MAC Full Form

MAC Full Form: What Does MAC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of MAC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of MAC but also get detailed information about MAC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does MAC stand for?

MAC Full Form

The term MAC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

MAC Full Form is – Media Access Control Address

A MAC address is a hardware unique identifier number that uniquely identifies each device on a network.

The MAC address is made into each network card, for example, an Ethernet card or Wi-Fi card, and in this manner can’t be changed.

MAC Full Form in Computer

Media Access Control Address

MAC OS Full Form

Macintosh Operating System

MAC is an OS (operating system), which is designed by Apple Inc. and it can be installed and operated on the Apple Macintosh series of computers.

MAC Address Full Form

Media Access Control Address

It is a serious opportunistic infection, which is caused by two similar bacteria, Mycobacterium intercellulare and Mycobacterium avium. These bacteria are found in the dust and in soil particles

MAC Full Form in Medical

Mycobacterium Avium Complex

What Does MAC Stand For?

MAC stands for – Media Access Control

MAC stands for Media Access Control. The Ethernet MAC is characterized by the IEEE-802.3 jack benchmark. It implements the data link layer. The latest MAC supports 10/100/1000Mbps speed at exactly the identical moment. Under ordinary circumstances, it implements MII/GMII/RGMII ports to port with industry standard PHY apparatus. MAC is composed of hardware control along with MAC communication protocol. MAC is composed of hardware control along with MAC communication protocol.

What Does MAC Address Stand For?

MAC Address Stands for – Media Access Control Address

All Full Forms of MAC

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of MAC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryMAC Full Forms
1MACLocal - GhanaArmy Advisory Council
2MACTransportationArmy Airlift Command
3MACArmyArmy Armament Company
4MACCompanies or OrganizationsArmy Armament Corporation
5MACArmyArmy Armistice Commission
6MACArmyArmy Assistance Command
7MACEducationalAssociation Min
8MACInformation TechnologyMAC Address Collector
9MACSocietyMac Apple Corps
10MACMedicalMacAndrew Alcoholism
11MACMedicalMacAndrew Alcoholism Scale
12MACMedicalMacAndrew Scale
13MACNourishmentMacaroni and Cheese
14MACNames and NicknamesMacDonald
15MACOrganizationsMacerich Company
16MACTechnologyMachine Access Control
17MACNavyMachine Accountant Chief Petty Officer
18MACTechnologyMachine Address Code
19MACInformation TechnologyMachine Aided Cognition
20MACFunnyMachine Always Crashes
21MACGeographyMachine Automation Control
22MACTechnologyMachine-aided Cognition
23MACUncategorizedMachined Assembly Check
24MACOrganizationsMack Trucks Inc.
25MACUncategorizedMackenzie a character
26MACAirport CodeMacon Downtown Airport
27MACComputingMacro Analysis Computer
28MACASX SymbolsMacro Corporation Ltd
29MACMedicalMacrolide antibiotics
30MACFunnyMacs Are Crap
31MACInternet - ChatMad And Crazy
34MACForcesMagnetic Accelerator Cannon
35MACEducationalMagnitude Amplification Cavity
36MACNASA - SpaceMain Assistance Console
37MACProgrammingMain Automation Contractor
38MACTechnologyMain Display Console
39MACChinaMainland Affairs Council
40MACCityMaintaining Active Citizens
41MACTechnologyMaintenance Action Code
42MACTechnologyMaintenance Advisory Committee
43MACArmyMaintenance Allocation Chart
44MACTechnologyMajor Accounts Center
45MACPharmaceuticalMajor Ambulatory Category
46MACArmyMake A Change
47MACSocietyMake Activities Count
48MACUncategorizedMakeup Art and Cosmetics
49MACMakeupMakeup Art Cosmetics
50MACBrandMake-up Art Cosmetics
51MACArtMakeup Artist Cosmetics
52MACInternet - ChatMaking A Change
53MACUncategorizedMaking a Connection
54MACEducationalMaking Activities Count
55MACMedicalMalignancy Associated Changes
56MACAirlineMalta Air Charter
57MACPharmaceuticalMammalian Artificial Chromosome
58MACMedicalMammary Adenocarcinomas
59MACLocal - CountriesMan And Computer
60MACUncategorizedManagement Admission Council
61MACGovernmentManagement Advisory Committee
62MACEducationalManagement and Administrative Computing
63MACAccountingManagerial Assistance Control
64MACEngineeringManaging Agent and Contractor
65MACEngineeringManaging Agent Contractor
66MACComputingMandatory Access
67MACTechnologyMandatory Access Control
68MACFunnyManga Anime Cartoon
69MACAwardManhattan Association of Cabarets
70MACTransportationManifest Analysis And Certification
71MACStructuralManual Handling Assessment Chart
72MACUncategorizedMany Assorted Costumes
73MACBusinessMarginal Abatement Cost
74MACEducationalMarine Archaeology Centre
75MACPharmaceuticalMarker And Cell
76MACInternational BusinessMarket Access & Compliance
77MACGovernmentMarket Access and Compliance
78MACNormal BusinessMarketing Advertising And Communication
79MACAthleticsMarshall Always Champion
80MACAthleticsMarshall Athletic Conference
81MACMartial ArtsMartial Arts Club
82MACMedicalMass Absorption Coefficient
83MACNavyMaster-at-arms Chief Petty Officer
84MACFunnyMasters Arent Competing
85MACEducationalMasters of Acupuncture
86MACEducationalMathematics Access Centre
87MACEducationalMathematics And Computation
88MACPharmaceuticalMaximum Acceptable Concentration
89MACFiltrationMaximum Admissible Concentration
90MACPharmaceuticalMaximum Aerobic Capacity
91MACUncategorizedMaximum Allowable Charge
92MACToxicologyMaximum Allowable Concentration
93MACMedicalMaximum Allowable Cost
94MACNASA - SpaceMaximum Concentration of Organics
95MACUncategorizedMcKinney Avenue Contemporary
96MACAviationMean Aerodyanamic Chord
97MACTechnologyMean Aerodynamic Cord
98MACInformation TechnologyMeasured Attenuation Correction
99MACTechnologyMedia Access Control
100MACTechnologyMedia Access Control Address
101MACConceptMedia Access Control Macintosh
102MACMedia CenterMedia Action Committee
104MACEducationMedicaid Administrative Claiming
105MACMedicalMedical Advisory Committee
106MACMechanical EngineeringMedical Air Compressor
107MACUncategorizedMedicare Administrative
108MACMedicalMedicare Administrative Contractor
109MACPharmaceuticalMedicare Appeals Council
110MACPharmaceuticalMedication Access Computer
111MACTechnologyMedium Access Control
112MACMedicalMembrane Attack Complex
113MACUS GovernmentMen Against Communism
114MACSocietyMenasha Action Council
115MACMedicalMental Adjustment to Cancer
116MACFDA AdministrationMental Adjustment to Cancer scale
117MACTechnologyMessage Authentication Code
118MACNormal BusinessMetal Alloy Colleague
119MACInformation TechnologyMetered Automatic Cartridge
120MACAthleticsMEVA Automatic Climbing
121MACMexicanMexican American Council
122MACEducationalMichigan Agricultural College
123MACAthleticsMid America Conference
124MACAthleticsMid-American Conference
125MACNutritionMid-Arm Circumference
126MACEducationalMid-Atlantic Cape
127MACEducationalMid-Atlantic Cyclone
128MACJuridicalMiddle Aged Cops
129MACFunnyMiddle Aged Crazy
130MACNormal BusinessMiddle Area Conference
131MACForumMiddle Atlantic Conference
132MACAthleticsMidwest Athletic Conference
133MACPharmaceuticalMigration Advisory Committee
134MACMilitaryMilitary Airlift Command
135MACGunMilitary Armament Corporation
136MACEducationalMineralogical Association of Canada
137MACMedicalMinimal Auditory Capabilities
138MACPharmaceuticalMinimum Alveolar Concentration
139MACPharmaceuticalMinimum Antibiotic Concentration
140MACConstructionMining Association of Canada
141MACLocalMinisterial Advisory Committee
142MACCommissionsMinistries Agencies and Commissions
143MACEducationalMinority Achievement Committee
144MACLocal StatesMinority Affairs Committee
145MACPoliticsMission Assignment Coordinator
146MACArmyMission Assurance Category
147MACVoluntary OrganizationMissions Across Canada
148MACScoutingMissions Adventure Camp
149MACSocietyMississippi Access to Care
150MACAthleticsMissoula Aquatic Club
151MACPoliticsMitigation Assistance Clinic
152MACMedicalMitochondrial Apoptosis-induced Channel
153MACPharmaceuticalMitral Annular Calcification
154MACAutomotiveMobile Air Conditioning
155MACEducationalMobile Analytical Chemical
156MACAccountingMoney Access Center
157MACPharmaceuticalMonitored Anaesthesia Care
158MACPoliticsMonitoring and Analysis Coordinator
159MACPharmaceuticalMorning and Afternoon Care
160MACFunnyMoron-Accessible Computer
161MACMedicalMorphology Antibody Chromosomes
162MACArmyMortuary Affairs Center
163MACFunnyMost Amazing Computer
164MACMilitaryMotor Ambulance Company
165MACInformation TechnologyMotorola Advanced Computer
166MACNormal BusinessMulti Actors Cooperation
167MACUS GovernmentMulti Agency Complex
168MACEmergencyMulti Agency Coordination
169MACNASA - SpaceMulti-Access Computer
170MACProductsMulti-Action Conditioner
171MACPoliticsMulti-Agency Command
172MACPoliticsMultiagency Coordination
173MACLaw EnforcementMulti-Agency Coordination Committee
174MACHealthMulticultural Aged Care
175MACInformation TechnologyMultiple Architecture Computer
176MACMilitaryMultiple Award Contract
177MACMedia CenterMultiplexed Analog Components
178MACEducationalMultiplexed Analogue Components
179MACInformation TechnologyMultiply and Accumulate
181MACLocationsMunicipal Advisory Council
182MACVoluntary OrganizationMuslim Association of Canada
183MACPharmaceuticalMycobacterium Avium Complex

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about MAC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than MAC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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