CISS Full Form

CISS Full Form

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CISS Full Form

The term CISS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant CISS Full Form is –

CISS – Continuous Ink Supply System

CISS – Canadian Radio Station

What Does CISS Stands For?

CISS stands for – Continuous Ink Supply System and Canadian Radio Station

What is CISS Meaning

The term CISS was used for many purpose, but the most relevant meaning of CISS is – Continuous Ink Supply System & Canadian Radio Station

All Full Forms of CISS

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CISS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryCISS Full Forms
1CISSUncategorizedCadet Inter Services Skill
2CISSUncategorizedCall Independent Supplementary Service
3CISSUncategorizedCall Independent Supplementary Services
4CISSTechnologyCall-Independent Supplementary Services
5CISSCambodiaCambodian Institute for Strategic Studies
6CISSUncategorizedCambridge International Scholarship Scheme
7CISSUniversityCambridge International Scholarship Scheme
8CISSUniversityCambridge International Scholarships Scheme
9CISSUncategorizedCampbell Interest & Skill Survey
10CISSUncategorizedCampbell Interest and Skill Survey
11CISSCareerCampbell Interest and Skill Survey
12CISSEducationCampbell Interest and Skills Survey
13CISSUncategorizedCanadian & International Student Services
14CISSTechnologyCanadian Initiative on Social Statistics
15CISSMilitaryCanadian Insititute of Strategic Studies
16CISSUncategorizedCanadian Institute for Strategic Studies
17CISSUncategorizedCanadian Institute of Strategic Studies
18CISSLocal - CanadianCanadian International School System
19CISSLocal - CanadianCanadian International Student Services
20CISSServiceCanadian International Student Services
21CISSLocal - CanadianCanadian Internetworked Scientific Supercomputer
22CISSLocal - CanadianCanadian ISBN Service System
23CISSUncategorizedCancer Information & Support Services
24CISSAustraliaCancer Information & Support Society
25CISSCounsellingCancer Information and Support Service
26CISSPharmaceuticalCancer Information and Support Services
27CISSServiceCancer Information and Support Services
28CISSUncategorizedCapital Investment Subsidy Scheme
29CISSNatural ScienceCarcinomas In Situ
30CISSUncategorizedCassini Imaging Science Subsystem
31CISSEducationalCast In Site Slab
32CISSUncategorizedCast in Steel Shell
34CISSUncategorizedCatholic Information Service Society
35CISSNASA - SpaceCentaur Integrated Support Structure
36CISSTechnologyCentaur Integrated Support Structure
37CISSUncategorizedCentaur Integrated Support System
38CISSMilitaryCenter for Information System Security
39CISSArmyCenter for Information Systems Security
40CISSMilitaryCenter for Information Systems Security
41CISSUncategorizedCenter for Intelligence and Security Studies
42CISSInternationalCenter for International Students and Scholars
43CISSAthleticsCentre for International Athletics Studies
44CISSUncategorizedCentre for International Security Studies
45CISSPakistanCentre for International Strategic Studies
46CISSCertifications & DiplomasCertified information Security Specialist
47CISSUncategorizedChannel Islands Social Services
48CISSEducationalCharacteristics Instrument for Screening Students
49CISSInternationalChina International Student Service
50CISSInternationalChina International Student System
51CISSUncategorizedChiral Induced Spin Selectivity
52CISSChemistryChiral-Induced Spin Selectivity
53CISSMedicalChristo Inventory for Substance-misuse Services
54CISSGeneticsChromosomal In Situ Suppression
55CISSCatholicChromosomal In-situ Suppression Hybridization
56CISSMedicalChromosome In Situ Suppression
57CISSChromosomal InstabilityChromosome Instability Syndromes
58CISSUncategorizedCitizen Initiated State Statute
59CISSUncategorizedCitizens Information Services
60CISSMedicalClinical Information Systems
61CISSSurgeryCold Intolerance Symptom Severity
62CISSUncategorizedCollaboration Inspiration Support and Swiftness
63CISSInvestmentCollective Investment Schemes
64CISSMedicalCommon Insertion Sites
65CISSMedicalCommon Integration Sites
66CISSInternetCommon Internet Scheme Syntax
67CISSGovernmentCommunal Irrigation Systems
68CISSUncategorizedCommunity Information Service Stockport
69CISSMedicalCommunity Integrated Service Systems
70CISSUncategorizedComparative Interdisciplinary Studies Section
71CISSGeneticCompetitive In Situ Suppression
72CISSUncategorizedComposite Indicator Of Systemic Stress
73CISSUncategorizedComprehensive Import Supervision Scheme
74CISSUncategorizedComprehensive Information Security Switzerland
75CISSUncategorizedComputed Images System & Services
76CISSComputingComputer and Information Systems Security
77CISSComputingComputer Info Sci Security
78CISSComputingComputer Information Systems Security
79CISSProfessional OrganizationsComputer Information Systems Society
80CISSComputingComputerized Inventory System Specialists
81CISSInternationalConcordia International School Shanghai
82CISSForumConference on Information Sciences and Systems
83CISSTechnologyConference on Information Sciences and Systems
84CISSForumConference on Information Systems and Sciences
85CISSAircraft & AviationConfigurable Integrated Surveillance System
86CISSLocal - CountriesConnected Industrial Sensor Solution
87CISSUncategorizedConnecticut Information Sharing System
88CISSEducationalConseil International des Sciences Sociales
89CISSEducationalConsejo Internacional de Ciencias Sociales
90CISSChemistryConstant Initial State Spectroscopy
91CISSUncategorizedConstructive Interference In Steady State
92CISSRadiologyConstructive Interference in Steady State
93CISSNeurology-Constructive Interference in Steady-State
94CISSUncategorizedConstructive Interference Steady State
95CISSUncategorizedConsumer Injury Surveillance System
96CISSUncategorizedContainer Identification Scratch System
97CISSInformation TechnologyContinuous Ink Supply System
98CISSPrinterContinuous Ink Supply System
99CISSUncategorizedContinuous Ink Supply Systems
100CISSUncategorizedConvergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey
101CISSMedicalConvergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey
102CISSUncategorizedConvergence Insufficiency Symptoms Survey
103CISSSchoolsConversational Intelligence Summer School
104CISSEnterpriseCooperative Information Systems
105CISSMedicalCoping Inventory for Stressful Situations
106CISSEducationalCounselor Initiative and Student Support
107CISSJuridicalCrash Investigation Sampling System
108CISSCanadaCriminal Intelligence Service Saskatchewan
109CISSUncategorizedCritical Incident Support Services
110CISSAcademic & ScienceCurrent Issues in Sport Science
111CISSUncategorizedCustomer Information Support Specialist
112CISSEducationalInternational Social Science Council
114CISSSocietySociety Information Sharing System
115CISSLocal StatesSociety Integrated Service System

CISS – Canadian Radio Station

The CISS (Canadian Radio Station) is a tool that permits printing prices to be introduced down on inkjet printers, plotter, or all-in-one. It’s a technique of delivering massive quantities of liquid ink to comparatively small inkjet print heads. Many enterprise {and professional} grade printers incorporate a steady ink to provide system into their design to reinforce printing functionality.

CISS – Canadian Radio Station

CISS might confer with: CISS-FM, a Canadian radio station. The Inter-American Middle for Social Safety Research is a social security-related worldwide group in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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