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BOIS Full Form

BOIS Full Form

BOIS Full Form

Dear Friends, are you looking for BOIS full form? If so, here you will get the all possible Full Form of BOIS as well as detailed information about BOIS.

Along with this, you will also know the Meaning of BOIS here.

You can find all the information about the acronym of BOIS or abbreviation of BOIS related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible BOIS Full Form here.

BOIS Full Form

The term BOIS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant BOIS Full Form is –

BOIS – Base Operating Information System

What Does BOIS Stands For?

BOIS stands for – Base Operating Information System

What is BOIS Meaning

The term BOIS has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of BOIS is – Base Operating Information System

All Full Forms of BOIS

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term BOIS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryBOIS Full Form
1BOISUncategorizedBase Operating Information System
2BOISMindBasic Ordering Ideas
3BOISArmyBattlefield Operating Instruction System
4BOISMilitaryBattlefield Operating Instruction System
5BOISMedicalBeneficiary Online Inquiry System
6BOISUncategorizedBinary Object Indexed Serializer
7BOISInquiryBoard of Inquiries
8BOISUncategorizedBranch Office Infrastructure Solution
9BOISMicrosoftBranch Office Infrastructure Solution
10BOISBusinessBusiness Office Information System
11BOISTechnologyBusiness Office Information Systems

BOIS – Base Operating Information System

BOIS represents Base Operating Information System and other bloom types of the BOIS definition are given in the table beneath. In the table, the BOIS condensing in BOIS Full Form has 9 unique implications which are assemblage of jargon, for example, BOIS contraction, for example, military. Except if you can locate the significance of the shortened form of BOIS found in 9 diverse BOIS Meaning tables, please “What does BOIS mean?” The importance of BOIS “or you can look in the pursuit box just by composing the BOIS condensing.

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