CMD Full Form

CMD Full Form

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CMD Full Form

The term CMD has many full form, but out of which most relevant CMD Full Form is –

1) Chairman & Managing Director

2) Chief Managing Director

3) Command Prompt

CMD Full Form in Computer

Command Prompt

CMD Full Form in Company

Chairman & Managing Director

Chief Managing Director

What Does CMD Stands For?

CMD stands for – Chairman & Managing Director, Chief Managing Director and Command Prompt

CMD Meaning

The term CMD has many meanings, but the most relevant meaning of CMD is –

Chairman & Managing Director

All Full Forms of CMD

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term CMD.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryCMD Full Form
2CMDUncategorizedCable Modem Diagnostics
4CMDUncategorizedCake Mix Doctor
5CMDUncategorizedCalcutta Metropolitan District
6CMDCardiologyCalf Muscle pump Dysfunction
7CMDUncategorizedCalifornia Metal Distributors
8CMDUncategorizedCalifornia Micro Devices
9CMDDeviceCalifornia Micro Devices
10CMDCaliforniaCalifornia Military Department
11CMDUncategorizedCall Me Daddy
13CMDMicrobiologyCalmodulin Gene
14CMDUncategorizedCambridge Mission to Delhi
15CMDUncategorizedCamera Motion Descriptor
17CMDMedicinecamptomelic dwarfism
18CMDGeneticsCamptomelic Dysplasia
19CMDMedicinecamptomelic dysplasia
20CMDUncategorizedCanadian Maritime Document
21CMDUncategorizedCanadian Medical Directory
22CMDMedicalCanadian Pharmaceutical
23CMDBiotechnologyCancer Molecular Diagnostics
24CMDUncategorizedCanis Major dwarf
25CMDChemistryCanonical Measure of Distance
26CMDUncategorizedCapital Market Data
27CMDUncategorizedCapital Market Day
28CMDPoliticsCapital Market Development
29CMDUncategorizedCapital Market Division
30CMDBusinessCapital Markets Day
31CMDUncategorizedCapital Markets Department
34CMDBankingCapital Markets Development
35CMDUncategorizedCapital Markets Division
36CMDMedicalCarbohydrate Membrane Desalter
37CMDBiochemistryCarboxymethyl Dextran
38CMDDirectiveCarcinogens and Mutagens Directive
39CMDPublic HealthCardiometabolic Disease
40CMDMilitaryCareer Management Division
41CMDSexualCarpet Matches Drapes
42CMDPharmaceuticalCartilage Matrix Deficiency
43CMDCytologyCartilage Matrix Deficiency
44CMDMedicalCassava Mosaic Disease
45CMDMilitaryCatalog Management Data
47CMDManagementCenter for Management Development
48CMDManagementCenter for Management Development
49CMDEducationalCenter for Media and Democracy
50CMDDevelopmentCenter for Migration and Development
51CMDUncategorizedCenter for Molecular Discovery
52CMDChemistryCenter for Molecular Discovery
53CMDManufacturingCentral Manufacturing District
54CMDUncategorizedCentral Moment Discrepancy
55CMDTechnologyCentralized Message Distribution
56CMDManagementCentre For Management Development
57CMDManagementCentre for Management Development
58CMDUncategorizedCentre for Market Design
59CMDUncategorizedCentre for Materials Discovery
60CMDUncategorizedCentro Medico Diagnostico
62CMDMedicalCentroid Molecular Dynamics
63CMDNeurologyCerebral Microdialysis
64CMDOccupation & PositionsCertified Marketing Director
65CMDMedicalCertified Medical Directors
66CMDMedicalCertified Medical Dosimetrist
67CMDMedicalCertified Pharmaceutical
68CMDUncategorizedChairman and Managing Director
69CMDBusinessChairman and Managing Director
70CMDLocal - CountriesCharlie Mike Delta
71CMDPharmaceuticalChief Pharmaceutical
72CMDPharmaceuticalChildhood Muscular Dystrophy
73CMDMedicalChronic Myeloid Disorder
74CMDPharmaceuticalChronic Myeloproliferative Disorder
75CMDMedicalChronic Myeloproliferative Disorders
76CMDTechnologyCircuit Mode Data
77CMDChemistryClassical Molecular Dynamics
78CMDEducationalClub Management Diploma
79CMDCoinsCoin Market Daddy
80CMDUncategorizedCollaborative Market Data
81CMDUncategorizedColloidal Mineral Drop
82CMDUncategorizedColor Manipulation Device
83CMDArmyColor Monitor Device
84CMDArmyColor Monitor Display
85CMDTechnologyColour Magnitude Diagram
86CMDUncategorizedCombat Maneuver Defense
87CMDPathfinderCombat Maneuver Defense
92CMDInformation TechnologyCommand file
93CMDInformation TechnologyCommand Prompt
94CMDInternational BusinessCommencement Date
95CMDNuclearCommission Member Document
96CMDPharmaceuticalCommon Mental Disorder
97CMDMedicalCommon Mental Disorder
98CMDMedicalCommon mental disorders
99CMDPsychiatryCommon Mental Disorders
100CMDMediaCommunication & Multimedia Design
101CMDUncategorizedCommunication and Multimedia Design
103CMDUncategorizedComprehensive Market Design
104CMDMedia CenterComputational Media Design
105CMDNormal BusinessComputer Microenterprise Development
106CMDEducationalComputer Molecular Dynamics
107CMDDiscourseComputer-Mediated Discourse
108CMDMineralConcentrated Mineral Drop
109CMDHealthConcentrated Mineral Drops
110CMDChemistryConcerted Metalation-Deprotonation
111CMDUncategorizedCondensed Matter Division
112CMDMedicalCongenital Muscular Dystrophies
113CMDPharmaceuticalCongenital Muscular Dystrophy
114CMDMedicalCongenital Muscular Dystrophy
115CMDMedicalCongenital Myotonic Dystrophy
116CMDProjectionConstruction Market Data
117CMDPharmaceuticalContinuing Pharmaceutical
118CMDMedicalContractor Medical Director
119CMDScienceContracts Management Division
120CMDInformation TechnologyControl and Monitoring Display
121CMDChemistryConventional Molecular Dynamics
122CMDWW2Conventional Munitions Disposal
123CMDAirport CodeCootamundra Airport
124CMDLocal - Airport CodesCootamundra, New South Wales, Australia
125CMDPharmaceuticalCoronary Microvascular Disease
126CMDMedicalCoronary Microvascular Disease
127CMDCardiologyCoronary Microvascular Dysfunction
128CMDRadiologyCorticomedullary Differentiation
129CMDMedicalCorticomedullary differentiation
130CMDPharmaceuticalcortimedullary differentiation
131CMDTechnologyCostruzioni Motori Diesel
132CMDMedicalCount Median Diameter
133CMDPharmaceuticalcraniomandibular disorder
134CMDMedicalCraniomandibular Disorders
135CMDMedicalCraniomandibular Dysfunction
136CMDPharmaceuticalcraniometaphyseal dysplasia
137CMDGeneticsCraniometaphyseal Dysplasia
138CMDMedicalCraniometaphyseal dysplasia
139CMDUncategorizedCreate Manage and Deliver
140CMDInformation TechnologyCreative Mechanical Design
141CMDUncategorizedCreative Media Design
142CMDUncategorizedCreative Micro Designs
143CMDCompanies or OrganizationsCreative Micro Devices
144CMDUncategorizedCreative Motion Design
145CMDUncategorizedCrescent Moon Designs
146CMDProductsCross Machine Direction
147CMDPulp And PaperCross Machine Direction
148CMDProductsCross Machine Duotone
149CMDArmyCruise Missile Defense
150CMDMilitaryCruise Missile Defense
151CMDComputer SecurityCryptographic Module Document
152CMDGeographyCurrent Meter Digitizer
153CMDProgrammingCustomer Material Description
154CMDPharmaceuticalCystic Medial Degeneration
155CMDCardiologyCystic Medial Degeneration
156CMDInformation TechnologyExternal command menu (1st Reader)
159CMDInformation TechnologyREXX Batch file

CMD – Chairman and Managing Director

The position, jobs, obligations, compensation, residency of a CMD of a public limited organization fluctuate, in certain cases strikingly and in some different nations. Here is an overall picture that rises up out of the investigation of laws and practices in significant nations and districts.

The chairman of a public limited company is one of the heads of that organization who is chosen to manage the gatherings of the organization. He is chosen for a predetermined term.

CMD – Chief Managing Director

CMD – Chief Managing Director (regularly granted as MD) is a Managing Director (MD) of a company, who is a full-time head of an organization, and who holds a leadership position to control the everyday undertakings of the organization. MD is head of the board (either share a similar significance as or better than CEO/COO).

CMD – Command Prompt

A Command Prompt is a non-graphical interface that permits you to interact with operating system (OS). In the Command Prompt, you can enter the commands by composing their names after alternatives and contentions. Most present-day PCs utilize a graphical UI (GUI), which permits clients to get to more instinctive projects and reports. In any case, a few projects and orders are still just accessible through the order brief.

The Command Prompt is an order line mediator application accessible in many Windows working frameworks. It is utilized to execute the entered order. The majority of them mechanize errands through order contents and group records, perform progressed managerial capacities, and investigate or resolve specific sorts of Windows issues.
The Command Prompt is authoritatively called the Windows order processor, yet is here and there alluded to as the order shell or cmd brief, or even by its filename, cmd.exe.

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