CPM Full Form

CPM Full Form: What Does CPM Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of CPM is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of CPM but also get detailed information about CPM. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does CPM stand for?

CPM Full Form

The term CPM has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

CPM Full Form is –Cost Per Thousand or Cost Per Mille

CPM is also called as Cost Per Thousand. CPM is a marketing term that refers to the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on a webpage. For example, if a publisher of that website charges RS. 100 CPM, then that means publisher will pay that website owner of 150 Rs. for every 1,000 impressions of their ads.

CPM Full Form in Digital Marketing

Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand

CPM Full Form Management

Critical Path Method

CPM is a step-by-step project management technique, which is used to complete projects on time by focusing on key tasks.

CPM Full Form in Medical

Continuous Passive Motion

CPM is a machine, which is used to help rehabilitate a limb (an arm or leg).

CPM Full Form in Computer

Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand

What Does CPM Stand For?

CPM stands for – Cost Per Thousand (impressions)

CPM stands for per thousand impressions, which is the rate at which you want to charge or pay for every thousand times an ad is displayed. It is widely used to set the pricing of banner ads.

The cost-per-click calculator is used to calculate the cost-per-click (cost-per-click) based on the cost-per-thousand impressions (cost per thousand impressions) and the click-through rate (click-through rate). In addition, the calculator allows you to calculate CPM or click-through rate based on the other two parameters.

All Full Forms of CPM

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of CPM.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCPM Full Forms
1CPMUncategorizedCalifornia Pellet Mill
2CPMManagementCampus Property Management
3CPMManagementCapital Project Management
4CPMMedicalCenter for Predictive Medicine
5CPMCertifications & DiplomasCertificate in Pastoral Ministry
6CPMEducationalCertification in Pharmaceutical Management
7CPMAccountingCertified Payroll Manager
8CPMCertifications & DiplomasCertified Product Manager
9CPMCertifications & DiplomasCertified Professional Manager
10CPMAwards & MedalsCertified Professional Midwife
11CPMProfessional OrganizationsCertified Project Manager
12CPMManagementCertified Property Management
13CPMOccupation & PositionsCertified Property Manager
14CPMCertifications & DiplomasCertified Public Manager
15CPMOccupation & PositionsCertified Purchasing Manager
16CPMInformation TechnologyCharacter Per Minute
17CPMUncategorizedCheckout And Pull Master
18CPMNavyChief Patternmaker
19CPMNavyChief Pharmacist's Mate
20CPMOccupation & PositionsChief Project Manager
21CPMUncategorizedChinese Party of Marxists
22CPMPharmaceuticalChlorpheniramine Maleate
23CPMLocalChurch Planting Movement
24CPMInternational BusinessCipher Pluggable Module
25CPMArmyCivilian Personnel Manual
26CPMPharmaceuticalClinical Performance Measures
27CPMManagementCollege of Performance Management
28CPMEducationalCollege Preparatory Material
29CPMEducationalColleges Prayer Meeting
30CPMEducationalCollision Probability Method
31CPMAwards & MedalsColonial Police Force Medal
34CPMUncategorizedCombinatorial Pattern Matching
35CPMUncategorizedCombined Process Method
36CPMNASA - SpaceCommand Pulse Module
37CPMLocal - CountriesCommercial Property Management
38CPMCommissionsCommission on Phytosanitary Measures
39CPMMiscellaneousCommon Particular Metre
40CPMUncategorizedCommon Proper Motion
41CPMUncategorizedCommunist Party Maoist
42CPMPoliticsCommunist Party Marxist
43CPMSocietyCommunist Party of Malaya
44CPMBusinessCompany Production Management
45CPMNormal BusinessComponent Program Manager
46CPMUncategorizedCompute Power Market
47CPMNASA - SpaceComputer Program Module
48CPMUnit MeasuresConference Participant Minute
49CPMForumConference Preparatory Meeting
50CPMInformation TechnologyConstant Passive Motion
51CPMManagementConstruction Payment Management
52CPMConstructionConstruction Project Management
53CPMNormal BusinessConsumer Product Management
54CPMMiscellaneousContainer Pallet Manifest
55CPMUncategorizedContainers Per Minute
56CPMPharmaceuticalContinuous Passive Motion
57CPMEducationalContinuous Permeable Mountain
58CPMEducationalContinuous Phase Modulation
59CPMUncategorizedContinuous Potential Method
60CPMConstructionContractors Plant and Machinery
61CPMInformation TechnologyControl Port Manager
62CPMInformation TechnologyControl Program Module
63CPMUncategorizedControl Program Monitor
64CPMUnit MeasuresCopies Per Month
65CPMManagementCorporate performance management
66CPMUnit MeasuresCost Per Mil
67CPMUnit MeasuresCost Per Mille
68CPMUnit MeasuresCost Per Million
69CPMInternetCost Per Thousand Impressions
70CPMUnit MeasuresCounts Per Minute
71CPMAircraft & AviationCrash Protection Memory
72CPMManagementCritical Path Management
73CPMArmyCritical Path Method
74CPMManufacturingCrucible Particle Metallurgy
75CPMInternetCustom Page Management
76CPMOccupation & PositionsCustomer Project Management
77CPMNASA - SpaceCycles Per Minute
78CPMUncategorizedCalifornia Pellet Mill
79CPMCallingCalls Per Minute
80CPMMedicalCancer Pain Management
81CPMTechnologyCards Per Minute
82CPMMedicalCare Process Model
83CPMTechnologyCellular Phone Module
84CPMBiologyCellular Potts Model
85CPMAnimeCentral Park Media
86CPMPowerCentral Processing Module
87CPMComputingCentral Processor Module
88CPMDrivingCents Per Mile
89CPMPayrollCertified Payroll Manager
90CPMUncategorizedCertified Procurement Manager
91CPMMidwiferyCertified Professional Midwife
92CPMMedicalCertified Professional Midwives
93CPMManagementCertified Property Manager
94CPMManagementCertified Public Manager
95CPMBusinessCertified Purchasing Manager
96CPMTechnologyChange Point Model
97CPMTechnologyCharacters Per Minute
98CPMTechnologyCharged Particle Monitor
99CPMNavyChief Patternmaker
100CPMNavyChief Pharmacist's Mate
101CPMComplementary MedicineChinese Patent Medicine
102CPMMedicalChinese Proprietary Medicines
103CPMMedicalClinical Performance Measures
104CPMNursingClinical Practice Model
105CPMMedicalClinical Project Manager
106CPMNetworkingClique Percolation Method
107CPMEnvironmental HealthCoarse Particulate Matter
108CPMMiningCoastal Protection and Management
109CPMTechnologyCollaborative Production Management
110CPMHealthCollector of Public Monies
111CPMMathematicsCollege Preparatory Mathematics
112CPMScienceColliding Pulse Mode
113CPMUncategorizedColonial Police Medal
114CPMOncologyColorectal Peritoneal Metastases
115CPMMedicalColoured Progressive Matrices
116CPMMedicalCombinatorial Partitioning Method
117CPMManagementCommercial Property Manager
118CPMPresbyteryCommittee on Preparation for Ministry
119CPMUncategorizedCommittee on Program Matters
120CPMCommunicationCommunication Privacy Management
121CPMMalaysiaCommunist Party of Malaya
122CPMMicrosoftCommunity Program Manager
123CPMBusinessComparable Profits Method
124CPMManagementCompetitive Profile Matrix
125CPMBusinessCompliance and Program Management
126CPMEnergyCompliance Project Manager
127CPMPsychologyComponent Process Model
128CPMEmergency MedicineCompressions Per Minute
129CPMAirportCompton/Woodley Airport
130CPMTransportationComputational Pipeline Monitoring
131CPMTechnologyComputer Program Module
132CPMEnvironmental HealthCondensable Particulate Matter
133CPMMedicalConditioned Pain Modulation
134CPMMortgageCondo Project Manager
135CPMTechnologyConference Preparatory Meeting
136CPMUncategorizedConstruction Planning and Management
137CPMScienceConstruction Project Management
138CPMEngineeringConstruction Project Manager
139CPMAir CargoContainer Pallet Message
140CPMMedicalContinue Present Management
141CPMDentistryContinued Passive Motion
142CPMScienceContinuous Particle Monitor
143CPMMedicalContinuous Passive Motion
144CPMMedicalContinuous Passive Movement
145CPMTechnologyContinuous Phase Modulation
146CPMSurgeryContractions Per Minute
147CPMInsuranceContractor's Plant and Machinery
148CPMMedicalContralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy
149CPMProgrammingControl Performance Monitor
150CPMTechnologyControl Program for Microcomputers
151CPMMeteorologyCooperative Program Manager
152CPMTechnologyCopies Per Minute
153CPMEngineeringCore Processing Module
154CPMBusinessCorporate Performance Management
155CPMTechnologyCorporate Performance Monitor
156CPMTechnologyCost Per 1,000 Impressions
157CPMBusinessCost Per Mile
158CPMTechnologyCost Per Minute
159CPMMarketingCost Per Thousand
160CPMOnline MarketingCost Per Thousand Impressions
161CPMSEOCost Per Thousands
162CPMMedicalCount Per Minute
163CPMTechnologyCounting Practices Manual
164CPMMedicalcounts per min
165CPMMedicalCounts Per Minute
166CPMLaw EnforcementCriminal Possession of Marijuana
167CPMEngineeringCritical Path Method
168CPMProjectionCritical Path Methodology
169CPMFiberCross-Phase Modulation
170CPMChemistryCrucible Particle Metallurgy
171CPMUncategorizedCrystal Property Management
172CPMTechnologyCustomer Premise Management
173CPMManagementCustomer Profitability Management
174CPMManagementCute Partition Manager
175CPMShaftCycle Per Minute

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about CPM. If you want more information about CPM, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than CPM? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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