CFM Full Form

CFM Full Form: What Does CFM Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of CFM is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of CFM but also get detailed information about CFM. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does CFM stand for?

CFM Full Form

The term CFM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

CFM Full Form is – Cubic Feet per Minute

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is a non-metric unit commonly used to measure volumetric flow rates of liquids and gases. Equal to 0.028316846592 m³ / min = 0.0004719474432 m³ / s.

Cubic feet per minute ft³⋅min⁻¹, ft³ / min is the American and British traditional unit of measure for flow rate. A cubic foot per minute is equal to one cubic foot (≈ 28.32 L) of liquid that flows through the flow cross section for one minute.

How many cubic meters per hour is equal to 1 cubic foot per minute?

1 cubic foot per minute [cfm] = 1,699 010 795 52 cubic meters per hour [m³/h]-a measurement calculator that can convert cubic feet per minute to cubic meters per hour.

CFM Engine Full Form

CFM International is the leading producer of commercial jet engines in the world.

CFM International is the leading producer of commercial jet engines in the world. CFM International (English: CFM International) is a 50% joint venture formed by the United States General Electric Aviation (GE Aviation) and France’s Safran Group (Safran) to develop and manufacture CFM56 series jet engines. The company name “CFM” and the company’s main product CFM56 series jet engines are named after the two-parent companies’ civil aviation airliner engines, namely General Electric CF6 and Snecma M56. The CFM56 series is a hybrid product that combines the primary (low-pressure) fan blades of Snecma M56 and the high-pressure supercharger and turbine of the military-used F101 (modified civilian version).

Because the CFM56 series jet engines are widely used in small and medium-sized jet airliners for regional routes such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, it also makes CFM International one of the world’s major aircraft engine suppliers.

What Does CFM Stand For?

CFM stands for – Cubic Feet per Minute

DOA Full Form

All Full Forms of CFM

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CFM.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCFM Full Form
1CFM MechanicsAir Flow Rate
2CFM Awards & MedalsCadet Forces Medal
3CFM Information TechnologyCalibration File Manager
5CFM LocalCall From the Mountain
6CFM OrganizationsCanada Filter Mfg.
9CFM Local - CanadianCanadian Federation of Musicians
10CFM OrganizationsCanadian Filter Mfg
11CFM Companies or OrganizationsCanadian Furniture Manufacturing
12CFM Internet - ChatCan't Find Me
13CFM ManagementCapital Fund Management
14CFM NeurosurgeryCarbon-Fiber Microelectrode
15CFM Stock MarketCarry Forward Margin
16CFM GovernmentCensus Flows Mapper
17CFM UncategorizedCenter for Mindfulness
18CFM MuseumsCenter for the Future of Museums
19CFM MetabolismCentral Fat Mass
20CFM ChemistryCentral Field Model
21CFM UncategorizedCentralization Formalization And Matrix
22CFM EconomicsCentre for Macroeconomics
23CFM PharmaceuticalCerebral Function Monitor
24CFM ManagementCertified Finance Manager
25CFM BusinessCertified Financial Management
26CFM BusinessCertified Financial Manager
27CFM Local StatesCertified Fire Marshal
28CFM Occupation & PositionsCertified Floodplain Manager
29CFM BusinessCertified in Financial Management
30CFM ChemistryCharge Fluctuation Model
31CFM ChemistryCharge Force Microscope
34CFM ChemistryChemical Force Microscopy
35CFM Local - CountriesChristian Family Movement
36CFM UncategorizedCitizens for Midwifery
37CFM UncategorizedClass Four Mutant
38CFM Media CenterClient Focused Media
39CFM MedicalClinical Forensic Medicine
40CFM TechnologyClock From Master
41CFM ComputingCode Fragment Manager
42CFM UncategorizedCold Fusion Mark
43CFM Information TechnologyCold Fusion Markup
44CFM Information TechnologyCold Fusion Markup Template
45CFM Media CenterCold Fusion Media
46CFM GovernmentCollaborative Forest Management
47CFM ChemistryColloid Formation and Migration
48CFM MedicalColor Flow Mapping
49CFM ManagementCombined Facilities Management
50CFM NourishmentCommercial Food Machinery
51CFM ForestCommunity Forest Management
52CFM BioengineeringCompact Flash Memory
53CFM TechnologyCompanded Frequency Modulation
54CFM Aircraft & AviationCompany Flight Manual
55CFM Information TechnologyConfiguration File Management
56CFM EngineeringConfiguration Management
57CFM MedicalConfocal Fluorescence Microscopy
58CFM GamingConnected Franchise Mode
59CFM TechnologyConnectivity Fault Management
60CFM UncategorizedConstant Force Of Mortality
61CFM BiophysicsConstellation Figure of Merit
62CFM ConstructionConstruction and Facilities Management
63CFM ConstructionConstruction Facilities Management
64CFM ForumsConsumer Forum Malaysia
65CFM ForumsConsumer Forum of Malaysia
66CFM EducationalContamination Free Manufacturing
67CFM Information TechnologyContent Flow Manager
68CFM Normal BusinessContinental Freight Management
69CFM TechnologyContinuous Flow Manufacturing
70CFM EngineeringContinuous Fracture Modeling
71CFM UncategorizedContract Furnishings Mart
72CFM PoliticsContracting & Facilities Management
73CFM UncategorizedControl Function Module
74CFM ArmyCONUS Freight Management
75CFM SAPCorporate Finance Management
76CFM FunnyCould have Fooled Me
77CFM InternationalCouncil of Foreign Ministers
78CFM Local StatesCounty Fiscal Management
79CFM EducationalCreates Forward Motion
80CFM MarketingCreative Fitness Marketing
81CFM MarketingCreative Fitness Marketing's
82CFM NuclearCritical Function Monitor
83CFM PharmaceuticalCross Flow Microfiltration
84CFM LocalCrown Financial Ministries
85CFM TechnologyCryogenic Fluid Management
86CFM UncategorizedCubic Feet moved
87CFM EngineeringCubic Feet Per Minute
88CFM UncategorizedCumbria Frequency Modulation
89CFM NASA - SpaceCustomer Furnished Material
91CFM CybersecurityCyber Fed Model
92CFM BioengineeringCystic Fibrosis Modifier
93CFM SocietySociety Farmers Markets
94CFM SocietySociety Fault Model

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about CFM. If you want to know the full forms of the term other than CFM, then please ask by comments or email.

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