COB Full Form

COB Full Form: What Does COB Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of COB is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of COB but also get detailed information about COB. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does COB stand for?

COB Full Form

The term COB has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

COB Full Form is – Close Of Business

COB stands for “Close Of Business”. It describes the end of a business day and the closing of the financial markets in that particular city or country, which specify business hours of that city or country. It is used in company communications to decide on a deadline for a task to be performed by 5:00 PM Standard Time (ST) of that country.

It is used to specify a deadline for a job which ought to be complete at the close of the company day — normally 5:00 PM. When no time period is supplied, end of day is comparative to the sender’s time zone.

But that days are considered business days? A company day refers to some workday — Monday through Friday — by 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from the company’s local time.

Based on the kind of company or industry you operate in, you might encounter 24-hour surgeries or working days. By way of instance, delivery and banking providers typically work on Saturdays.

COB Light Full Form

Chip On Board Lights

In these type of lights, LED chips is mounted on a single board, which act as a source of light.

COB Bank Full Form

Close Of Business (day)

What Does COB Stand For?

COB stands for – Close Of Business

COB is refers to the end of a business day and it is the close of the financial markets.

All Full Forms of COB

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term COB.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCOB Full Forms
1COBElectricityCalifornia Oregon Border
2COBSemiconductorCapacitor Over Bit-line
3COBMilitaryCaptain of the Base
4COBServiceCarry on Business
5COBTechnologyCarry on luggage
6COBMilitaryCarry Over Bank
7COBIndustrialCarrying on Business
8COBTravelCarry-on Baggage
9COBNormal BusinessCash On the Barrelhead
10COBBoard GamesCastles of Burgundy
11COBDentistryCastor Oil Bean
12COBAnimalsCattery Of Birth
13COBGeriatricsCenter Of Balance
14COBStock MarketCentral Order Book
15COBBankingChair Of The Board
16COBBusinessChairman of the Board
17COBDogChange of Behavior
18COBInformation TechnologyChange Of Billing
19COBMilitaryChief of Base
20COBMilitaryChief of the Boat
21COBArmyChief On Board
22COBMusicChildren of Bodom
23COBEducationalChip On Board
24COBLocalChristian Online Buddy
25COBDrumChrome Over Brass
26COBBioengineeringChromite Overburden
27COBMedicalChronic Obstructive Bronchitis
28COBChurchesChurch Of the Brethren
29COBSocietyCity Of Bayside
30COBLocal - CitiesCity Of Bellingham
31COBBoneCity of Bones
34COBMusicCity Of Brass
35COBLocal - CitiesCity Of Brownsville
36COBUnited NationsCivilian On the Battlefield
37COBCampusClassroom and Office Building
38COBTransportationClean On Board
39COBEngineeringClear over Base
40COBCountyClerk of the Board
41COBMusicClive's Original Band
42COBSlangClose Of Business
43COBBusinessClosing Of Business
44COBTravel & TourismClothing Optional Beach
45COBInformation TechnologyCobol language source code file
46COBEducationCollege of Business
47COBEducationalCollege Of the Bahamas
48COBArmyCollocated Operating Base
49COBAMEX SymbolsColumbia Labs, Inc.
50COBLocal - CountriesCome On Body
51COBArmyCommand Operating Budget
52COBAutomationCommunication Object
53COBTechnologyCommunications Office Building
54COBLocal - CitiesCommunities Of the Borough
55COBEducationalCompany of Biologists
56COBTechnologyComplementary Offset Binary
57COBPharmaceuticalConcussion Of the Brain
58COBManagementConduct Of Business
59COBArmyContingency Operating Base
60COBNormal BusinessContinuity Of Business
61COBNormal BusinessContinuous Open Bid
62COBGovernmentContinuous Open Bidding
63COBInsuranceCoordinating Of Benefits
64COBNourishmentCorn, Oats, and Barley
65COBBankingCorporation Bank
66COBAccountingCost Of Borrowing
67COBAccountingCost of Borrowing
68COBPoliticsCouncil of Bureaux
69COBEpidemiologyCountry Of Birth
70COBManagementCreate, Organize, Benefit
71COBNourishmentCrusty Oval Bread
72COBScience FictionCult Of Binky
73COBGameCult Of Bud
74COBMedia CenterCut Out Background
75COBMolecular BiologyCytochrome B

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