAllergyChallenge Dechallenge Rechallenge
83CDRRecordCharging Data Record
84CDRTechnologyCharging Data Records
85CDRChemistryChemical Data Reporting
86CDRGovernmentChemical Data Reporting
87CDROilChemical Data Reporting Rule
88CDRChemistryChemical Disease Relation
89CDRChemistryChemical Distribution Room
91CDRChemistryChemical Drag Reducer
92CDRComputingChemical-Disease Relation
93CDRUncategorizedChild Death Review
94CDRMedicalChild Death Review
95CDRDevelopmentChild Development Resources
96CDRPublic HealthChild Development Review
97CDRStock ExchangeChina Depository Receipts
98CDRUncategorizedChinese Depositary Receipt
99CDRBusinessChinese Depositary Receipt
100CDRGamingChris Douglas-Roberts
101CDRHomeland SecurityChristian Disaster Response
102CDRUncategorizedChristopher David Ryan
103CDRUncategorizedChromosome Dimer Resolution
104CDRCytologyChromosome Dimer Resolution
105CDRPublic HealthChronic Disease Register
106CDRAutomotiveChrysler Diagnostic Readout
107CDRNASACircular Depolarization Ratio
108CDRCivic & MunicipalCivic Design Review
109CDRJuridicalCivil Dispute Resolution
110CDRNASA - SpaceCleaning and Decontamination Request
111CDRTechnologyCleaning Decontamination Request
112CDRClimateClimate Data Record
113CDRNASAClimate Data Record
114CDRClimateClimate Data Records
115CDRMedicalClinical Data Repository
116CDRMedicalClinical Data Repository
117CDRMedicalClinical Data Repository Clinical Data Repository
118CDRMedicalClinical Decision Rule
119CDRMedicalClinical Dementia Rating
120CDRMedicalClinical Dementia Rating
121CDRMedicalClinical Dementia Rating Scale
122CDRFDA AdministrationClinical Drug Request
123CDRCircuitClock & Data Recovery s
124CDRLocal - CountriesClock and Data Recovery
125CDRPhotonicsClock and Data Recovery
126CDRCircuitClock Data Recovery
127CDRTechnologyClock-Data Recovery
128CDRUncategorizedCoasts Deltas and Rivers
129CDRFlightCoded Departure Route
130CDRTransportationCoded Departure Routes
131CDRUncategorizedCodependent Depressive Rage
132CDRFDA AdministrationCognitive Drug Research
133CDRMedicalCognitive Drug Research
134CDRUncategorizedCohort Default Rate
135CDREducationCohort Default Rate
136CDRUncategorizedCohort Default Rates
137CDRBiophysicsCollimator-Detector Response
141CDRUS GovernmentCommander - USN
142CDR CommissionsCommission on Dietetic Registration
143CDRMedicalCommission on Dietetic Registration
144CDRComputing - NetworkingCommitted Data Rate
145CDRLocal - GhanaCommittee for the Defence of the Revolution
146CDRTechnologyCommon Data Representation
147CDRMedicalCommon Deleted Region
148CDRMedicalCommon Drug Review
149CDRMedicalCommunicable Disease Report
150CDRSocial WorkCommunity Disaster Resilience
151CDRComputing - SoftwareCompact Disc Recordable
152CDRTechnologyCompact Disc Recordable
153CDRComputing - General ComputingCompact Disk Recordable
154CDRTechnologyCompact Disk Recordable
155CDRTechnologyCompact Disk Recorder
156CDRUncategorizedCompensated Dual Resistivity
157CDROilfieldCompensated Dual Resistivity Tool
158CDRUncategorizedCompetancy Demonstation Report
159CDRUncategorizedCompetency Demonstration read
160CDRAustraliaCompetency Demonstration Report
161CDRUncategorizedCompetency Demonstration Reports
162CDRElectronicsComplementarity Determining Region
163CDRMedicalComplementarity Determining Region
164CDRUncategorizedComplementarity Determining Regions
165CDRImmunologyComplementarity Determining Regions
166CDRMedicalComplementarity-Determining Region
167CDRMedicalComplementarity-Determining Regions s
168CDRMedicalComplementary Determining Region
169CDRMedicalComplementary determining regions
170CDRMedicalComplimentarity Determining Region
171CDRTechnologyCompound Document by Reference
172CDRMedicalComputed Dental Radiography
173CDRMedicalComputed Dental Radiography
174CDRMedicalComputerized Digital Radiography
175CDRDrug TherapyConcentration-to-Dose Ratio
176CDREngineeringConcept Design Report
177CDRTechnologyConceptual Design Requirement
178CDRTechnologyConceptual Design Review
179CDRMechanicsCondenser Water Return
180CDRAircraftConditional Route
181CDRUncategorizedConsumer Dispute Resolution
182CDRComputing - AssemblyContents of Data Register
183CDRComputing - AssemblyContents of Decrement Register
184CDRComputing - AssemblyContents of Destination Register
185CDRBusinessContinental Depositary Receipt
186CDRMedicalContinuing Disability Review
187CDRMedicalContinuing Disability Review
188CDRMedicalContinuing Disability Reviews
189CDRMedicalContinuing Disability Reviews
190CDRArmyContinuous Data Recording
191CDRBusinessContract Data Requirements
192CDRMilitaryContractor Design Review
193CDRAmateur RadioControlled Directional Reception
194CDRPhysicsConvection Dominant Reflow
195CDRComputing - GamingCool Down Reduction
196CDRGamingCool Down Reduction
197CDRComputing - General ComputingCopy Density Range
198CDRComputingCopy Density Range
199CDRGeographyCoreldraw Format
200CDRComputing - File ExtensionsCorelDraw format Vector graphics
201CDRBankingCorporate Debt Restructuring
202CDRAircraftCost Detail Report
203CDRProductsCost Down Request
204CDRLocal StatesCouncil for Development & Reconstruction
205CDRCouncilCouncil for Development and Reconstruction
206CDRUncategorizedCraft Design Realisation
207CDRProductsCrankcase Depression Regulator
208CDREngineCrankcase Depression Regulator
209CDRFunnyCrappy Demo Recording
210CDRTechnologyCrash Data Recorder
211CDRSoftwareCrash Data Retrieval
212CDRTechnologyCrash Data Retrieval
213CDRCriminalCrash Data Retrieval System
214CDRFunnyCreate Duplicate Rip
215CDRUncategorizedCreative Direct Response
216CDRArmyCritical Design Review
217CDRTechnologyCritical Design Review
218CDRTechnologyCritical Design Reviews
219CDRNormal BusinessCrotchety Dotard Ranch
220CDRMedicalCrude Death Rate
221CDRMedicalCrude Death Rate
222CDROpticsCup Disc Ratio
223CDROphthalmologyCup-to-Disc Ratio
224CDRNeuroscienceCurrent Density Reconstruction
225CDRElectronicsCurrent Drain Reduction
226CDRElectronicsCurrent Drain Reduction

CDR – Call Detail Record

Telecom companies give CDR. It is data about information utilization, which contains insights concerning calls or other communication. It has many call details, for example, recognizable proof of source, length of each call, charges for each call, etc.

CDR – Compact Disk Recordable

CDR means Compact Disc Recordable. It is a digital optical disc format, and data can be record written by a CD burner.

CDR – CorelDraw Design Vector Graphics

A CDR record is a vector illustrations file that stores a computerized picture and is opened and controlled by a vector editor application. Records spared with the CDR augmentation are indicated for use with CorelDRAW items just as other Corel applications.

CDR – Carbon Dioxide Removal

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) alludes to advancements that plan to eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air.

Final Words:

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