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CFL Full Form

CFL Full Form: What Does CFL Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of CFL is? Then, here you will come to know what Does CFL stand for? Also all possible Full Form of CFL.

CFL Full Form

The term CFL has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CFL Full Form is – Compact Fluorescent Lamp

CFLs are designed to be used as a primary or secondary light source. Energy-saving lamps equipped with an E27 base are an alternative to incandescent lamps and can completely replace them. CFLs are used both for indoor lighting (living quarters, offices, industrial and warehouse premises, sales areas) and for outdoor lighting, especially where bright, high-quality lighting is needed or the creation of an original lighting atmosphere (pedestrian zones, shopping streets, etc.).

Compact fluorescent lamps provide energy savings of up to 80% compared to conventional incandescent lamps of the same brightness.

What is a CFL?

The developers of fluorescent lamps have always had the task of reducing their size. However, until the beginning of the 1980s, this problem could not be solved, primarily because with a severe decrease in the size of the lamps, in particular the diameter of their discharge tube, the average burning time was sharply reduced due to the low resistance of halophosphate phosphors to the action of electric discharge plasma in mercury vapor.

The possibility of a sharp reduction in size and the creation of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) appeared in the early 90s in connection with the development of rare-earth phosphors that are well resistant to the destructive effects of plasma in small-diameter discharge tubes.

Depending on the power, supply voltage, and other factors, the length of the CFL discharge tube can be quite long.

A straight discharge tube (channel) is repeatedly bent or coiled to approximate the dimensions of conventional lamps. In appearance, a light with two, four, six, etc., is obtained. For ease of presentation, such compact fluorescent lamps are referred to in the text as two-channel, four-channel, six-channel, etc.

The variety of soles is explained by the design features of the lamps and the possibility of using one or another type of CFL with electromagnetic or electronic ballast.

Compact fluorescent lamps are produced with good and excellent color rendering. In addition to white CFLs with different color temperatures, color and UV lamps are available. Some of them are intended for medical purposes, others for the photopolymerization of plastics, adhesives, etc.

It can be assumed that at the moment, the range of compact fluorescent lamps has basically stabilized, although it continues to expand slightly.

CFLs are an alternative to halogen and conventional incandescent lamps due to their compactness, low surface temperature, and high efficiency. They can be widely used to illuminate furniture, shop windows, sidewalks, stairs, etc.

Compact fluorescent lamps emit more than 90% of the maximum luminous flux in an extensive range of ambient temperatures, ensuring high efficiency when used in enclosed luminaires and less dependence of luminous efficacy on the lamp burning position.

What are the Applications of CFL?

The field of application of the energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp TDM ELECTRIC is the same as that of incandescent lamps. But energy-saving lamps have several advantages:

Bulb temperature is lower than that of incandescent lamps. This allows the use of lamps in luminaires that are critical to increased heating. And also in lamps with fabric shades.

Different spectral composition affects a person’s mood in different ways. Soft, warm light (2700 K) is ideal for apartments, hotels, restaurants, as it promotes relaxation. Bright daylight (4200 K) is best used to create a working atmosphere in public and industrial spaces, gyms, offices, and institutions. In children’s and educational institutions, it is recommended to mix lamps of warm and cold colors.

To extend the life of the lamps, they are equipped with a soft start system. This allows the lamp to withstand more than 500,000 switch-ons (provided that the lamp was switched off for at least 2 minutes before the next switch-on so that the element in the electronic ballast circuit that regulates the ignition process could cool down during this time.

What are the Benefits of CFL

Compact fluorescent lamps of the “COMPACT” TM TDM ELECTRIC series have the most diminutive dimensions among energy-saving lamps of similar power (the difference in measurements is from 1% to 35%).

The lamps are manufactured using amalgam technology – they do not contain free mercury vapors.

The lamp body is made of PBT plastic – a material that does not support combustion.

The use of a high-purity three-band phosphor ensures maximum luminous efficiency (at least 60 lm / W).

When used with an illuminated switch, the lamps do not blink when off.

Compact fluorescent lamps of the “COMPACT” TM TDM ELECTRIC series are equipped with a warm start, which, combined with high-quality components of the element base, ensures a long (over 12,000 hours) lamp life.

Compact fluorescent lamps of the “COMPACT” TM TDM ELECTRIC series meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.

All of the above advantages of compact fluorescent lamps of the “COMPACT” TDM ELECTRIC series are indicated on the packaging in the form of intuitive pictograms.

The assortment of compact fluorescent lamps of the “COMPACT” TM TDM ELECTRIC series includes lamps with a power of 9 W (with an E14 and E27 base), 11 W (with an E14 and E27 base), 13 W (with an E14 and E27 base), 15 W, 20 W (with E14 and E27 base), 25 W (with E27 base) and 30 W (with E27 base). All lamps are available in two color temperatures – soft, warm light (2700 K) and cool white light (4000 K).

What is CFL Full Form in Bulb

Full Form of CFL Bulb is – Compact Fluorescent Lamp

What Does CFL Stand For?

CFL stands for – Compact Fluorescent Lamp

What Does CFL Stand For in Light Bulbs?

In Light Bulbs CFL stands for – Compact Fluorescent Lamp

CGI Full Form

What is Full Forms of CFL

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CFL.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCFL Full Form
1CFLLight BulbCompact Fluorescent Lamp
2CFLEducationCalais Free Library
3CFLMedicalCalcaneal Fibular Ligament
5CFLPharmaceuticalCalcaneal-Fibular Ligament
6CFLBankingCalifornia Finance Lender
9CFLVoluntary OrganizationCampaign For Love
10CFLAthleticsCampbell Football League
11CFLLocal - CanadianCanada Feeder Lines
12CFLAthleticsCanadian Football League
13CFLProfessional OrganizationsCanadian Framework for Licensure
14CFLUncategorizedCannabis Free League
15CFL MedicalCapillary Force Lithography
16CFLUncategorizedCarbon Fibre Look
17CFLCompanies or OrganizationsCargo Force Limited
18CFLUncategorizedCash For Life
19CFL LeagueCatholic Forensic League
20CFLArmyCease Fire Line
21CFL MedicalCell-Free Layer
22CFL TechnologyCenter for Learning
23CFL WisconsinCenter for Limnology
24CFL MedicalCenter Front Line
25CFLUSCentral Federal Lands
26CFL MedicalCentral Field Loss
27CFLLocal - StatesCentral FLorida
28CFLTransportationCentral Freight Lines
29CFLEducationalCentre For Learning
30CFLLogisticsCertified Freight Logistics
31CFLUnionsChicago Federation of Labor
34CFLAutomotiveChina Facelift
35CFL LearningChinese as Foreign Language
36CFLChurchChrist for Life
37CFLSocietyCincinnati Feels Lousy
38CFLAircraft & AviationCleared Flight Level
39CFLNormal BusinessClient For Life
40CFLLocal - CountriesComment For link
41CFLHikingCommercial Forest Land
42CFLUncategorizedCommit For Life
43CFLInformation TechnologyCommon Feed List
44CFLUncategorizedCompact Florescent Lamp
45CFLUncategorizedCompact Florescent Light
46CFLEducationalCompact Fluorescent Lamp
47CFLProductsCompact Fluorescent Light
48CFLUncategorizedCompact Fluorescent Lightbulb
49CFL BulbCompact Fluorescent Lighting
50CFL EnergyCompact Fluorescent Lights
51CFLUncategorizedCompact Flurocent Lamps
52CFLArmyComputers For Learning
53CFL OfficeComputers for Learning
54CFLPharmaceuticalConsolidated Forensic Laboratory
55CFLUncategorizedConstructed Facilities Lab
56CFLFilm CensorshipContains Foul Language
57CFL CensorshipContains Foul Language
58CFLInformation TechnologyContext Free Language
59CFL DeterministicContext Free Language
60CFL PropertyContext-Free Languages
61CFLArmyContingency planning Facilities List
62CFLUncategorizedCool Frugal and Luminous
63CFLArmyCoordinated Fire Line
64CFL WarfareCoordinated Fire Line
65CFLInformation TechnologyCorel Flowchart
66CFLEducationalCouncil of Federal Libraries
67CFL BuildingCounter flashing
68CFL Construction IndustryCounter Flashing
69CFLLocal - CountiesCounty Fiscal Letter
70CFLUncategorizedCritical Field Line
71CFL MedicalCrow's Feet Lines
72CFLJurisprudenceCurrent Family Law
73CFLNatural ScienceCurved Fork Length
74CFLUncategorizedCyprus Fantasy League
75CFLInformation TechnologyIntel Coffee Lake
76CFLNuclearLate Containment Failure
77CFL Airline CodeSwedish Airlines


What is Full Form of CFL in Electrical?

Compact Fluorescent Lamp

What Does CFL Stand For in Lighting?

In Lighting CFL stands for – Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Final Words: I hope you get what you want to know about CFL. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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