CEC Full Form

CEC Full Form

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In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of CEC or abbreviation of CEC related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible CEC Full Form and it’s meanings here.


CEC Full Form

The term CEC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CEC Full Form is – Chief Election Commissioner

The Chief Election Commissioner is appointed by the President of India, who is in command of conducting free and elections. It performs a real function that’s essential to the functioning of democracy along with to assist preserve it established. Its best duty is to conduct the tactic of electing nation and state freely and impartially. You will discover two Election Commissioners in addition to the relative head of the Election Fee to observe the method of elections.

The headquarters relating to the fee is in Delhi. It has 350 members, and there’s a secretariat through the base. These members work on a full-time basis to run the engines of democracy in an inexpensive and easy method in various numbers concerning the scale of the small state.

On the district and constituency stage, officers and related employees are appointed as election officers to supervise the election course of that’s whole. T Through the election course, short-term workers are concerned for a fortnight to conduct any such system of that’s giant, which are used for counting and voting and so forth.

The chief is given pay that’s equal amenities as a decision of the Supreme Courtroom of India. The President could appoint an election that’s further to help the head related to Election Fee. They’re additionally given the amenities which can be similar. Whose process is to supervise the elections change into held in 543 constituencies which can be parliamentary.


CEC Full Form in Intermediate

Commerce, Economics and Civics

C.E.C. is a department or group in research that consists of the Civics, Economics, and Commerce topics.

Many college students assume that evaluate to the opposite branches like M.P.C.; you can find much fewer alternatives in C.E.C. However to acquire authorities job, this group that’s mixed higher options than different units. Students might also enter your accounting trade by the programs CA / ICWA. This group could be beneficial for the smart state authorities jobs or secretariat jobs these pupils have the larger quantity of advantages of the occupation that’s early.


What Does CEC Stand For?

CEC stands for – CEC Audio Products


What is CEC Meaning

The term CEC can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of CEC is – CEC Audio Products


All Full Forms of CEC

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of CEC.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of CEC, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CEC.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryCEC Full Form
1CECNYSE SymbolsC E C Entertainment, Inc.
2CECAircraft & AviationCabin Equipment Center
3CECUncategorizedCalifornia Elections Code
4CECUncategorizedCalifornia Electric Code
6CECUncategorizedCalifornia Energy Commision
7CECLocal StatesCalifornia Energy Commission
8CECEnergyCalifornia Energy Commission
9CECCaliforniaCalifornia Energy Commissions
10CECScienceCalifornia Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission
11CECPowerCalifornian Energy Commission
12CECUncategorizedCalista Elders Council
13CECConveyanceCaltrans Encroachment Committee
14CECUncategorizedCalumet Electronics Corporation
15CECLocalCambodian Evangelical Church
16CECChurchCambodian Evangelical Church
17CECSchoolCambridge Education Consultants
18CECBookCambridge English Certificate
19CECBusinessCambridge English Corpus
20CECUncategorizedCamouflage Europe Centrale
21CECUncategorizedCampaign Executive Committee
22CECUKCampaign for Equal Citizenship
23CECUncategorizedCampus Energy Centre
24CECUncategorizedCampus Environment Committee
25CECTexasCampus Environmental Center
26CECEducationalCampus Events Commission
27CECUncategorizedCampus-based Engineering Center
28CECUncategorizedCanada Education Centre
29CECUncategorizedCanada Employment Center
30CECUncategorizedCanada Employment Centre
31CECUncategorizedCanada Employment Centres
34CECCanadaCanada Experience Class
35CECUncategorizedCanada Export Centre
36CECUncategorizedCanada's Emerging Co-operators
37CECTeachingCanadian Ecology Centre
38CECCanadaCanadian Education Center
39CECCanadaCanadian Education Centre
40CECCanadaCanadian Education Centres
41CECLocal - CanadianCanadian Electric Code
42CECTechnologyCanadian Electric Code
43CECLocal - CanadianCanadian Electrical Code
44CECGasCanadian Electrical Code
45CECMusicCanadian Electroacoustic Community
46CECUncategorizedCanadian Electro-Acoustics Community
47CECUncategorizedCanadian Employers Council
48CECUncategorizedCanadian Enduro Championship
49CECScienceCanadian Engineering Competition
50CECUncategorizedCanadian Engineering Competitions
51CECUncategorizedCanadian English Course
52CECChemistryCapillary Electrochromatography
53CECPharmaceuticalCardiac Evaluation Center
54CECCareerCareer Education Corporation
55CECCareerCareer Enrichment Center
56CECEmploymentCaribbean Employers Confederation
57CECEducationalCasa de Economii si Consemnatiuni
58CECLocal - EuropeanCatamaran Europe Central
59CECCapacityCation exchange capacities
60CECEducationalCation Exchange Capacity
61CECEngineeringCation Exchange Capacity
62CECSoilCation-Exchange Capacity
63CECEducationalCebu Eastern College
66CECMedicalCell Culture
67CECEducationalCell Evaluation Chip
68CECElectronicsCell Evaluation Chip
69CECUncategorizedCenter for Endometriosis Care
71CECEnvironmental HealthCentral East China
72CECMedicalCentral Echo Complex
73CECGroupCentral Election Commission
74CECElectionCentral Electoral Commission
75CECUncategorizedCentral Electric Coop
76CECLocal - CountriesCentral Electric Cooperative
77CECArmyCentral Electronic Complex
78CECTechnologyCentral Electronic Complex
79CECTechnologyCentral Electronics Complex
80CECCommitteesCentral Executive Committee
81CECGroupCentral Executive Committee
82CECUncategorizedCentre for Enterprise and Communication
84CECConCentro de Exportadores de Cereales
86CECCertifications & DiplomasCertificate of Educational Convenience
87CECYachtingCertificate of Equivalent Competency
88CECTechnologyCertified E-Commerce Consultant
89CECCertifications & DiplomasCertified E-Economics
91CECHealthCertified Enrollment Counselors
92CECCertifications & DiplomasCertified Enterprise Coach
93CECCertifications & DiplomasCertified Enterprise Coaches
94CECCertifications & DiplomasCertified Executive Chef
95CECEducationCertified Executive Chef
96CECOncologyCervical Esophageal Cancer
97CECEmploymentChange in Employee Compensation
98CECChurchesCharismatic Episcopal Church
99CECUncategorizedCharismatic Episcopal Church
100CECInspectorChartered Engineers Certificate
101CECUncategorizedChemical Entrepreneurship Council
102CECCheshireCheshire East Council
103CECUncategorizedChicagoland Entrepreneurial Center
104CECMedicalChick Embryo Cell
105CECMedicalChick Embryo Cells
106CECCivic & MunicipalChief Election Commissioner
107CECIndiaChief Election Commissioner
108CECUncategorizedChief Executive Councillor
109CECHomeland SecurityChief Exercise Controller
110CECEducationalChild Educational Center
111CECUncategorizedChina East Coast
112CECGovernmentalChina Electricity Council
113CECChinaChina Entrepreneur Club
115CECUncategorizedChocolate Egg Cream
116CECBiochemistryCholesterol Efflux Capacity
117CECRestaurantsChuck E Cheese
118CECPizzaChuck E Cheese
119CECUncategorizedChuck E Cheeses
120CECUncategorizedCircular Economy Centre
121CECUncategorizedCircular Economy Club
122CECMedicalCirculating endothelial cell
123CECMedicalCirculating Endothelial Cells
124CECPatientCirculating Epithelial Cells
125CECAustraliaCitizens Electoral Council
126CECEnvironmentalCitizens Environmental Coalition
127CECScotlandCity of Edinburgh Council
128CECArmyCivil Engineer Corps
129CECMilitaryCivil Engineer Corps
130CECMilitaryCivil Engineering Center
131CECEducationalClass Executive Committee
132CECEnergyClean Energy Center
133CECEnergyClean Energy Coalition
134CECEnergyClean Energy Collective
135CECCommunityClean Energy Collective
136CECAustraliaClean Energy Council
137CECInformation TechnologyClear Enter Clear
138CECUniversityClinical Education Centre
139CECEthicsClinical Ethics Consultation
140CECResearchClinical Evaluation Committee
141CECCardiologyClinical Events Classification
142CECMedicalClinical Events Committee
143CECMedicalClinical Excellence Commission
144CECEmergencyCoastside Emergency Corps
145CECGovernmentCollective Employment Contract
146CECUniversityCollege of Engineering and Computing
147CECEducationalColombia Education Center
148CECEducationalColorado Early Colleges
149CECUncategorizedColorful Email Creator
150CECEducationalColumbia Education Center
151CECEducationColumbia Education Center
152CECNavyCombat Engagement Center
153CECTechnologyCombination Emission Control
154CECUncategorizedCombined Effects Chamber
155CECMoldovaComisia Electoral? Central?
157CECEnvironmentalCommission for Environmental Cooperation
158CECEnvironmental Health And SafetyCommission for Environmental Cooperation
159CECInformation TechnologyCommission of European Communities
160CECTechnologyCommission of European Communities
161CECWaste ManagmentCommission of the European Communities
162CECNuclearCommission of the European Communities
163CECTechnologyCommission of the European Community
164CECEducationalCommission on Education and Communication
165CECCanadaCommission on Environmental Cooperation
166CECUS GovernmentCommittee on Energy and Economics
167CECStock ExchangeCommodities Exchange Center
168CECTechnologyCommon Engineering Criteria
169CECEngineerCommonwealth Engineering Council
170CECCouncilCommonwealth Engineers Council
171CECTechnologyCommonwealth Engineers' Council
172CECCompanies or OrganizationsCommunications Engineering Company
173CECGovernmentCommunity e-Center
174CECEducationCommunity Education Center
175CECSchoolCommunity Education Centers
176CECProgramCommunity Educations Centers
177CECUncategorizedCommunity Employment Childcare
178CECMedicalCommunity Engagement Core
179CECUncategorizedCompact Embedded Computer
180CECUncategorizedComponent Enclosure Complex
181CECPharmaceuticalComprehensive ESRD Care
182CECOphthalmologyComprehensive Eye Care
183CECArmyComputer Engineering Center
184CECTechnologyComputerized Emission Control
185CECAutomotiveComputerized Emission Control System
186CECUncategorizedConcurrent Established Connections
187CECAlgorithmConference on Evolutionary Computation
188CECComputationCongress on Evolutionary Computation
189CECResearchCongress on Evolutionary Computing
190CECEducationalConservation Education Centre
191CECEducationalConsortium for Educational Change
192CECIndiaConsortium for Educational Communications
193CECUncategorizedConstant Error Carousel
194CECNavyConstruction Electrician's Mate Chief Petty Officer
195CECNavyConstruction Electrician's Mate Chief Petty Officer
196CECConstructionConstruction Equipment Company
197CECUncategorizedConsular Emergency Centre
198CECEducationalConsumer Electronic Control
199CECTechnologyConsumer Electronic Control
200CECEducationalConsumer Electronics Control
201CECInformation TechnologyConsumer Electronics Controller
202CECFiltrationContaminant of Emerging Concern
203CECUncategorizedContaminants of Emerging Concern
204CECContaminantContaminants of Emerging Concern
205CECCompanies or OrganizationsContinental Engineering Corporation
206CECEducationalContinuing Education Centre
207CECCommitteeContinuing Education Committee
208CECEducationalContinuing Education Courses
209CECEducationalContinuing Education Credit
210CECBusinessContinuing Education Credit
211CECChurchesContinuing Episcopal Church
212CECUS GovernmentContractor Establishment Code
213CECNASA - SpaceControl Electronics Container
214CECTechnologyControl Electronics Container
215CECNASA - SpaceControl Encoder Coupler
216CECArmyCooperative Engagement Capability
217CECMilitaryCooperative Engagement Capability
218CECTechnologyCo-operative Engagement Capability
219CECLocal - EuropeanCoordinating European Council
220CECOilCoordinating European Council
221CECUncategorizedCoordination and Evaluation Center
222CECDiversityCoordination and Evaluation Center
223CECOphthalmologyCorneal Endothelial Cell
224CECEducationalCorrective Education Company
225CECUncategorizedCost Engineering Committee
226CECEducationalCouncil For Exceptional Children
227CECEducationCouncil for Exceptional Children
228CECEducationCouncil on Exceptional Children
229CECUncategorizedCounter Earth Continent
230CECAutomotiveCrankcase Emission Control System
231CECCompanies or OrganizationsCreative Edge Corporation
232CECLocal - Airport CodesCrescent City, California USA
233CECCytologyCritical Electrolyte Concentration
234CECEducationalCritical Exponential Correction
235CECWorkshopCross Enterprise Collaboration
236CECUncategorizedCross Entropy Clustering
237CECUncategorizedCross-Entropy Clustering
238CECEducationCultural Education Center
239CECUncategorizedCultural Education Centre
240CECUncategorizedCurriculum Enhancement Class
241CECEducationalCustom Electronic Catalog
242CECManagementCustomer Engagement & Commerce
243CECManagementCustomer Engagement & Commerce
244CECUncategorizedCustomer Engagement Center
245CECUncategorizedCustomer Engagement Centre
246CECUncategorizedCutting Edge Capital
247CECUncategorizedCyber Engagement Center
248CECExtrusionCyclic Extrusion Compression
249CECAirport CodeDel Norte County Airport
250CECEducationalEarly College
251CECBiochemistryN-carboxyethyl Chitosan
252CECEducationalSociety Education Center
253CECEducationalSociety Education Centers
254CECSocietySociety Education Coalition
255CECSocietySociety Engagement Center
256CECSocietySociety Engagement Collaborative
257CECPharmaceuticalSociety Engagement Committee
258CECSocietySociety Enrichment Center
259CECEnvironmentalSociety Environmental Center
260CECEnvironmentalSociety Environmental Centre
261CECEnvironmentalSociety Environmental Council

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