CPO Full Form

CPO Full Form: What Does CPO Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of CPO is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of CPO but also get detailed information about CPO. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does CPO stand for?

CPO Full Form

The term CPO has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

CPO Full Form is – Central Police Organization

CPO represents Central Police Organization. It is otherwise called SSC CPO, as it is a test directed by the Staff Selection Commission for the enlistment of contender for the post of Sub-investigator (SI) of Police.

The test is directed on a public scale for the SI posts for different Police Organizations like BSF, ITBP, SI Delhi Police and CRPF, and so forth.

CPO Full Form in Company

Chief Procurement Officer

What Does CPO Stand For?

CPO stands for – Central Police Organization

What Does CPO Stand For in Cars?

In Cards CPO Stand for – Certified Pre Owned

A Certified Used Car or CPO is the type of vehicle used.

The secondary car market in whole world is much larger than the primary market, and most of it is in the shadow. Used cars are sold by unofficial dealerships, dealers, individuals – vehicles change hands, leaving the official car dealers out of business. To win back a share in sales, dealers have adopted Western practice – they began to offer so-called certified used cars.

Certified Pre-Owned

This term appeared in the 90s, when Lexus and Mercedes-Benz were among the first to offer CPO programs. A used copy undergoes a full inspection under the control of the manufacturer for dozens and hundreds of items, worn out and faulty parts are replaced and repaired, the car receives an additional guarantee.

Of course, when buying, you cannot neglect personal inspection and checking the history by VIN code through online services. However, the chance to purchase a quality car is higher if it is a CPO.

Most brands only certify their own products, but some work with third-party brands as well. The type of warranty service depends on the manufacturer: let’s say Ford offers 12 months limited mileage, while Lexus offers two years regardless of mileage.

CPO machines are designed to occupy the price niche between new and regular used. An additional goal of the programs is to attract buyers for new cars.

What Does CPO Stand For in Business?

Chief Procurement Officer

All Full Forms of CPO

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CPO.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCPO Full Forms
1CPOMusicCalgary Philharmonic Orchestra
2CPOUncategorizedCambarellus Patzcuarensis Orange
3CPOEducationalCampus Police Force Officer
4CPOUS GovernmentCapital Planning Overview
5CPOUS GovernmentCapital Projects Office
6CPOMusicCapital Punishment Organization
7CPOUncategorizedCard Production Ordered
8CPOPharmaceuticalCardiogenic Pulmonary Oedema
9CPOManufacturingCargill Process Optimizer
10CPOUncategorizedCash Product Office
11CPOVoluntary OrganizationCenter for Prevention and Outreach
12CPOPharmaceuticalCenter for Prevention Outreach
13CPOEducationalCenter for Prosthetics and Orthotics
14CPOPolice ForceCentral Police Force Organization
15CPOUncategorizedCentral Purchasing Office
16CPOUncategorizedCeritifed Pre Owned
17CPONormal BusinessCertificates of Ordinary Participation
18CPOOccupation & PositionsCertified Park Operator
19CPOOccupation & PositionsCertified Pool Operator
20CPOCertifications & DiplomasCertified Pool Operators
21CPOCertifications & DiplomasCertified Practitioner of Oversight
22CPOCertifications & DiplomasCertified Pre Owned
23CPOProductsCertified Pre-Owned
24CPONormal BusinessCertified Pre-owned Program
25CPOCertifications & DiplomasCertified Procurement Officer
26CPOCertifications & DiplomasCertified Professional of Occupancy
27CPOMiscellaneousCertified Professional Organizer
28CPOCertifications & DiplomasCertified Professional Organizers
29CPOOccupation & PositionsCertified Project Officer
30CPOPharmaceuticalCertified Prosthetist/Orthotist
31CPOAcademic & ScienceCertified Prosthetist-Orthotist
32CPOAwards & MedalsCertified Protection Officer
33CPOArmyChemical Protective Overgarment
34CPOPharmaceuticalChest Pain Observation
35CPOLocal StatesChicago Post Office
36CPOOccupation & PositionsChief People Officer
37CPOOccupation & PositionsChief Petting Officer
38CPOArmyChief Petty Officer
39CPOUS GovernmentChief Petty Officer Navy
40CPOPharmaceuticalChief Pharmaceutical Officer
41CPOLocal - CountriesChief Privacy Officer
42CPOOccupation & PositionsChief Process Officer
43CPOUncategorizedChief Procurement Officer
44CPOOccupation & PositionsChief Product Officer
45CPOOccupation & PositionsChief Professional Officer
46CPOOccupation & PositionsChief Propaganda Officer
47CPOLocalChristian Peace Officer
48CPOLocalChristian Publicity Organization
49CPOCompanies or OrganizationsChristian Publishers Outlet
50CPOUncategorizedCitizen Participation Organization
51CPOUncategorizedCitizen Participation Organizations
52CPOPolice ForceCity Police Force Officer
53CPOJuridicalCivil Protection Order
54CPOArmyCivilian Personnel Office
55CPOUncategorizedClass Persistence Object
56CPOPerforming ArtsClassic Production Osnabrueck
57CPOSocietyClean Pool Owner
58CPOPharmaceuticalCleft Palate Only
59CPOBusinessClient Purchase Order
60CPOEducationalClimate Program Office
61CPOUncategorizedCode of PLM Openness
62CPOEducationalCollege of Psychologists of Ontario
63CPOEducationalCollege Programming Office
64CPOCompanies or OrganizationsEconomics Placement Office
65CPOStock ExchangeCommodity Pool Operator
66CPOUncategorizedCommodity Pool Operators
67CPOSocietySociety Participation Organization
68CPOSocietySociety Participation Organizations
69CPOSocietySociety Planning Organization
70CPOUSPSSociety Post Office
71CPOSocietySociety Programs Office
72CPOSocietySociety Project Organization
73CPOCompanies or OrganizationsSociety Properties of Ohio
74CPOPolice ForceSociety Punishment Orders
75CPONormal BusinessComplete Partial Order
76CPONormal BusinessComplete Pre-Order
77CPOArmyComplete Provisions Only
78CPONormal BusinessCompulsory Purchase Order
79CPOAccountingConditional Purchase Order
80CPONormal BusinessConfirmation of Purchase Order
81CPOEnvironmentalConservation Police Force Officer
82CPOProductsContour Parallel Offset
83CPOPharmaceuticalContract Packaging Organizations
84CPOUncategorizedConverting Perimeter Opportunities
85CPOFunnyCool People Organization
86CPOLocal - Airport CodesCopiapo, Chile
87CPOPharmaceuticalCoproporPhyrinogen Oxidase
88CPOUncategorizedCore Project Office
89CPOInformation TechnologyCorel Print House File
90CPONYSE SymbolsCorn Products International, Inc.
91CPOUncategorizedCorporate Project Office
92CPOPolice ForceCorrectional Peace Officer
93CPOOccupation & PositionsCorrectional Probation Officer
94CPOUncategorizedCorrections Program Office
95CPOProductsCost Per Order
96CPOUS GovernmentCountry Policy Operations
97CPOJuridicalCourt Protective Order
98CPOPolice ForceCrime Prevention Officer
99CPOProductsCrude Palm Oil
100CPOCivilizationCivilization Philippines of Ontario
101CPOUncategorizedCurtis Parent Organization
102CPOUncategorizedCustomer Payment Order
103CPOUncategorizedCustomer Purchase Order
104CPOCompanies or OrganizationsCyprus Pharmaceutical Organization
105CPOMusicCzech Philharmonic Orchestra
106CPOOncologyBeta-caryophyllene Oxide
107CPOUncategorizedCadet Petty Officer
108CPOUncategorizedCadet Programs Officer
109CPOBioengineeringCalcium Peroxide
110CPOAnimal NutritionCalcium salts of Palm Oil
111CPOMusicCalgary Philharmonic Orchestra
112CPOUncategorizedCalifornia Pops Orchestra
113CPOUncategorizedCall on Parity Odd
114CPOCrayfishCambarellus patzcuarensis orange
115CPOUncategorizedCambridge Physics Outlet
116CPOUniversityCampus Police Officers
117CPOMicrobiologyCarbapenemase-Producing Organisms
118CPOCardiologyCardiac Power Output
119CPOMedicalCare Plan Oversight
120CPOOxidationCatalytic Partial Oxidation
122CPOScienceCentral Post Office
123CPOSecurityCentral Processing Office
124CPOMedicalCentre de Protontherapie d'Orsay
125CPOServiceCertified Pool Operator
126CPOCourseCertified Pool Operators
127CPOUncategorizedCertified Pool-Spa Operator
128CPOScienceCertified Project Officer
129CPOMedicalCertified Prosthetist-Orthotist
130CPOSecurityCertified Protection Officer
131CPOEnvironmental HealthCheeka Peak Observatory
132CPOBusinessChief People Officer
133CPOPerformanceChief Performance Officer
134CPOMilitaryChief Petty Officer
135CPOWarChief Petty Officer
136CPOMilitaryChief Petty Officers
137CPOUncategorizedChief Petty Officers
138CPOPoliceChief Police Officer
139CPOTechnologyChief Post Office
140CPOTechnologyChief Privacy Officer
141CPOProcurementChief Procurement Officer
142CPOProductChief Product Officer
143CPOClubChief Professional Officer
144CPOBusinessChief Purchasing Officer
145CPOCommunityChild Protection Order
147CPOMedicalChlorpyrifos Oxon
148CPOUncategorizedCiclo Profesional Orientado
149CPOAntimicrobialCiclopirox Olamine
150CPOViolenceCivil Protection Order
151CPOMilitaryCivilian Personnel Center
152CPOMedicalCleft Palate Only
153CPOComputer SecurityClient/Partner Operations
154CPOGovernmentClimate Program Office
155CPOSecurityClose Protection Officers
156CPOSecurityClose Protection Operator
157CPOLightCoherent Population Oscillation
158CPOMilitaryCommand Pay Office
159CPOUncategorizedCommand Post Officer
160CPOEmergencyCommand Post Operations
161CPOBusinessCommodity Pool Operator
162CPOCommunityCommunity Payback Order
163CPOPostalCommunity Post Office
164CPOBuildingCompulsory Purchase Order
165CPOUncategorizedCompulsory Purchase Order
166CPOCouncilCompulsory Purchase Orders
167CPOPulp And PaperComputer Print Out
168CPOAccountingConditional Purchase Order
169CPOAccountingConfirmation of Purchase Order
170CPOMedicalCoproporphyrinogen Oxidase
171CPOMedicalCoproporphyrinogen oxidase
172CPOMedicalCoproporphyrinogen Oxidase Deficiency
173CPOGovernmentCoral Protocols Online
174CPOOrganizationsCorn Products International, Inc.
175CPOAirlineCorporate Aircraft Company
176CPOGovernmentCorporate Project Office
177CPOLaw EnforcementCorrectional Probation Officer
178CPOGovernmentCorrections Program Office
179CPOSEOCost Per Order
180CPOMedicalCouch Potato
181CPOMedicalCrude Palm Oil
182CPOAirport CodeDesierto de Atacama Airport

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about CPO. If you want more information about CPO, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than CPO? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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